57th Voicemail, 58th Voicemail, 59th, Voicemail – April 23rd, 2015

This was an interesting night. Meri was at school and got out then I had asked her to run by the Circus Circus casino parking lot to find Lindsay since her campus is nearby. She did and found Lindsay. They talked for about an hour in the parking lot.

Lindsay and Stacey had taken off and no one knew where they went. They were gone for a few weeks. I had heard they were going back to Las Vegas but weren’t going to stay in their usual hotels. They stayed down on the strip to hide. That mystery has all been solved by now but back then I was really upset because Lindsay had all of the passwords to all of our work accounts, she didn’t tell anyone she was leaving she just up and left. She had had enough of everyone and completely vanished. When she came back she set up all kinds of rules for everyone because we all were asking too much of her.

After Meri visited with her she came by my place 😉

57th Voicemail 4-23-2015 4:42pm

Baby I’m out of class. Give me a call okay? Alright I love you, bye.

58th Voicemail 4-23-2015 10:44pm

Hey baby. Yeah I see you texting me. No I’ve been driving around and don’t see her (Lindsay’s) car. So anyway. Okay. I love you. Call me back.

59th Voicemail 4-23-2015 11:41pm

Hey baby. Just got your text and left Lindsay just a little bit ago. So I’m on my way, I can be there in probably 15 minutes. So, anyway give me a call, okay? Alright, I…


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  1. How does the new lady in your life that you posted about today feel about you still being in love with Meri, then?

    • She knows I’m still in love with Meri I was upfront about it. There is no future with Meri so it will eventually get better. She is fascinated with this whole ordeal and has shown me compassion and friendship. We have only been dating 2 weeks so we are still getting to know each other. She’s an ER nurse so she works a lot but she has a lot to gossip about at work now she says

  2. I so agree that she is amazing!
    It takes a very special person to be involved in plural marriage and Meri is that.
    Going forward, I hope she realizes that she CAN move mountains and that she deserves to be more than 1of 4. She deserves to be the ONLY one. It’s never to late to start over and live a good life!

  3. Can I ask why you broke up with each other?
    Based on the voicemails it seems like she was head over heels for you.

    • We were very much in love. We broke up because of her filming schedule, because we had been fighting off and on, and because we both were dealing with too much going on. She was very much in love with me. And I was and still am with her. She’s an amazing woman.

  4. Who’s car was meri referring to?

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