180th Voicemail, 181st Voicemail, 182nd Voicemail, 183rd Voicemail, 184th Voicemail – June 29th, 2015

This is when I found out she was going on that Alaska Trip. And I was pissed off. I was not at all happy about that. But I let it go. I’m pretty good about letting stuff go. I just need to say what I feel then I’m over it. We were fine in a few hours.

180th Voicemail 6-29-2015 2:02pm

Hey I’m just sitting out here with Mosby and the last little potty break until I end up having to film. So, I’ve got a little time right now so I thought I would give you a call and say Hey, how is your day. I hope everything is going well. Okay, I love you I will talk to you later.

181st Voicemail 6-29-2015 6:03pm

Exasperated sigh back. Okay bye.

182nd Voicemail 6-29-2015 8:30pm

You had asked me to push you. That’s what I’m doing. So quit sending me to voicemail, please. I am pushing you and I am trying to tell you, you need to stop.

183rd Voicemail 6-29-2015 8:31pm

Okay, I’m telling you again I’m pushing you. I need you to stop it please. You don’t need to hang up on you that wasn’t very nice. This is my 5th call, 4th message. I think. Or 3rd. Now I’m confused. Anyway, I’m pushing you. So please call me. Please answer my phone…

184th Voicemail 6-29-2015 8:32pm

Still sending me to voicemail. Okay I don’t know how many times I’m supposed to do this. But I know it will piss you off if I keep doing it. I’m in a catch 22. You say please push me, please push me, please tell me that I’m being a jerk and you need to stop. Okay. I think you are being a jerk and you need to stop. Okay? But I’m not going to push you enough that it’s going to piss you off anymore. Because I know you are already pissed off. Anyway, so there I’ve done my 8 texts, I’ve done my messages.  I don’t know what else to do for you because you are not answering. So…


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  1. I have listened to almost all the voicemails- and I don’t understand how meri could lie on national tv about you? -when it’s apparent to anyone with half a brain that this was a real relationship! I didn’t watch the new episode of SW. I just couldn’t stomach more bile. Hope getting all this out you have some closure and redemption- I would think it’s hard enough to go thru what you did but then to be treated like a non existent person has to cut hard. Curious if since the airing of last season meri has tried to contact you to apologize? Hope your boys are good and wish positive thoughts for your future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Sam, Why do you and Meri have so many disagreements? I understand that you were frustrated about her situation, but you knew what you were getting into. It just seems like Meri is pleading with you a lot to stay with her. Were there other issues going on? For example, do you have trust issues, get upset easily, tend to have unstable relationships etc? I’m just curious…thank you

    • Because she was insecure about my love for her. She asked me all of the time why do I love her. Or did I mean it. I had to reassure her daily. There were also times I was insecure. The truth is it was a real relationship. And couples fight off and on about things. If we had went 6 months with no fighting it wouldn’t have mattered or meant anything. But we fought everything and everybody to be together. Even up until the day we broke up. We were both saying I love you to each other.

  3. Why did you get pissed?

  4. What was that voicemail where Meri said her hair was a “mop”, what did that mean? Where you guys physically together then? Why were you fighting about that?

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