What if I am real? What will they say then?

13526560214396  To the outside world this is a big What If game being played in the media and online. And I’m sitting back laughing at how ridiculous a lot of the stories are being twisted into one of those foil swans you take leftovers home in. It amuses me. But nothing else about this does. It’s not funny at all. This is my life and people playing around with it is affecting me. My family is upset, my employees are questioning me, my clients are not sure what to believe and all of this will have a permanent gravestone on the internet forever. My name and the word catfish will live forever. How am I ever going to live a normal life, now?
The only way I know how to get through anything is to stand up for myself, share my thoughts and feelings and leave it right there. There are some people that hate me. They leave me some of the nastiest messages and I delete them before I get to far down and see how bad it really gets. Some people just don’t know what to think. I can say that is the majority of the folks that come here to read my blogs. And then there are the 1% that have always believed me for their own reasons. And none of these folks know me. None of them. They have never even spoken to me, yet they claim to know all of this information. There is even a blog with “facts” about who I really am. Really? Googling stuff and shoving it onto a free wordpress.com blog proves what? That you can look something up that may or may not be attributed to me? Where is any real proof that I am anyone but me? Where is anyone coming out saying they know me or any real information about my life? My family and my friends have all been asked to leave it alone. They do get after it on Facebook and load up my page with article links and comments they find, but they are still being protective of me. So far. That’s what real family and friends are all about. They don’t really know what’s going on but they really do know me and will fight with me to get through all of this. And I am so very thankful for that.
I was not ready for all of this attention. I don’t like it. It makes me very uncomfortable. But I had to break up with fear to get this far. The woman that once loved me more than she has ever loved another human being,  other than her daughter, wants to destroy every part of my life. She is doing all she can to set herself up the innocent victim and preparing America to witness the “real story” behind all the headlines. I can’t wait to hear from my lawyers, my family, and my friends how it all plays out. I have not watched any of this show this season. I’m done watching it. I can’t stomach it after learning all the things I learned about it. Reality tv is not real. It has portions that are real, but for the most part it is an edited version with scripts and scheduled “family events” to keep people interested in watching. To keep the advertisers $$$ flowing. Because money can be the most important thing to some people. Then came this one little problem of total and complete humiliation and embarrassment all over the tv, newsstand, and internet. It is affecting me. And I don’t like it. But like everything else I have no control over any of it. I just have to wait it out. My 15 seconds of fame has turned into almost 3 months of fame I don’t want to be known for. All I can do to fight all of this is to post facts and truth as I know it. That’s the only reason this is on my blog.
And as soon as the last show gets aired I will delete it all. Because it won’t matter anymore. But right now, we are immersed in it.
For about the 100th time:
I did not catfish her. I am not a catfish. And I am a guy named Samuel.
I have said that all along. I have answered questions from her fans, I have texted, called, been called, skyped, video skyped, facetimed, and ran into a few people that want to know more about this. People want to know and I don’t understand why. It’s none of their business.
This isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to me. And it’s not going to ruin me. It’s annoying. And soon it will end and I get to go on with my life as the guy that had the affair with a married tv star.
What you will see on the next episode is her saying we never met, she will claim I sent her fake photos, she will say we did not have sex, and she will say that I deceived her.
All bullshit.

What she can say is I was there for her when no one else was.

I helped her deal with a lot of really big/bad health issues.

I was the only one that ever called her baby.

I supported her unconditionally through some heavy family issues.

I helped her come to a realization that healing things with Janelle was necessary.

And that I loved her every single day we were together with so much love that even I didn’t realize how much she meant to me, until she was gone.

And I not only listened as she talked things out, but loved her when she had some monumental emotional meltdowns over all of the pressure and frustration that comes with being a reality tv star.
I loved her. I really, really loved this woman with all of my heart. What we had was a very deep and strong connection. It was one of those relationships that came out of nowhere. Neither one of us was looking for this. It just happened.

That’s what magic is.

Then feelings were developed fast because we have so much in common. She could really talk to me. And I could talk to her. I mostly did the listening. And I made her laugh. We laughed lot. We had so many great talks. Late into the mornings.
She is nothing at all what you expect. She is so smart and kind. A huge heart and a good person. One of those people you want to be friends with right after meeting them. She is amazing. And I’ve said nothing but that all along. I’m not tearing her down or trying to make her look bad. I’m telling the truth as I know it. I’m posting what she voluntarily sent to me.
The stories that money was involved or there was an agenda to get money from her or her family are false. The only money that exchanged hands are the 8 $100 bills Lindsay handed to her for her selling Liv products. It was for products. Nothing was given to her just for her to have it. She gets by financially. She’s not rich. She’s also not poor. And I have more money than I know what to do with. I don’t want or need a dime from her. I never asked her for anything. Nothing. Not money, not gifts, nothing. We gave each other small gifts. Things that mattered. Those stupid love gifts you exchange when you are first dating someone. The ones you put next to your bed and look at with a grin knowing where they came from.
There there is the black and white stripped sweater that has become a staple on the show this year, according to people that keep talking about it. It is a Calvin Klein sweater that I paid for. Lindsay picked it out because Lindsay was going shopping that day with her friend and I asked her to look for something. She found it, sent me a picture of it and bought it. Then I paid her back for it. And it has been worn a lot this season from what also gets said. As a nod to me. I’m sure it’s fire kindling now.
What if I am telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? What if she is covering this affair up with a salacious scandal ridden story that makes no real sense to logic and common sense? It has become complicated.
The truth is it’s not. At all. It was a man and a woman that fell madly in love and struggled to make it work or last. To all of you it was 6 months of twitter love, an online emotional affair.
To me it was the best 6 months of my life.
I am still in love with her. I am moving on because all that we had is dead. But I remember all of it. And I choose to keep the good memories in my heart. Because I have never felt like that before. I didn’ t know love could feel like that. I didn’t know I could feel that special to a woman. I thank God everyday for bringing her in my life. And I pray every night that she is happy. Because that’s what you do when you really love someone.
You wish them well, no matter what.

About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of NotBatmanYet.com and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. Strange how one persons pain can be bring so many together I wasn’t going to share my story because not only does it still haunt me, I also didn’t exactly want to make things worse but seeing so many reveal there own makes it a bit easier.

    I was 16 when I married. I had three kids at 21 certainly never looking for any outside love interest, I fell in love with a married man 34 years older than myself. The affair lasted 6 and 1/2 years. I was so beyond madly deeply in love with him. I had never felt loved by anyone in the way in which he loved me. He was tender, romantic, demonstrative, compassionate. He was tall dark and handsome. Powerful, intelligent, classy and he oozed confidence. I respected him and trusted him unlike anyone before or since. I shared every thought secret and feeling I had with him. A recluse by nature I began living oppose to surviving. I felt alive, loved and the sense of being part of the world rather than an outsider looking in was amazing.

    I was at a party and I noticed my mother was staring at me. I asked her if everything was alright. She replied Dale what’s happened? I have never seen you look more beautiful. Your glowing. You look so peaceful. I told her that I was in love with a man and that he too was in love with me. Although, she wasn’t exactly thrilled she was happy that I appeared so different .. In a good way. She and I through this became very close unlike the way we were prior.

    My boyfriend and I had made a pact that if one of our spouses found out about the affair we would both end our marriages. Six and a half years later my husband found out in the worse possible way. He contacted my boyfriends wife and told her. She called me and I lied to her to spare her and to spare him. My boyfriend left me in a pool of horror that ensues once an affair is made public. My boyfriend called once after my husband found out, he was furious that my husband contacted his wife and said he couldn’t leave or he’d have to give to much money to his wife and with that I never heard from him again. Naturally my husband and I divorced over it in a horrible divorce that lasted over 3 years and my kids were dragged through the mud and told of what I had done and my boyfriend completely unscathed. In the midst of all this my Dad was dying of prostate cancer. I was broken in ways I couldn’t explain. I lived because I had to, but secretly I didn’t want to.

    I met a man that i had told from day one, I will never love you because I just can’t. I told him i was and will forever be in love with my ex. He sad he was okay with that. I know crazy but true. I had gotten pregnant with this new mans baby. We married and for me the marriage was empty and I was so unhappy. I tried so hard to convince myself I was okay and happy. I threw myself into being what he and everyone wanted me to be , but i was in pain and my heart was broken. I later divorced him.

    Make a long story longer.. It has taken me 20+ years to “get over” the love of my life. About 5 months ago I met a man that I actually love. It’s not perfect but it’s as close to being in love than I have been before and yes in some ways more so than with what I thought was the love of my life. Took me a very long time to realize ..If I was the love of his life we would have been together. I have always said to people close to me I’m not damaged I’m bruised. The truth is I am damaged and I see it . I’m afraid to trust, I’m afraid of giving my all and yet I know you must risk it all.

    Looking back I’m sorry I spent half my life in the prison that I kept myself in because I deprived myself of happiness. If your dead inside you will miss out on whatever happiness you were meant to have. Love is heaven and its hell. It shouldn’t be but let’s face it, it is. I was praying that Meri would do the right thing not only for you Sam but for me as well. I hoped that this would renew my faith in love finds a way happy ending. I do think our situations are the same in , it wasn’t what we thought it was. It was our fairy tale not theirs.

    I do think if you don’t mind me saying that Peyton shouldn’t be someone you go to romantically after this. She will forever feel like the consolation prize and the one you settled on even if she says she won’t. I hope you really think about that.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. That is a lot to go through. I will pray you find peace.
      I’m not going to be with Peyton. She deserves a guy that can love her. I am still in love with Meri. We are friends and she is okay with being friends. I think. Maybe.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about all of this. I can only imagine how all of it is blown up for ratings. This is your life, your decisions and your issues. I hope you are taking time for yourself.

    I know what it’s like to find your true love and have them disappear from your life. Hardest thing I have ever gone through.

  3. I am not a disbeliever or a believer, but I just wanted to say you must be one hell of a catch to have all these women interested in you and wanting to be with you.

  4. I believe you and my heart breaks for you.

    I started watching Sister Wives after I was BRUTALLY assaulted in my own home in 2011. I’m badly depressed and I suffer from PTSD because of it. I have isolated myself from my family and pulled away and were it not for my friends online … I’d be dead. I don’t think people truly understand the depth of relationships you can build online. You’re able to really expose yourself and it lets people see the best and worst of who you are. I think that the two of you did meet up, that you did have a physical affair, and that the catfishing thing is a coverup.

    Anyone who watches the show knows that Meri is miserable and has talked about ‘leaving’ in some way or another for years. Whether it’s by going away to school or taking a ton of trips or keeping to herself in her big old fancy house while the family is together … she hasn’t been ‘PRESENT’ for a very long time.

    Don’t you feel bad about loving her. That woman needs love. You only need to look at her to see how torn up she constantly is. She makes me want to cry most of the time because I can’t recall a single instance that she truly looked and sounded happy. It sounds like you were able to give her that and, Samuel, if she wants to paint it into something vulgar or tell lies that’s okay … SHE knows who you were to her and she knows the truth. Lying about something that made you happier than you’ve ever been has got to be the most awful lie you can tell.

    Hang in there. Stay strong.

  5. Its also so sad that cody basically told meri he didnt want her to have anotjer child but yet robyn is pregnant again. I would donate what i have left of my eggs to help meri in a heartbeat.

  6. I feel so sorry for Meri… They are all taking a backseat to Robyn. Where csn i hear the voicemails? Samuel, if you really love her and she loves you, then it will all work out in time. Meri deserves happiness and true love.

  7. I agree that the tv version of Meri’s decision to divorce Kody seemed so casual. Since her daughter left for college she has definitely struggled and seemed so lonely. The online world can be a scary one these days. I myself have been a victim of catfishing so i know how it feels. That is part of the risk putting yourself out there online. On the other hand I have met some great people whom I would call friends. So much of these reality TV shows are filmed/edited to show what the networks want us to see. So they will show us a finale with just that. Other then Meri you are the only other one who knows the real truth. None of us have the right to judge you as we don’t know the whole story. Hopefully you can move on from this and return to some sort of normal life.

  8. Thank you. I knew something was different with her when they first moved to Vegas and had separate houses scattered all over the place. She enjoyed the distance and said as much on the show. Had it not been for being found out online you two might have been able to be together. Sorry for you, seems like you gave your whole heart. πŸ™

  9. My gut instinct when Meri offered to sacrifice her legal marriage with Kody was that she was doing it so she could walk when the time was right and secondly to help Robyn so her children could be adopted. Meri had checked out emotionally before they moved to Vegas. She was the one that initially picked Robyn for the family. I think she felt like she was leaving Kody with a beautiful, younger, wife who could conceive children and who he clearly has chemistry with so it would be okay to leave. Am I barking up the right tree?

  10. Thanks Sam!

    That was my burning question for you..
    I won’t be watching Sunday night. Not going to give TLC the ratings.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us and for the opportunity to chat.
    Wishing you all the very best-

  11. Would be banned from her church for having affair?? Hmm…funny she is a polygamist for one that alone would have had her kicked out of the church. But she is not a real Mormon so what church you saying she wouldn’t be allowed in??

  12. i think it is really nice that meri loves robyn so much and blames kody and not her. what about poor christine though? on the show she comes across as an attention starved 10 year old. it looks like kody can’t stand christine. did meri ever say that this is really how it is or did TLC just edit the show that way to create a storyline? christine is my fave and i think she deserves better, sadly, she is completely clueless about life and will never leave.

    • Christine was not someone we discussed a lot. All I know about her is Meri said she’s very creative, a hard worker, and she’s an Acts of Service person. She is always doing stuff for other people. She said her and Christine used to crack jokes together a lot in the early years and Christine is someone that you can really have a lot of fun hanging out with.

  13. Sam,
    I am asking the million dollar question!
    I simply can’t believe that no one has asked you yet….
    I am going to be brave an just go for it..
    Okay – here goes…
    What does “Not Batman Yet” stand for?
    Just out of curiosity? It has me curious!
    Sorry- I had to add s little drama just for fun.

    • I have loved Batman since I was 3 years old. Because of how I grew up and how my life is now with all of my blessings, a lot of my friends say I’m Batman. But I always say Not Yet. That’s how I came up with Not Batman Yet.

  14. Embarrassed voyeur

    You wonder how any of the other wives can stay if that is the atmosphere in their lives. They probably have too many debts to leave and the two with younger children will never go but you would think that Meri could support herself and leave. I would think they would all be reading your blog. I couldn’t keep myself from reading it if I were in their situation. Thanks for posting more pictures.

  15. What did she say about Kody’s favoritism?

    • That it was obvious and it caused her a lot of insecurities that she was working through. She said it’s not Robyn’s fault. She loves Robyn a lot. It’s him. He can’t control showing how he feels for Robyn in front of anyone even though he had tried. She said it’s obvious to everyone when they are with those 2 that they are very much in love and he is happy. She said he has never acted like that with her.

  16. Would you be willing to unblock me from twitter, I wasn’t sure why u had blocked me but I didn’t do anything I promise. @Sarahmmiller123 please and thank you.

  17. so what did meri say about robyn being kody’s fave? did she speak about his relationship with christine and janell? if so, what did she say?

  18. embarrassed voyeur

    What is the twitter name again..the same as this blog? I only see comments by you but I’m not sure exactly how twitter works. Maybe I am not looking in the correct space. Help I’m bored and need something to read

  19. embarrassed voyeur

    All of the gossip pages seem to agree that this week there will be nothing about Meri’s claim of being catfished unless they throw in a short clip that was filmed later. This episode was filmed before they broke up. I hope we can get some good interesting things on your blog this weekend ( pictures more voice mails etc) now that we are all being catfished by TLC by them making us think this was THE episode we have been waiting for.

  20. No it was all for work. I do not talk to reporters.

  21. Today they have really been on a roll, glad you cannot see it. Some of it made my skin crawl. Maybe i am just too empathetic of a person but wow! Never seen so much crazy cyberstalking in my life! And now i am sure i will get their wrath as well for pointing out the immaturity of the entire deal. Oh well. Life goes on.

  22. I don’t know why you would even want to open up your Twitter, it is just another place for people to attack you and try to really slam you around. Vicious on there. They can ask questions here. But not my business. Lol too nice giving them more then one platform….

  23. I lock it up when I am traveling. I have to turn off my phone and I prefer to minimize whatever the trolls do while I’m unavailable. It is unlocked now.

    No we are back in Chicago now.

    Yes and yes.

    I don’t know. I don’t watch the show and I am prepared to take a mountain of things from people so I honestly don’t know. I go to Church Sunday nights so I will have my phone off for several hours.

    The dinner was not about the affair at all. It was about her voicing how unhappy she is and expressing a desire to go do something.

    My lawyers decide what to do legally. They have all told me to shut up be I am not listening. I will defend myself.

  24. Why didn’t Kody tell Meri to leave after he found out she had an affair? I would think no one in the family would want her in the family after that. “The AUB (Apostolic United Brethren) regard the Book of Mormon as sacred scripture, as well as the Bible, and accept the Articles of Faith, written by Joseph Smith, to summarize Latter Day Saint beliefs.” We all know there are clear consequences for having an affair in these books. I would think cheating on Kody would break their spiritual sealing. After that you two could have been together.

  25. i always thought it was odd that meri encouraged kody to marry robyn. if you watch the show you see that kody is head over heels in love with robyn. so did meri talk about this with you?

  26. Can you unblock me from Twitter? @the_Lau1

  27. Did Meri speak of any favoritism Kody gave towards Robyn?

  28. Just a question and feel free to ignore if its off limits.
    Did Meri share with you her thoughts on if the principle of plural marriage is still in her heart?
    Is it Kody or polygamy that failed her?

  29. I can’t believe your attorney is allowing you to talk at all. If I were your representative I would have told you to get off line and not talk to anyone ages ago. I don’t get it.

  30. Wait I’m confused. You said if Meri reveals your name on tv you would sue her and the show. Clearly she did so will you, sue?
    Hey did u get any tats with Meri in mind?

  31. I meant Sam cooper

  32. I figured there must be more to it than maybe I had read. I was sure this wasn’t out of vegence. I just didn’t know if trying to defend yourself if you hadn’t maybe hurt your chances if Meri stood on her own truth. Well, in that case I’m sorry to say although Meri pledged her love perhaps she has no clue what love is. Also, I thought in the coming attraction leading up to when she reveals her “catfish bs” she says Sam cook? Or is that a stage name they cooked up?

  33. Lindsay loves being famous now that people have used her photos but added Jackies name to them. She is invited to a lot of events in Las Vegas because of it and she wants nothing to do with any of this. She’s having the time of her life enjoying the fame while it is lasting so she won’t address it. She does not talk to reporters and won’t comment on anything. She was friends with Meri and said it is sad to see our relationship end because Meri told her over and over how much she loved me. Lindsay was the only person we could talk to about the affair and she never betrayed us. She did finally confirm there was an affair to Kendra a week after it was already over.

  34. Sam,

    I haven’t read through all of your posts and perhaps I’ve missed something and if so I apologize. Although, I most definitely feel your pain and understand your need to be heard, I have to ask a question.
    Playing devils advocate , but let’s say due to meris situation being married ,her daughter, the kids and the show let’s say she was found out and got scared. All the pressure to end it, guilt and maybe even ratings or to make her the innocent victim to the show, kody, her daughter etc . What if she needed time to sort it all out . If she hasn’t revealed your actual name and just making up or helping to make up this catfish drama , why expose her private voice mails, texts and pics just yet.? I fear if she was bidding her time and doing what she had to for now without exposing your actual name and identity , perhaps you fired the torpedo to sink the ship to soon and now, for good.

    I’m a jump off the cliff kind of girl for love,but I’m sure far more people may try to do things in a way that’s from the head oppose to the heart.

    • You missed what started this. Her friend started harassing me for weeks online before I began posting anything. That’s why I told Lindsay to put everything on my blog to prove I am real and we had a real affair. It wasn’t for revenge it was to defend myself. They were posting my name and making up stories.

  35. For me all that I wanted to know is if she a married plyg woman really did cheat. Emotional-real-online-whatever an affair is an affair. Meri admitted to cheating and that is the ultimate shock factor for me. You being a guy a girl or a good looking grizzly bear doesn’t even matter at this point. All that matters is she cheated with someone. And she got caught. I’m not watching the show after this season. I don’t want my kids to see me support a show that had turned into a real housewives of Las Vegas episode. You both should be ashamed of yourselves. Affairs are supposed to be private matters. Yes you should defend yourself and I can see why posting this stuff. But really pull it offline soon. It just makes you look gross.

  36. People are so judgemental . This happens every single day. It happen to me six years ago. Two lonely people find solace in one another. Vacant is the shallowness that real time face to face encounters bring. Your not basing who is worthy of your time on looks and getting to know someone by how they look but rather actual getting to know someone from the inside out. I think that is more real than actual face to face meetings. By the time you get to know someone online you developed an actual intimate relationship that real time couples seldom have or don’t have for months. The looks of the other are far less important because your emotional connection is what’s really important and lasting. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone everything else follows.
    The things you able to share with someone who is genuinely interested online is by far superior to that in which real time doesn’t exist. Online there’s an absence of all the defense mechanisms that bind us. An absence of ego and a willingness to be far more open. The magic Sam you speak of is intimacy of the heart and mind. I think Meri was emotionally available as a lonely housewife to a point with no real courage or availability to make the break. You were a vice in her mess of an emotionally unavailable man with 4 wives. Sam don’t let this deter you from finding your one. Younsound like a decent guy. There are plenty of women who are emotionally and physically ready to embrace a real relationship. The only failures in life are the ones we don’t learn from. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  37. So all fabrication and spin??

    To save a show?? Wow! Bravo has made a mint out of fraud with their “stars.”

    And guess my last post and your response hit a nerve because both are gone??

    My main point Samuel, is that you would have unmitigated support from your blog readers…if we just had that proof, tangible evidence. It wouldn’t be just you against 20 – 30… and after Sunday won’t that number just grow with her lies and the network’s timeline manipulation???

    We apparently want to believe you! If it is simply that you don’t look exactly like your profile picture, we understand that. Or if your lawyers are telling you not to.

    But you did respond and did post my comment; so why did you take it down? Please don’t shut me out, I’m being sincere here.

  38. So at the dinner does Meri confess to the affair? The media says that’s when she brings it up.

    • No. That’s not true at all. The adults went to dinner and Meri brought up she has been struggling in the family lately. What she says is maybe I want to go to Greece for a month, maybe I want to get away for a week again, maybe I want to do some charity work with Danny Gokey, maybe I want to do something. She had already told all of them at this point she wanted to leave. They all knew that. So it was not a surprise at all. They are all supportive of her and tell her to do whatever she needs to do. The dinner was just her acknowledging she wanted to go. She brought it up on the Alaska vacation because the plan was to mention it near the end of filming the finale so she could easily walk away from the show and the family and there would be no disappearing out of nowhere with no word why. When she got back we were going to get her moved into my rental house and start our life. But we started fighting and then we ended it.
      At the dinner she does not at all address the affair. Just how unhappy she has been and wanting to go find herself.
      Anything mentioning the affair came after August 30, 2015. Not while she was in Alaska.

    • She told Robyn we had an affair and she was in love with me September 5th or 6th. And Robyn was devastated. That’s when they found out about the affair. Before then they all just thought she was unhappy and struggling with him. They said she was depressed. As you can see on my blog she was very happy and in love.

  39. I understand. She won’t admit we had sex because not only will she have to admit to cheating on her husband she will be kicked out of her Church and deal with the fallout of saying we were in a loving sexual relationship. I have more proof of that part of the story and I have previously posted a lot of it.
    In order for her to keep her catfish story going she has to say we never met and I sent her fake photos. Read through my blog there are numerous times we talked of meeting up, getting together, or mentioning we were just together.
    You do not say the things she said to me unless we were together in person. A lot of people caught onto that and that’s when people began believing me. But be prepared for her to continue saying I never met her and catfished her because that is the only way she does not have to be fully honest about it.
    There may also be pressure from the network to lose the show or her contract if she admits to cheating. Keep that in mind. When you are an ensamble cast and one person holds the fate of the show continuing or at least providing income you will say and do whatever you are TOLD to say either from network pressure or the main decision maker in the family. And he is not at all prepared to lose the income from the show.

  40. My lawyers are involved in monitoring the media and specifically what she says. As long as I post true statements and can provide proof of the things I have said I am not in any lawsuit danger. However she needs money and I wait everyday for some form of civil lawsuit to come my way. I will handle it as it happens.

  41. I’m not being selective I get over 200 comments a day and usually answer the newest ones that either make me laugh or are interesting.
    We will never be together again because we mutually decided it was over. I walked away and have no illusions there is another chance with her.
    Being in love with her is part of the grieving process for a relationship that meant more to me than I have ever known. It’s me being honest about my feelings for a woman I wanted to marry and have kids with. This was not a fling. This was it. I found my everything in her and was ready to move or give up work or do anything I needed to fit my life with her life. It was also a deeply connected relationship. We were both open and able to talk about anything. I have never found that with anyone else. So it hurts to lose her, but I accept this is how it turned out so I am moving on.

    It’s the reason why I won’t give Peyton a chance. I don’t think it’s fair to keep dating her when my heart isn’t available. She is frustrated I won’t give her a chance but she needs more than I can offer right now.

    I don’t believe she will change her mind because she has been listening and talking to complete strangers that are producing, creating, providing, and making up a large amount of lies and stories. Instead of reaching out to me to simply ask about all of these stories she’s accepting it as true. That’s what happens in scandals. People that are in no way connected to me or her come out of the woodworks and attach themselves. And for me these trolls have photoshopped photos, created fake accounts and screenshot things that they said then try to claim I said it. They produce fake documents and post them as they are real. It’s disgusting.
    Then the two people that really do know me are making things worse by harboring the resentments from me rejecting them and their professions of love for me and telling her half truths from the time they spent in my life. It’s their way to both keep her away from me by painting a false perception of who I am and a way to jump on the fame train to further their careers or social status.
    If you go look at the viciousness that’s online from people that don’t even know me you will understand the attacks against me.
    I’m one guy they run in a pack of 20 to 30 people.
    I don’t want her back. All I would accept is be able to talk about somethings but I don’t need this drama in my life. It’s too much and she has yet to be fully honest about our affair.
    No matter what the world thinks of me she cheated on her husband with me. She is trying to make everyone forget that big bold fact by throwing me under the bus, the car, and the train.
    She is an amazing woman and I love her still, but never again. I want to be married and have kids. That’s who I am looking for now, a woman that wants both of those things.

  42. I hope you are real and I hope that you prove that but so does everyone else. I don’t get why you keep defending Meri, honestly I don’t. She lied and cheated not only to her family but the viewers. I spoke with someone named Lindsey about all of this 8 or so weeks ago, the story has stayed the same. If you are Lindsey/Jackie then so be it but if not then I hope you sue for defamation of character. I’ve read all the mean things said and all the nice. I hope you are a guy from Chicago, I really honestly do. Best to you.

  43. I have nothing to read tonight. πŸ™ It’s just like when you are reading a book and can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings…except the book is being written little by little and the wait is torturous (a bit of exaggeration, yes).

  44. I want you to be real, Samuel. Can you do me a favor and pinch yourself? Did it hurt? If so, I pronounce you real! Wishing you the best and thank you for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. Most ask what I want to thereby saving me the time

  45. Why is it so definitive that you will never be with her again if you are still in love with her?

    How do you know for sure that she would never change her mind?

    Or is it you that made the decision?

    All she has said is that you are not the person you said you were…which implies catfishing.

    And you are correct, you have said absolutely nothing negative about her at all. So what is keeping her from you after all is said and done and out in the open? Are there lawyers involved??

    Hopefully last questions…please say that you see how Lindsay and Jackie look undeniably alike?? It can’t just be a coincidence, can it?

    You fell that hard and that fast? Had you seen the show previously?

    I guess in the end I would want to know that if someone loved me that much, there would be a chance again. Or if I loved someone that much…

    I feel like I’m writing a note in high school; I want to make sure that you answer each and every question! Lol! And I am far from high school age, btw.

    • We did not start talking when it is seen publicly March 1st. That’s when it was public. We had known each other a lot longer before we started talking publicly. That’s how and why we fell for each other that quickly. We had history together. Yes I know they look alike but they are not the same person. Lindsay is in 90% of the photos.

  46. Oh my gosh!! Modest and humble to boot???

    It will be wonderful to see your name and reputation vindicated after Sunday hopefully!

    So, I read what Lindsay posted; will you clarify about the Instagram pics of you both please?

    You = green jersey?
    Lindsay = woman next to jersey?

    Guy laughing = tv guy?

    You’ve been very generous to respond to all of these questions. Thank you.

  47. You are so nice and sweet about her, sometimes i wonder if it is so maybe in the future, she will take you back. πŸ™‚ it’s really cute.

  48. Thanks for responding!!

    So, the ones with you playing football (?) and pictured partially with Lindsay (?), those are of you in the green jersey?

    And the full on laughing in camera, not you?

    I am trying so hard to be nice, but still, at 6’6″, successful, attractive, single, emotionally aware…aren’t you a bit ummmm out of Meri’s league?

    You know you appear to be an almost unreal catch, right??

    And why tease tweet about uploading all those pics only to have them be private??

    • It’s not an intention to tease. The app I use to upload my photos is connected to my Twitter. As soon as I upload them it announces how many photos and what album I put the photos in.
      She is out of my league. She is gorgeous, smart, and sweet.

  49. How long had she kicked him out of the house before you two started ur affair?

    • She kicked him out 2 months after it started. He had not been sleeping over there and when he did she was sleeping upstairs the guest room talking to me on the phone at night while he was downstairs.

  50. The flickr account that you have tweeted uploading tons to has only 2 photos … and a link to your website for SJC Investments that when followed through, is not live? How come? And how do you get business?

    And is that man you on Instagram?? Goodness you are very attractive!!

    Not slamming Meri, but……why would YOU settle for someone who was taken?

    • My Flickr account is set to private because I have almost 11,000 photos on it. Only 2 photos are public.
      I bought a new work website domain and have not changed out the link yet on my social media profiles yet.
      All of my business comes from buying buildings then we advertise the lease spaces. My energy investment business and construction business are heavily advertised in the local areas and rely on network connections I have made over the past 8 years.
      Yes it is depending on which photo you meant. There is a photo from a tv episode that cracked me up. That guy is not me.
      I was told the marriage was over and she was available to move forward in a new relationship. She was not living a married life. She had kicked him out of her house.

  51. Do you know a gentleman named Jackson Hickey?

  52. Hi. I’m sorry to hear how this is negatively affecting your life. I was wondering what it is that is upsetting and confusing your clients. If they’ve met you, they shouldn’t be confused about whether the catfish story is true, right?

  53. embarrassed voyeur

    I actually ~found ~Instagram! Why do all the gossip pages say that they can’t find a full face picture of you? Nev from catfish could put that picture in a some secret app and find out who it is! Give us some new interesting things today please πŸ™‚

  54. Good morning Samuel. I was looking at your Instagram “notbatmanyet73” and I saw three pictures that look like you and Lindsey together. It is hard to be sure because the picture does not show full faces. Is it of the two of you? If this is a picture of both of you it proves that you and Lindsey are not one and the same as is being stated all over the Internet. This would be all the proof I need because it blows the catfish story out of the water. i am anxiously waiting for your response.

  55. I can help you get out of this. Email me.

    • I read your email. I appreciate the offer to photoshop pictures to make stuff look real but I have real photos that I have been posting and you sound really creepy for offering to do that. I’m banning you.

  56. I think it’s pretty sad and awful how Meri’s kinda throwing you under the bus to save her butt. And I think it’s awful how your life is getting messed up thru all this.
    I for one am not looking forward to this coming Sunday’s episode. I’ve browsed your blog. Listened to more than few voicemails. Read the texts. All of which you didn’t need to share but I don’t blame you for trying to put the truth out there. I hope you and your lawyers have a plan or something. Or if you plan on posting more pics… If you have some of you and her. Idk but I don’t think it’s right for the whole world to hear lies just for a show. I hope your saving some scandalous pics for the right moment or something.

    With all that said …do you plan on posting more pics as undeniable proof or some legal battle or something before this upcoming episode comes up discussing it in the show?

    I’m glad that Meri is finally starting to see a way out and happiness for herself. She’s started a long process but I think there’s no turning back now for her, Kody and the wives.

    Either way I truly hope everything works out in your favour and hope you come to finally find peace soon as well.

  57. Samuel you may end up with an award for “blog” of the year! Stay strong. Can’t wait for the climax. People should know you are very kind when they treat you with respect. Still in your corner.

  58. Frosted tips two years ago?! Okay, you’re way behind πŸ˜‰

  59. You had frosted tips two years ago? That was so 10 years ago.

    • In my defense my hair gets lighter in the summer because I spend so much time in the sun. However I did let my buddy’s girlfriend frost the tips of my fauxhawk right before vacation. Lol It looked horrible.

  60. Ok now I am asking for the Mexico pics not because I want you to prove anything but I want to see that combo for a look lmao

  61. i think u should post photos from that mexico trip two years ago lol those photos were epic

  62. embarrassed voyeur

    That catfish story above was a real bummer..let’s lighten it up and post more pictures and texts πŸ™‚

  63. I think it’s in your best interest to prove you exist before that show airs.. It’s probably going to be a real mess for you in real life too, not just online.

    Don’t you agree that this looks bad?

    Can you imagine how insane it would be for someone (or “Jackie”) to make up an entire human with a back story and personality? And not just Sam, but Lindsay, and others according to people who question your identity.

    It would take a true sociopath to put in that much effort. And if that was the case, they need to be in a psychward with their multiple personalities.

    That’s why I still believe there is a Sam because that would be crazy.

    I hope you change your mind about the pictures or video. I’m rooting for you.

    • The only ones claiming Jackie is me or I am Jackie are the trolls. No one else is saying that. Those are horrible people who don’t even post their own identity. I use my name I use my photo and have posted a full face photo before.
      I appreciate you reposting it. I found three times you have posted this. I will keep adding photos when I get time and more of the truth will unfold.

  64. TLC is looking out for their money making show. Not the feelings of their cast members or anyone attached to this affair. Do what they are going to do. It’s sad to me they are exploiting it though.

  65. I used to get two comments a month. I’m now getting over 200 a day. I answer questions that interest me. If you posted before I either haven’t seen it yet or it wasn’t interesting to me.
    I have posted photos and shown a lot of proof we were together. You are coming from a place of doubting and assuming. Look at your prediction. That’s probably why I bypassed your other comments. If you want to assume things instead of giving me a real chance to answer things go hang out with the trolls. Because that’s what they do all day long.

  66. You say you’re going to delete this blog once the show is over but will you come back and say anything to us once she has had her say? Will you let us know before you delete this blog and will you let us know what you think of what’s been said of you and yalls affair?
    I’m not sure about much but one thing I’m positive of, there was definitely an emotional affair for sure.
    Do you know if Meri now plans on staying with the family? You’ve said on another page of this site (not sure what this is called, I’m not very technical savvy) that she was planning on leaving the family back in July. Has she changed her mind on that or do you know?
    Thank you for answering all of our questions. I will say you have been extremely nice and informatI’ve and I appreciate that.

  67. Why won’t you approve my comment? It’s nots mean.

  68. I guess why so many people feel as they do is because this is something that happens more often then you think. I personally was a victim of catfish. Strangely my story is much like what people are saying about this. I fell madly, deeply in love with a “man” in Canada. “He” too said “he” was very successful, owned his own company and how had some things in his past that had scared him away from dating and falling in love. I was just coming out of a long relationship that made me feel alone and frustrated even though we lived together and had children together. We started out as friends on a social media site. This one was actually one where you would go watch people put on “shows” and talk. Mainly a lot of people watching someone play music and all chat etc. Kind of like younow is. He said all the right things. He actually sounds a lot like you. I have read this whole blog. Not just the Meri catfish stuff but your letters to her when you first fell in love and also the stuff that shows your interest , beliefs etc. It is actually at times hard for me to read because it brings back memories of the “man” I fell for. My love was true….in some messed up ways I still love the “Man” I thought they were. I feel almost like that person died since they were never real. I will be honest I am jaded and because of that and you saying things like I should not have to prove who I am (the same things this person kept saying to me) I have been reading all I can about this because I eventually had a nervous breakdown from the relationship we had. Meri’s voicemails even sound like me and when I would plead with him. Our relationship lasted almost 2 years of off and on. It was almost like he was my drug. Eventually I started investigating things and found out that this person was actually a woman. She is actually a writer and voice actress. (Explains why she is so good at making up lies and also accents) she incorporated her own life along with a friends as “his” life. She made up people including a woman “He” supposedly slept with and ended up having 2 children with during the months I would go away. “He” did that to keep fooling friends we had made on this site as well as hurt me. It was a huge game for “him”. “He” never asked me for materialistic things and I never asked “him. Where I finally was strong enough to stay away was after the death of my 10 yr old daughter. The way “he” still played games with me while I was going through the loss of my daughter made me finally do some deep digging and the lies poured out. “His” last lie to me was that the woman I figured out was really him was “his half sister” and the reason “he” could not tell me about all this was it was a dark secret in his family that his father had two families something “his” mother was having to relieve because she had dementia and would be reminded about how “his” father had cheated on her and went on to have 3 more kids with someone else. This is just the tip of all the crazy lies this person told me. In the end I think this person has mental issues and afraid to let people know they are a lesbian so they go about it this way. I know she is professionally successful as well as her family holding some major history in the Winnipeg area. She has family that seems to love her so that is why I can only think that it has to do with mental illness and or hiding her true self. Only other thing is if she is just a cruel person who likes to hurt other mentally and emotionally. I have thought about putting all this out there but don’t want to hurt her family who has done nothing to me. I am sorry for going on and on but I guess I am trying to get you to understand why some people like myself are asking for proof. I know in reality not really my business I am not part of the relationship you two had but I feel invested because I have seen this happen to too many people including myself. Right now I doubt your story…. Sorry but it just rings like mine…If I did not know who actually catfished me I would think it was you. That being said I hope you prove me wrong. If you are telling the truth and Meri is lying that would renew my faith in actually love….soul mates and true love. I was burned so now I don’t believe like I did… for me romance is a fairy tale and the person I was who trusted others is no more. I am guarded and I second guess others if even the smallest thing seems fishy. Again sorry for the long post. I will keep watching to see if maybe you are able to prove all you say…or maybe you will decide to tell us all to f off!!

  69. Taylor Flynn (question????)

    Again sam i believe you, i want you to be able to laugh in all the cruel people’s faces and say “I Told YOU SO” I don’t have twitter but just signed up to read the tweets, WOW is there ever a lot of HATE for Jackie and by proxy you!! the more i read the more questions i have and my head is spinning from all this, like i said i can find lots of what is posted on that blog myself so how was it faked is what i wanna know, or what is true and what is false, can’t you sue this ppl for defamation??

  70. Sam, I don’t know what to think of all this. I was in a Facebook group you were invited to,to answer questions. A lot of people there attacked you and your character. I have to wonder why you aligned yourself with the Brown Family troll, the supposed best friend of Robyn, when all she dies is stir the pot. That didn’t do you any favors at all. I’ve also watched a page from afar that has stated you were outed as Jackie Overton by a PI named Nick. I tried to see his Twitter but had been blocked. Who knows why since I have no idea who he even is. I also saw a lot of hubbub the Jackie aka Lindsey aka Sam had been arrested in Oklahoma in Kay County but there is no record of it. All arrests in Oklahoma can be viewed on the court system website. So, I am just at a loss as to what to think. If you’re really a man named Sam who fell for Meri, then I wish the best and hope you move on and find some one who loves you as deeply as you are able to live them. But if you really are this creepy woman named Jaquelyn Overton, then I hope you are caught and your button locked up for a very long time and you get the treatment you need for your psychosis.
    I have enjoyed seeing all the garbage including the tweets between you and Meri.
    I hope it all ends with the season finale.
    Be blessed!

  71. Thanks again for replying sam I stand corrected her name was not on the website just phone numbers registered in jackie’s name, When i asked if you 3 were all together i ment that if meri claimed the pics u sent her were fake and that you guys never met lindsey could easily come to your defence and prove meri wrong. Lindsey sounds like she won’t put up with anyone assassinating her and your business. You had mentioned its just you 2 putting in money to the company so if this is hurting business don’t you think she may take it upon herself to defend your reputations?
    Can you address the 2 women that have come forward first Stacey who was friends with lindsey? she met Meri thru lindsey and stacey even drove lindsey to shidler ok and was then picked up in Shidler at your request? Stacey positively ID Lindsey Jackson as jackie overton, Also what about Jodi Salata, she claims to be a victim in this, so again sam are you, positive that lindsey is who she says she is, have you ever met lindsey? lindsey is the common denominator in all of this.
    Anxiously awaiting your reply

    • Lindsay has come to my defense over this several times. Lindsay has also gotten a lot of the trolls fake accounts suspended or deleted because Twitter and Facebook said they were false accounts that were targeting or harassing me.
      None of my phone numbers have ever been registered in anyone’s name but mine.
      Stacey is friends with Lindsay. She had a crush on me that I refused to deal with. She is not my type at all. I like long haired blondes with a big ass. Just my type. Stacey is not anything like that. She’s a nice girl but there was nothing but a casual friendship. I was always nice to her. She took that as it meant something and when I made it very very well known I had zero interest in her she got pissed at me. She is not a victim of anything and she never drove Lindsay anywhere but back and forth to Las Vegas.
      Jodi Salata is a former friend of mine who I knew for several years. She also had feelings for me that went nowhere. She does know a lot about my life but she was also trying to be with me and I wasn’t interested.

      Jodi wants this kind of attention. She has played games for years to get my attention. I stopped talking to her 2 and a half years ago because she was way too much drama. I don’t know what she is claiming but her, I actually do know very well. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she’s bashing me now. She couldn’t handle that I didn’t want her.

  72. If you care for Meri, prove your identity. Just maybe everyone has convinced Meri that you are not real. I would love to see you show up and prove to Meri and her family that you are real and that you truly love her. She needs that.

  73. So this blog is going to be taken down after the next few episodes or so? What about the photos proving you and meri were together? Or at least a photo of just you?

    I mean no disrespect but you contradict yourself quite a bit. You say you don’t want all this attention, yet here you are blogging about it.

    Also, why has not one friend, family member or client vouched for you?

    Thank you for your time.

    • I just started adding photos and will continue to post them as I get time.
      A lot of my family and friends vouch for me. You are looking at troll run websites for info. Why would any of my family or friends go to those places?

  74. Embarrassed voyeur

    Yours is locked..right?

  75. embarrassed voyeur

    What blog is the above post talking about? With twitter, do you have to have a twitter account to read tweets? I know you are going to close shop and I will be bored πŸ™‚

  76. Thank You, I am glad to hear that you will keep the deep important things out of the public eye. People love to cause pain and humiliation for years and years, they never give up—-neither of you need that kind of punishment for loving someone.
    Thank You Sam !

  77. I have proven a lot. People choose to either believe me or not. If someone reads through this whole site and still won’t believe me that’s not my problem. I have begun posting pictures and will continue to do so as I find time.

  78. embarrassed voyeur

    If you are writing a book. you need to tell it all. Like Remini’s book on scientology. If you are leaving out things, write a novel about a love story. A real memoir doesn’t just tell the nice parts of someones’s life.

    • It’s not going to be a tell all. I’m going to document the affair because that’s what people want to know about. Writing a book on all the secrets and making money off of that is bad for me.

  79. Thanks for answering my question sam, so Are lindsey and Meri still friends? I asked if you meri and lindsey ever all hung out together because if you guys did wouldn’t lindsey have photos of you guys and your adventures?
    One other question, what was the date you and Meri were last in each other’s presence?

  80. I am one of the ones that believed you. I just went to that blog you posted about and read the information on there. You said most of it is photoshopped but i can find lots of what they say and have posted. You have said yourself you used to go by samuel jacob @samuelchicago on twitter. That you only started recently adding your last name to things and that “christian” and “son” got put together only because of what the url looked like. But I’ve seen those old websites and the SJCinvestment websites thru searching myself to make sure its not just photoshopped. They are owned and ran by different people and jackie overton’s address and phone number listed how can you explain that?
    What about asking lindsey to post a picture holding some sjcinvestment documents as you stated you and her are the only investors she should have that? oui?

    • Her name is not on any of my websites and never have been. Please prove it.
      I’m not asking Lindsay to do anything. Sorry. You can contact her in Twitter at @itsnotmyfault75 and ask her anything you want. Be prepared for her to go tell you to f yourself Lol She thinks this whole thing is really stupid.

  81. The only real concern I have is “The Book” — I guess I am looking at it thru a broken woman’s eyes—- when I read that you loved her madly and love her still—- and you want to protect yourself— but put it all in print— even if you are mad at her — wouldn’t it be easier to walk away, live life to it’s fullest, find the true love of your life ?? It looks like you are looking for revenge on a broken soul–I sure hope not, she will pay for every word – every smile – every emotion that she shared with you–and I know that you share that same pain — but should there be revenge for being in and sharing love ??
    Anything on this Blog can only cause her more pain, and humiliation. I wish you both the very best in life– without causing pain for the other….

  82. Is there a possibility that lindsey catfished you? Were you and meri and lindsey ever all together at once? like how do we know that this is really sam and not just lindsey?? What if lindsey jackson is real and so is jackie overton? the possibilities are endless i guess until you prove otherwise!!

    • Lindsay is not a catfish. She could care less about any of this. She works in our Vegas office, gambles and drinks. That’s all she cares about. Her and Jackie are two different people.

      I’m not the one claiming all 3 of us are fake so the burden of proof lies on whoever is claiming we aren’t real.

  83. If I have missed your other questions I’m not aware of it. Sorry about that, post it again and I will try to answer.

    I did not save the voicemails or anything. She told me to delete everything and I did. She said it was incriminating evidence. When I got this new cellphone Lindsay did a backup of my old phone and found everything that was deleted using a program called Wondershare Dr Fone. She threw it all on a flash drive and I threw that in a drawer. When Meri’s friend started calling me a liar and saying we didn’t have an affair I began posting everything I had to prove we did.

    With everything she told me there is a lot of really deep dark secrets I’m not talking about. Because there is no need to be cruel. She is doing fine now so it doesn’t matter to her what I say or post.

  84. embarrassed voyeur

    On the program Catfish, when they are caught, they fold and swim into the river to never be heard from again. If you are a catfish, you sure haven’t folded and I find that amazing. It’s hard to imagine someone going to all of the work involved with this blog and it not being true. Are you saying after next Sunday’s episode, this blog will go away πŸ™

    • I’m not a catfish I am telling the truth. That’s why I’m standing up for myself. You are right catfish guys take off and run. I have never run or hidden. I’ve been right here all along fighting to clear my name.

      There’s going to be a two part tell all so it’s going to drag out over the next three weeks. TLC is going to squeeze every dollar out of this scandal. It’s disgusting.

  85. Sam,
    I know you mentioned this once but I can’t find it. Can you explain how the whole cat fishing story even came to be? Something about a magazine printed it? I have to admit, I’ve been on the fence about you but have decided to hop down and land on your side. I’m getting where you are going with this and I don’t blame you one bit for waiting until the finale airs so the most people will read and see your proof.

    • A woman named Cheryl Crisafulli came out and admitted to stalking me online since 2011. She says we met online dating. It’s a lie. I have never tried online dating and I don’t know her or ever met her. She is the one that mention the name Jackie. I don’t know the connection there but she is the one that lied and started all of this. She is nothing more than a stalker. 4 years? That’s some seriously messed antics.

      From there the sister wives haters took that story and ran with it. They don’t use their real names or photos they lie, make shit up and created pictures with photoshop. That’s how the catfish lie got around. Meri is going along with it so she doesn’t have to tell the truth about our affair.

  86. I pursued her because she made it clear to me her marriage was over and she was available.

  87. I am really looking forward to the photos of the two of you. I do understand what you mean about being recognized. That makes sense to me, I even thought about that myself. Sam if you want the ugly stories and nasty comments to stop or at least to wind down, you need to show yourself. It may be a little crazy for a little while but eventually it will all die down and the next scandal will be all over the news. I wish you the best.

  88. I’m undecided in this all.. But if this is so annoying to you, why won’t you:

    1.) Post pictures of yourself with a sign saying your name and the date

    2.) Post a quick video saying your name and the date and that you aren’t a catfish

    3.) Post any pictures of you and Meri

    That’s all it would take. You don’t have to do interviews, etc.

    After the show airs next week you’ll most likely be tracked down by the paparazzi anyway and they’ll take pictures of you, harass you etc.

    I just don’t get why you let everyone question your existence when you can end it easily.

    • Because I don’t need to post anything to open myself up to more trouble. I have been adding photos and eventually I will post our photos. Until then I’m keeping my life private and enjoying still being able to walk around unnoticed.

  89. I am one of those people that don’t know what is going on. When I look at the whole thing I can’t wrap my head around this whole thing. Nobody has come out and shown real proof that you are Jackie Overton. I can’t believe Meri would fall so hard for someone (the proof of that is in the voice mails) she has never met or even skyped with. How can I believe that you lived in Las Vegas and she was okay with never seeing you. How about the VM in Utah where she was going to meet her. Did you stand her up and she was okay with that? It makes no sense at all. I cannot believe that Meri is that naive. On the other hand I don’t understand why you haven’t post a photo of you with her. Or at least a photo of you with some proof of your identity. All the pictures you posted are of her alone which could have been selfies. The other thing is when you are googled you don’t show up except for the catfish story. I find no information about your business either. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with gathering information on this story. Maybe it’s because I cannot figure it out but then I can’t understand any woman that is okay with plural marriage either. Sam, I really want you to exist mostly because I am appalled at the nastiness of some people out there. The anonymity of the Internet allows people to be so cruel it takes my breath away. Okay, if you are not real let them just show the proof with the facts without being monsters themselves. So Sam, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt until someone can give me concrete proof that you don’t exist. Please prove them all wrong with egg on their face, Sam, and give some without a doubt proof you are who you say you are. I hope you don’t delete this because I am sure there are a lot of people who feel the way I do.

    • Most of the people don’t know what to think. The trolls have made this made up bizarre story last with lie after lie. Photoshopping things, creating fake accounts, and creating fake text messages are why it looks convincing but it’s not working. People are starting to figure out those trolls do not use their real names or their real photos and are full of shit. They are terrible people.

  90. Reading this breaks my heart. For you, and for Meri. I admit that I have always been so curious about how polygamist, or even poly-amorous relationships work long term. Without sounding like a broken record, since I have commented before, it became obvious from the show that Meri wasn’t entirely happy. And it is also obvious through the voicemails and text messages that you two shared something special, and that is what breaks my heart. Life is short, love and happiness are important.

    Once this season is over, I hope life for you quiets some, but I also admire how open you’ve been. And I have a lot of respect for how you’ve handled the situation. I’m sorry that your life has been turned upside down, and that you have to deal with the negativity, judgment and cruel comments of some really sad and unhappy people. Rise above. πŸ™‚

  91. 😒

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