Weekend update from Chicago

Life has finally been quiet. I think Lindsay taking out a bunch of trolls accounts has helped a lot. They were getting really aggressive. That’s what happens when their antics and messages don’t get to me at all. They escalate. A lot of the accounts were suspended for multiple accounts. Just like I said, a group of 10 women making a bunch of fake accounts to harass me. Doesn’t work, ladies. I don’t see any of your messages Lol That’s why they have the block button. Nice try though. I am flattered you spend all day and night talking about me. Ya’ll need to go get your own lives. I’m living mine.

Things are going great. Church was really good this morning. I took Sarah and her friend Kelly. Then we stopped to grab something to eat for everyone. Today I have to catch up on my personal emails and work on a few things. My main will be coming over at some point today to clean. I love it when I have a fresh lemon scented condo. She does a fantastic job and I never want her to leave. We all love her. She is so funny with her mixed up slang and quotes. Such a sweet lady too. Her daughters and grandkids are all awesome.

I took Lindsay and Josh to the Cubs game yesterday. I had gotten tickets from a vendor as a thank you for helping him out with somethings. The seats were too good to pass up. We had a great time. Lindsay made it her mission to not drink beer. Josh had a few beers and I had a sip off of his beer because he said try this and see if it tastes funny. I don’t drink so all alcohol to me tastes bad. They both pigged out, laughed and took a bunch of selfies. Lindsay made friends with anyone within 10 seats of us. She was quiet for most of the game until it was clear we were going to win. Then she started harassing the Cubs players that were standing outside of the dugout or were coming back in from the field. She got a few of them to laugh and smile at her. It was really funny. After the game we all came back here to hang out a little while and play with my babies. Josh is really good at holding them and talking to them. He will be a great dad someday when he is ready. He’s a really great guy but he has made a few bad choices like I have. He is newly single because he has just went through a breakup. He is itching to get back out there and keeps trying to drag me to all of the summer parties he gets invited to for his work. I don’t want to go. I want to stay at home with my boys. My entire life right now is working and coming home. That’s it. The Cubs game was a rare treat and came at a time when I needed a few hours of adult time.

Our nanny schedule is changing as of tonight. We are going to try to do Sarah all day. I take over as soon as I get home so she can nap and rest or go out. Then at bedtime her and I split it up the best we can. It’s going to be an adjustment. Our only weekend nanny is on call. Meaning when Sarah and I need a break she will be available. She is out of school and wanting more hours to earn money for a new car. She has paid up a lot of her bills she had and wants to get a car while she is making this much. I thought I was paying a fair wage but maybe I’m overpaying Lol I don’t really care, my boys are worth the absolute best I can provide for them. As long as they are healthy and happy it’s worth it. Whatever it costs.

The boys have started sleeping longer through the night, finally. That is helping. They were getting up every 2 to 3 hours. Now it’s going for 5 hours and sometimes 6. When they eat they are both eating a lot more. We always have bottles ready to be mixed up and warmed in the baby warmer. Lindsay lined up a bunch of baggies next to a counter full of empty baby bottles so all we have to literally do is dump the formula in, hit the water button on the baby warmer and wait a few seconds for them to fill up. I have no idea why I didn’t even think about that before but it sure comes in handy.

Our laundry has become Mount Dirt in the laundry room. I put my dog in there at night if he keeps barking so he doesn’t wake up the boys. When he’s behaving he sleeps in my room in the corner. He has his own huge pillow bed and blanket. He also has about 50 dog toys all over the house. We try to pick them up but he just drags them back out. We learned to not buy him anything that squeaks because he would sit there and squeak it non-stop. It was annoying after a while. He likes to go upstairs onto my roof deck and bark at the pigeons. Some of them are probably as big as he is Lol They fly off, he barks, they land back on the deck and he takes off after them again. We also still have his pet nanny who takes him to the park and for walks during the day. He has a bunch of new dog friends that he plays with at the dog park near by. He has a more active social life than I do. And he is a big ham down at the dog grooming place. He gets a bath every 10 days and nails clipped or ears cleaned out. Whatever he is in need of. They spoil him rotten and he always comes home with a new toy or a new dog bone.

So my story is finally fading away. Thank goodness! I am yesterday’s news or at least I’m trying to be. My Fox interview has really helped me more than I thought it would. I have gotten a lot of support from doubters and haters. It feels really good to exonerate myself by simply telling the truth.

I have to take Lindsay to the airport now. She is going to Oklahoma for a few days then back to Las Vegas. Loved having her here. My boys can’t get enough of her. She makes them smile so big. As soon as they hear here they start wiggling trying to get her to pick them up. She does all kinds of funny sounds and blows on their necks. She is really good with them. She wants to be called Auntie so we are putting that name into their minds. She has bought them way too much stuff. And really been spoiling me too. She bought me this watch I had been drooling over for months. I can never seem to pull the trigger on things that expensive. But I am obsessed with watches. I have over 450 by now. They are all in my closet in their own special display drawers. Some are vintage, some I inherited but most of them are gifts. People have no idea what to buy me so they get me a watch. And I love it.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I am going to relax at home and get some stuff done when I’m not playing with or feeding my kids. I love my boys! They really are perfect!

What will become of my life now? I have no idea. But I do know that I will find love someday. Just not yet 😉

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  1. Where can I see the Fox interview you did, can you give me a link?

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