Long a$$ day

dollar  I’m tired. Greetings from Lincoln, Nebraska. Had a great time in Detroit this morning. It was so good to see everyone. They had catered bbq for lunch then I walked in to take a look around. Everyone is so much happier on a full stomach. Plus I order way too much food so they all get leftovers or at least can take a few sandwiches home. Everything in Detroit is great. The conveyor belt is really cool. I kept playing with it. I couldn’t help it. It’s fascinating how one flip of a switch the whole thing starts up. Everyone is so happy to have it. It’s going to speed up production and help us get orders our a lot faster. I’m happy about that.

Got back to Chicago, went to my office. Dropped off all the reports and camera I used to snap photos of the warehouse then told everyone, time to get off work early, it’s Friday, GO HOME! That usually gets people in a great mood.

Made my way back to my house where not one, but two stinky diapers were waiting for me. How nice. I don’t know what this formula does for their growth but what comes out is not pleasant. Ugh. You would think after so many diapers at this point I could not gag on the extra bad ones but even I had to step back and take a breath. My goodness, boys! Got everyone packed up, loaded up the car and we were early. That never happens.

The flight was the only thing I was worried about. I told the dr it was a little over an hour flight. And it was. The boys did great. They had their bottles on ascent and descent. No one had issues. Even in the air they were calm. They both fell asleep. That part is great. It will never happen again Lol but it was great!

Now we are at Drew’s house. I told everyone to leave by 9 so I could get the kids to bed. There are only a few more people downstairs. They are drinking beers in the garage just like the old days. Some things never change. I am going to shower and get to bed. I have to be up early to pack up the baby stuff so we can leave here at 7:30am. Tomorrow is the big emotional part of this trip. I’m going to see my grandmother’s mansion. I’m going to see a bunch of family and friends I haven’t seen in a few years and I’m going to take my boys to meet their brother Ryan at the cemetery. Long, long day. I hope we get back here by 8pm tomorrow night because if things are going well, we are leaving around 10pm to fly into Oklahoma city. If the boys are fussy or there is an issue they will stay at Drew’s with the nannies and I will fly out tomorrow night instead. I really like having them with me. And to be honest, they are the best excuse to get me out of things I don’t want to do. I avoided the whole let’s go get some beers with the boys event. I’m avoiding the sitting in the garage and drinking beers for the next 4 hours. And I get to go to bed early. Just like I wanted. I’m so old! Guys, it’s Friday night and I want to be in bed by 10pm. Is that normal! No! I used to party it up. I remember dragging my butt home at 6am on Saturdays.

Oh well, I’d rather wake up and hang out with my boys completely sober and not nursing a hangover. I love my boys!


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