111th Voicemail, 112th Voicemail, 113th Voicemail, 114th Voicemail – May 26th, 2015

This was around the time when Kody finally moved out. He began spending the nights he was supposed to be at Meri’s over with Robyn. She said Robyn could have him.  She did not want him living in the house anymore. After 2 weeks of him not listening to her he finally said okay. She was trying to tell me that they had sat down and had a talk about it. She said he said if this is what you want, okay.

The funny part is starting the next day he started coming around a lot more than when he was actually living there with her. To see what she was up to. And most of the time she was either gone from the house or on the phone with me. With him being out of the house we could finally talk all she wanted. She was so happy to have him gone. She told me several times she wished she had done that years ago because he didn’t help her with anything that broke or needed moved or sprung a leak. She said she depended on Logan and Hunter to come help her out. And now more and more she was depending on Paedon.

111th Voicemail 5-26-2015 11:27am

The moment when you run upstairs to bring something up there and you think I should grab my phone and take it up with me. Totally missed your call and you must be leaving me a super sweet message I can not wait to hear it. Okay. I love you babe. Talk to you soon.

112th Voicemail 5-26-2015 1:20pm

Hey I need you to call me right away please. Okay, thanks.  Love you, bye.

113th Voicemail 5-26-2015 2:24pm

Hey it’s me again. I am not quite sure why you are not answering my calls. Can you please call me? Okay, thanks bye. I love you.

114th Voicemail 5-26-2015 4:39pm

Baby can you call me please. I’m sorry I’m good now but please give me a call. Thank you, bye. I love…

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