Season 7 Ep 1

Season 7
Meri: Earlier this year I started talking to somebody online and then eventually on the phone. Who I thought was becoming a good friend. He said all the right things and did all the right things to make me feel trust for him. And he was making me really start to feel love for who he was portraying himself to be. I started suspecting that some of the things that he was saying were far from the truth. I thought I was talking to a man online and on the phone. And it wasn’t a man. It wasn’t a man. It was a woman pretending to be a man. It was a woman who had been watching me online. And I feel like I have been targeted. And I was keeping it all to myself. I wasn’t sharing anything with my family at all.
Not true. I am a man. I was never watching her online and she was not targeted. Meri is the one that continued to contact me after the first evening we talked on Twitter. Once she had my phone number she continued to call and text me.
Then a couple of months ago when we went to Alaska I had already decided that I didn’t know how or when but I needed to get out of this situation. And at one point I tried talking to my family about it and once I started talking to them I realized it just was not the time or place to do it.
She is lying to cover up the fact that we broke up. And that I completely walked away from her. She tried contacting me after we broke up and I ignored her.
After we got back from Alaska I did finally tell my family. I know it shocked and surprised them. There are very many aspects about it that were shocking.
I’m sure they were because her story does not add up at all to all of the things they saw and heard during the time of our affair.
Robyn: Her pulling back from the family was very difficult for us. Nobody could quite understand what was happening. It was difficult for me. I felt like I lost my friend. She would come late to family gatherings, she would leave early. She was on her phone the whole entire time. She was distant, she was cold, she’d move away from us she didn’t want to spend time with us. It was really difficult.
She was always talking to me. She didn’t want to be there anymore. We had a lot of fun talking and she enjoyed it so much she was still talking to me while she was at family events.
Meri: You know we’re still trying to figure out how to deal with it. We just need to process the whole thing. We’ve got our family therapist Nancy coming over so we just have a lot to discuss. A lot to figure out about it.
There is nothing to figure out. We had an affair, she lied about that and she is concocting some wild story to cover her own ass.
Meri: This year I’ve had quite a bit of stress in my life. And I finally talked to my family about it and now we are trying to deal with it. Almost on a daily basis I fight with myself in my head about this situation because I let it in. And I feel a lot of guilt for that. I always have just a little bit of anxiety when we discuss this subject.
She misses me. She fights everyday still with her feelings for me. This much I know because I have been told this several times since the breakup.
Sure there are things that we are going to have to work through and deal with because of the whole situation but being completely open and honest and transparent and vulnerable to the family is the best situation.
I wish she would finally begin to be honest. But she won’t. Not yet.
So today we are having Nancy our therapist come over and we’re just going to spend as much time as we need to with her talking about it and dealing with it and just processing it. I know it’s going to be a long, a long process. It’s not going to be resolved just in one day. But today will be a start.
Meri said it was a 6 hour session.
Meri: Not quite as I had hoped but I was kind of in a jumble in my head.
Once I started talking to them I’m like wait a second. We’ve got one day left here and I just didn’t want this amazing trip to end on such a horrible note. So by not saying it, it only ended it on a sort of horrible note.
I don’t think, you guys, okay. So you all know it’s no surprise that I’ve been struggling with stuff. Lately. I don’t know what I need to do is what I’m saying I’m going to be doing something but I don’t know what it is I need to do.
Kody: In Alaska I didn’t even know what to think or do because it’s just like you needed a break. I didn’t understand from what.
From him. Can this guy be this stupid? Yes he can Lol
Meri: And I don’t know where I’m going to go and what I’m. I just don’t know what I’m going to do, right now. So don’t be surprised if I just up and am gone.
Again, if she feels threatened by me why on Earth would she say this to her family on camera?
Kody: It seemed like you were talking about a break from us as a family and a break from our situation.
Meri: I could tell during that conversation at dinner, it was just not going how I wanted. But I didn’t know how exactly how I wanted it to go and I didn’t know what to do.
Meri: The weekend that we went to go see Hunter for parents weekend in Colorado I ended up in Robyn’s hotel room one night and I just finally told her what was going on.
She told Robyn the truth. And then they both waited a week to tell the other adults. In that week Kendra was talking to Robyn. Kendra was also talking to Lindsay. And Lindsay was sharing with me some of what Kendra was being told. There is a lot more that Lindsay has never told me. But it’s going to be in her book. So I guess we all will find out soon what really happened in that hotel room.
Robyn: Meri was very nervous but she finally told me. So the last 6 to 8 months I’ve been having like this major war within myself about Meri. It was a constant struggle to know whether or not I believed that Meri was actually having an affair or she just wasn’t and something else was going on. It’s like this isn’t like Meri to do this. I mean Meri would sit and call me over and she would just cry and want me to hold her.
Robyn had suspected the affair for a long time. For months. Kendra and Robyn sat down at Robyn’s computer for the week that Kendra was in Las Vegas visiting the family. They sat down and looked at my twitter, Meri’s twitter and Robyn even added me as a friend on Twitter. She wanted to talk to me and find out what was going on. I ignored her and kicked her off of my twitter because when I told Meri that Robyn added me on Twitter, Meri freaked out and told me to kick her off. So I did.
Meri: We sat there for a couple of hours just talking.
Robyn: I just kept saying what can I do for you, what can I do for you. She finally told me basically that she started talking to a guy online and I already knew that just because it was kind of public. I could tell that she was really embarrassed. She was worried that I was going to judge her and she sat there and told me some pretty horrifying things about what had happened with her. That she was still dealing with it. She said I don’t even think that this man is real. She said I think it was a woman trying to impersonate and make her voice sound like a man’s voice.
Again, Meri starts out telling the truth. That she was talking to a guy. Then she throws in a hint of doubt. It suddenly twists into it might be a female. Not at all the story that she said earlier. My voice sounds nothing like a woman’s voice Lol
You know Meri was basically telling me that she was being emotionally blackmailed. She was telling me that she felt her house was bugged. She was telling me that they were tracking her every move. All of these things that never made sense to me all of a sudden made sense to me because she was telling me that she couldn’t spend time with the family without them getting upset. She just sat there and cried and cried and cried and finally told me everything. And I was beside myself just so sad for her that she has been going through this alone but at the same time so relieved that she wasn’t, she wasn’t leaving us.
She was not at all being blackmailed. If she was, there would be evidence of such. There would be proof or texts with me dictating to her how to speak to me or what to say to me in messages. There is nothing because that’s a lie. And again, the focus stays on Robyn even in Meri’s supposedly darkest moment of her entire life. Robyn always flips things back to herself.
I mean I know that’s not like it’s a good thing but I mean for me when it was like at least this is something we can figure out together.
Oh my gosh she’s not leaving us, she didn’t have an affair she got herself into this mess and these people took advantage of her.
Again with the plural people. This goes against the story she is making up.
I know from this experience I’ve looked really internal and gone what have I done, what did we do, how did this happen? That’s where I’m just like how in the heck did this happen. How were you in the place that you were at emotionally? How did we not see it? How was this where you didn’t feel like you could talk to us? How did we not see this a mile away the burning bush over here. I don’t know. It’s like I’m sitting here like okay this should never happen to us.
Again focusing on herself. This happened because Meri was lonely, she was not getting attention and she felt very unloved and unwanted at home. Surrounded by all of those people she had no one. So she turned to me and I made her happy. I made her laugh and I made her feel very loved.
Meri: I don’t even remember exactly how I said it or what I said.

Robyn really talked to me about the importance of just talking to the whole family or the adults you know and just letting them know. And I even at that point I didn’t know how or when or if I was going to tell the rest of the family. You know part of me just wanted to be like okay well I’ll tell Kody because he deserves to know, he needs to know, but we don’t need to tell everybody else we can just, you know I was still like trying to keep it in my own little circle because it was just. It was just humiliating.
I’m sure it was. It’s really bad every time someone gets caught in an affair.
I was just like, I need to say something but I can’t I’m too scared I don’t want to say anything.
Kody: About a week after Meri told Robyn the struggle she was having in her life she told me and the other wives. And we didn’t have a lot of information in-depth on it. You know I’ve known for a long time that something was wrong that something was going on something she was struggling with. Her nuisances were all I’m trapped I’m trapped I’m trapped and I literally was like what are you trapped with me? I mean I’m not doing that to you.
Why would they wait a week to tell him? Because they had to fix the story they were about to say. Robyn was told that Meri fell in love with me. That Meri and I were having an affair. The story that Meri told the adults is that she was catfished and she left out the part that we fell in love and had an affair. She began denying my existence and began telling them we had never met. Both lies.
She felt completely trapped in the marriage because if she leaves the show they could lose all the money. If she leaves Kody maybe he will turn the family against her and not let her come see the kids. She was very scared of Kody’s reaction if he ever found out about us.
She would just kind of go blank and cry.
Meri: Anyways so I finally told them what was going on. I had been talking to this person. It started out as a friendship you know we were laughing it felt good because leading up to that point I was just kind of in a weird place personally just trying to figure out I guess my own peace and my own happiness and just figuring stuff out. So when I started talking to this guy on social media and then eventually on the phone you know talking on the phone you know we were becoming friends and we were laughing. He was saying all the right things  to make me trust him and make me think he was this real person that really cared. He started into you know expressing love for me and I did start caring about him or who I thought that he was.
She now claims that it started out as a friendship, this indicates that later on it turned into more than a friendship. Again changing her story about me for the 3rd time over the course of 6 months. Here is where she begins the she only cared about me story. Not in love or starting to feel love for me as she has said earlier.
Kody: Meri and I have struggled for a very long time. There was a point where I was trying to say hey you know some of these online friendships are not really safe can you cut them off and because she wasn’t trusting me at the time because we had struggled so much it left her vulnerable but not to me. It’s like well no I’m not going to stop having friends just because you say.
Kody asked her 3 times to stop talking to me and Meri said no. Now here is her chance to tell him I’m being abused or blackmailed or whatever she was claiming. He talks to her 3 times about me and she tells him no, she’s not going to stop talking to me because as she just said, she doesn’t want to stop having friends. She did not want to stop the affair.
I wish that I would have tried harder to have regained her trust enough to have then been able to say hey you know what these aren’t good friends. Stay away from them.
Kody forgets the time he sent out a tweet comparing himself to Santa Clause and taking a swipe at me loving Batman Lol
I feel culpable in the sense that I could have actually tried to stay closer to her when she was trying to shut me out. That was a mistake on my part.
She kicked him out and he stayed out for months. He wouldn’t even come over to the house anymore unless he needed a quick answer or if he was dropping off a check for the insurance or something else.
Janelle: So what I’ve understood from what you’ve said it’s like you were emotionally compromised like he started love and you were like Uhh no, not love but…
Meri: No when he started saying love it was flattering.
And here it is. She loved the attention. She loved me fawning all over her and gushing about how much I loved her. She was more than flattered. She loved it. Go look at her twitter still and see her responses to the things I’ve said to her during the time of the affair. She loved the attention.
Kody: To be fair when people tell me that they love me I’m flattered you know. Maybe I’m just being naive, maybe this is new enough that I don’t really know what’s going on. I don’t know. Here’s the thing I refuse to live in a world of rumor and innuendo.
He knows what’s going on he is playing dumb to make this not come off so bad. He lives in a world of denial and ignore it, it will go away Lol
Meri: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was flattering.
She admits it. She loved how I made her feel. I called her baby and she melted. She said she had never been called baby before. So she started calling me baby too and that was one of our nicknames back and forth. In most of the voicemails you hear her say Hey baby or I love you baby.
Janelle: I get that. I get that I think that would be for anybody. I think that would be for anybody. That is an unhuman that is not a polygamist thing that’s just, you know that’s normal to feel flattered.

Do you know I mean for me this whole experience I mean I still am very naive. I mean I really am naive. And we are generally very trusting, we are. And this has been a huge wakeup call. I always heard about these kinds of things. You know I’d read stories in my magazines or whatever about these kinds of people and I’m like okay that exists in some world, not mine.
Meri: Then he introduced me to his female friend and I met her and she would say how much he cared about me and all the while they were saying it was kind of these little threats.
Meri went to Lindsay’s hotel room within an hour of Lindsay and Stacey arriving in Las Vegas. Lindsay had a box from my house that I had for Meri. It had presents, love letters, and cards in there. There is a photo that Meri took from that day. There were no threats at all. Meri continued to meet up with Lindsay at her hotel or Meri would pick her up at her hotel and they would go hang out. Also, Meri, Lindsay and I would hang out. If Meri was scared of Lindsay if Lindsay was creepy, why the heck did Meri go over and hang out with her so often? Why did Meri bring her into her home 5 times? We would go out to eat, go talk about work because Meri was my regional representative and distributor for the investment deal I was working on between her and Jeff’s company. We were all 3 together several times.
Kody: The person you met, that woman is him? Is that right?
Meri: That is the person who was making herself look as him. Anyways so
This is a lie. I am male. Lindsay is female. We are 2 separate people. We have photos together with Meri proving this.
Christine: How much of this plotting and planning does he have to write down how far in advanced does he have to plan before he can really mess with someone’s life appropriately.
Meri: Well here’s the kicker. We can really stop referring to him as a he because there really is no he. There is no he.
Again Meri states that I am female. And she blames the catfishing on Lindsay. But she still will not say any names to keep it straight. She has never named me, Lindsay or Jackie in any of this. Ever. Here she is trying to sell the story that the catfish person she is claiming is female and is Lindsay. She is denying I exist in front of her entire family and now on camera.
Setting herself up for an awesome lawsuit for libel, slander, and defamation 😉
Christine: So Meri is telling us this story and how she thinks that there’s really one person behind several identities. It’s just evil to create all these identities setup just to deceive people.
There are no several identities. There is me and there is Lindsay. Neither one of us have any other accounts trying to portray ourselves as someone else. The trolls, Meri’s friends all have multiple accounts and have been suspended or deleted because of that. We can prove Meri’s friends, the trolls, are the ones that create fake identities. And Lindsay and I have never changed our names. Lindsay did get her Twitter account suspended for posting Sylvia Bailey’s mugshot and arrest record for herself and her husband. They both have been arrested. She now has another twitter account but is still using her real name on it. We don’t hide, we don’t create fake accounts. That’s Meri’s friends that do that.
Meri: Okay it seems kind of real but there’s kind of some holes in the story and I actually started doing some research myself you know just kind of  looking into businesses and the house that he said that he owned here in Las Vegas and it wasn’t of course when I bring that up to him, serious like verbal abuse.
Wrong. She did ask me some questions that all got answered. And I followed that up by proving things to her. She wanted to see my rental house, my house, my plane, and my businesses. She was shown all of the information for all of that. And she didn’t question anything further.
Robyn: Sorry it’s really, really weird to think of someone treating you like this and getting away with it because the Meri that I know wouldn’t put up with that. You know what I’m saying?
Robyn is right. It never happened and if it did Meri would not put up with that kind of treatment. So Robyn just called her out on the lie. And then Kody chimes in again, confirming that Meri would not put up with that from anybody. Not even from her husband. Proving that it never happened. I never treated her badly.
Kody: You never put up with it from me.
Meri: You didn’t threaten me, you’ve never threatened me the way these people threatened me.
See how she says this. He has never threatened her like this. Now proving that Kody has threatened her before. And he has. When he gets mad at her, he yells at her, then he starts threatening her about the show and how she needs to step it up and participate more. Again, there were no threats at all and there is no proof to any threats. None. If there were threats she would take those to the police and there would be a police report about it. She is a celebrity. They do all they can to protect themselves. There was nothing to protect herself from. When we broke up I walked away and I never contacted her again. She continued to contact me.
Janelle: You know from an outside perspective I see the manipulation all over it and it just it really does surprise me that Meri fell for that. I’m just, when I’m listening to the facts I’m just like wow, how? How? How did you not say take a flying leap when this person said that to you. Because the Meri I know says those things.
Again now Janelle is proving that Meri is not at all the type of person to put up with any kind of threat. Proving I never threatened her.
Meri: These were actual words that she said to me. I will ruin your life. I will ruin your family. You don’t want to mess with me.
Those words were never said. If they were, that is something she would have kept. She would not have heard that and done nothing. Robyn, Kody, and Janelle just proved that in their own words. No one ever said that to her. Not ever. That is a lie.
Christine: People will sit there behind their computer and create all this fake stuff and not be accountable for anything they say. They’re a coward. They are just sitting there behind a computer. That’s all they are doing. They are just a coward. And they are just bullying and bullying because they are just a coward.
That’s exactly what Meri’s troll friends do. They sit behind a computer and bully me or anyone that talks to me. They go after all of my friends and try to get information. Anyone that talks to me, they look them up on facebook and go after their family and friends. They harass you until you either block me or stop talking to me. These are Meri’s friends doing this. The trolls.
Meri: I was on the phone once I was sitting in my bedroom and I was on the phone once to my friend then all of a sudden I started getting texts from him having to do with the conversation I was having with her on the phone and it really scared me.
This is made up. That never happened.
Kody: Did you think you were being bugged?
Meri: I didn’t know if I was being bugged. I didn’t know if she had something on my phone and she was listening to everything. I didn’t even know so I got up and I went outside and I stood back out in the far corner of the yard.
This is all made up. You can tell by her face she is lying and she has just created this story to gain more sympathy for herself. Meri will lie her way out of being in a hot seat. Especially when it’s Kody talking to her. She will do anything at all to make sure Kody does not get mad at her. Even lie.
Christine: How did they know what you were talking about?
Meri: I don’t know. But I was so scared she had put something in my house to listen to conversations or to see stuff.
That never happened. Lindsay nor I ever put anything in her house to bug her or her phone. That’s ridiculous. It’s a lie.
Kody: What kind of low life digs into your life and manipulates this way?
Meri: I get so angry. I get so angry at myself when I still get emotional or feel anxiety about it because this stupid person still just has this much control over me and it just pisses me off because I’m not a weak person. God it just pisses me off at myself.
Meri misses me and is still in love with me. That’s why she says I still have control over her. It’s her feelings and what’s in her heart that says that. Not anything I have done or said. All I did was treat her like a Queen and love her with all of my heart.
Meri: So there were times throughout talking to these characters that they really started pushing that I was not happy here in the family and that I wasn’t being treated right. They started talking a lot about like our religion and our beliefs and why do we believe this way and where does it stem from and  like he was just questioning me on why are you even there? You’re not treated right you know you don’t have sole focus on you. I mean you are just kind of one in a group of you know.
And now we are back to multiple people. She was not happy in the family because she told me she wasn’t. She told me she was not in love with Kody and hadn’t been for years. She told me they stopped having sex at the beginning of February because she said he wasn’t making love to her, she was just fucking her and she knew the difference. She said they had another big fight and she wouldn’t sleep with him for months at a time because of the way he treated her. I asked her why she stayed. Her daughter was raised, she had the time now to move on with her life if she was so unhappy. She told me she wanted to leave for the past 5 years but didn’t know how to go about it because of the show and the contract she had signed. She also didn’t know where she would go and she said Kody would not support her financially and help her get out. He would let her go but would do nothing at all to help. And because she agreed to nothing in the divorce she was no longer entitled to anything. No money, not even her own house. He would take that away from her too.
Kody: You hear that a lot the one of the many.
No one would say that to this family at all if he did not treat his wives as if they are just one of his many. If he showed his wives respect and actually showed love for them, no one would ever say that about them.
Meri: And then he started like really bashing our belief system you know Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and how we are who we are and why we do what we do you know and it caused me to really think about and evaluate like what it was that I wanted. He would bring up these points about our religion and it caused me to start reading and start praying more and start really evaluating it and kind of bring a connection with God back into my life that I hadn’t had for a while.
I asked her about her religion. She told me they mostly go off of the Book of Mormon but they also have other doctrines they abided by. So I read them all. I listened to the Book of Mormon first and I thought it was very interesting. I even did a blog on it before we broke up and I said I do believe it is a Second account of Jesus Christ. I never bashed her faith at all. I questioned what her beliefs were and asked questions to understand the reasoning behind polygamy. I asked because I wanted to make sure she understood I would not be a polygamist. That she would no longer be living that lifestyle once she left to be with me. I believe polygamy is a sin for my life. Anyone else that’s not for me to say and I have openly stated for months now that I believe polygamy works with the right set of adults. I support it, I think it’s got historical significance and I have no problem with polygamy at all. All of this was documented before we broke up which proves again she is lying about that.
And so it caused me to realize what I really want. And I spent a lot of time connecting with God and I spent a lot of time just asking him questions and just saying help me get out of this.
She reconnected with God because I am a deeply spiritual and devout Catholic. I talk about God everyday of my life. It’s something that everyone knows about me. She said she felt really good because I was so deeply following God’s word and that she needed that reconnection back in her life. She said right now because they have no Church, Kody is their spiritual leader and they do not do services often. She said if he is in town and they can get everyone to agree to it they do. She said mostly it’s for the cameras. Her and I used to pray together, we used to talk about Bible verses we liked and she would sing to me all of the books in the Book of Mormon. She said she would teach the kids in Sunday school about bible studies and she remembered a lot of that.
We talked about religion a lot because I really love it. We learned a lot about each other by talking about our beliefs.
Robyn: This horrible person was able to weasel her way into our lives. I don’t ever want anyone in this family ever to feel that vulnerable, alone. We have to be proactive in making sure that kind of stuff doesn’t happen.
Robyn: I didn’t realize we have this big of a crack. It’s like bizarre to me that this person could isolate Meri so drastically that she wouldn’t sit and talk to us. Wouldn’t talk to Kody, wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t, wouldn’t reach out for help.
Janelle: You and Kody, you’ve  made no bones that you were in a place where things were not at all connecting.
Meri: Well it was kind of like a whole lot of things. It was me being home alone all of the time. And you guys having all these kids that I wasn’t involved in.
Meri is the kind of person that needs a personal invite. Yes I do believe all the wives have an open door policy for everyone in the family but Meri does not feel welcomed. She needs them to personally say Hey I need you to come over. Or they need to go over to her place and make it a point to spend time with her. Even small things like going to the grocery store together. She needs that. And she doesn’t get that from any of them. She spends so much time alone because she doesn’t want to burden her own family with her presence. None of them understand that’s who she is right now. She is scared to reach out to people and admit she is lonely and bored. She has replaced me talking to her and spending time with her with painting. I think it’s wonderful she is painting but her painting is just another silent scream for help. And her family still doesn’t get it. They think she has moved on from me.
Too bad they don’t realize the paintings she has done that hang up in her craft room are all the things we have talked about. Even the same coloring. We would talk about nights we could spend together and 3 of those paintings are from landscapes we were at together at night. Looking at the stars with the moon so huge you couldn’t remember it was a moon. As soon as I saw the paintings I cried. Because I recognized those special places. She is crying inside, still. And none of them understand her. It has to be so frustrating and hurtful. I hope someone realizes soon that painting is helping, but it still changes nothing. She needs them to invite her or even pull her out of her house and spend quality time with her. She is craving that right now more than ever. I do know a lot about her and I know without constant attention she starts acting out and wanting to do high adventure stuff just to feel alive again. It’s so incredibly sad to me. I hope someone will say something to her about this. They need to know she will never tell them she needs them to invite her or to just make her go with them. She is in such a spot she won’t go on her own.
Christine: It’s really humiliating to think that somebody got through to one of us. I thought that we were tighter than that. But I mean, I guess we’re not. We definitely have some work to do still.
Yes you all do. On all of your relationships. Because before this season everything you presented was everything was fine and we have normal small little issues with each other. The truth is finally coming out and it’s too bad because now the show is cancelled and it’s going to get worse without that kind of income to help out.
Kody: The struggle I think that I have with it is that I got shut out because of them. I understand through your story….
Kody can not take any blame for this. He puts it on the invisible them. He is blaming me and Lindsay? For him treating his wife like shit? He is the one that made her feel so horrible she came looking for a new man in her life. He pushed her away by treating her badly and leaving her alone all of the time. This is why things between them will never fully heal. Kody does not take responsibility for any of this and he also will never admit he did anything wrong to make Meri feel unloved. He thinks what is the big deal and what is her problem now? He calls her crazy.
Meri: That’s a valid struggle. I understand that.
Kody: The explanations that you have for it, but it is…
Robyn: It might be the first step that you guys get to take is making a deal that you don’t get to shut each other out.
Robyn doesn’t have the solution and it’s not her place to try to help them. They really need to work on it themselves. So Robyn should shut up at this point. It’s nice I get she is trying to help, but she can’t help them with anything between them.
Janelle: I’ve wondered who we do that all the way around. You know one thing about living in the separate houses it has allowed us to be more separate when we lived in one house together you had to interact. The kids were little, we needed each other we had to interact. You couldn’t just disappear for days at a time. Because I know Meri you sit here at your house and there’s been a couple of nights when my kids have all been gone off somewhere and I’ve thought wow this is really weird but that’s how your house is all the time.
This fear and the intimidation all happening, next door to me. To somebody that I’m seeing several times a week. It’s not just my friend who I’ve had a few years I mean it’s someone I’ve known 20 plus years. And she lives right there next to me and I see her physically several times a week and talk to her more than that and this is happening and she’s not saying anything. She’s just becoming more and more secluded.
Robyn:  I need you to realize it gets lonely at my house too in a different way not because you know I have the kids there and everything like that but I’m lonely for female companionship and someone to hang out with and its hard to get away from the kids. I feel like you have this freedom that you could do that and I crave it.
Meri: For me personally sometimes I feel like that I’ve been hurt or rejected or whatever the emotion is you know throughout the years that I’ve kind of built a wall and I don’t want to become vulnerable.
Meri: I often feel like I just want to hole up in my house and not be around anybody. And so I’ve had to really make an effort and force myself to just enjoy you know the families company and you know and I feel like I need to just start there.
This shows why she continued to text me while she was at family events with them. She forces herself to enjoy time with them because she feels hurt and rejected by all of them.
I don’t want to go over to somebody’s house to visit and they have something else going on and that’s going to feel like a little bit of a rejection to me you know.
I don’t know how to do that because I don’t want to intrude, I don’t want to overstep bounds. If Kody’s there I don’t want to come and interrupt, I don’t want to interrupt your time with…
Robyn: Listen your fucking place is here, okay?
Again, Robyn telling Meri what she wants Meri to do. Now giving her Meri space and time to speak for herself.
Meri: I know that now.
Christine: Robyn’s mad because she feels betrayed. I’m sure. Robyn is mad she was betrayed by the whole thing. Her and Meri were very, very, very close.
Robyn has no reason to feel betrayed. She was in on it from June and on. She knew Meri was having an affair so she has no reason to be mad. It’s interesting now how Robyn and Christine now all of a sudden have become close. You would think someone that cares so much for Meri would put it into overdrive and really do more to spend time with her. Not leave her and buddy up with someone new. I do believe the whole Robyn and Christine new found friendship is bullshit. I don’t believe it for a minute. Not from all I heard about Meri involving those two Lol
Kody: I want to add though that’s just one dimension of this situation. Because I was right here. I was in the house when you were taking calls from these people. And when those calls became more important than us and when those calls started to interrupt our life and I don’t know why you asked me to stop coming around. Is that because you thought we were bugged and you didn’t want them to hear anything between you and I? So I didn’t understand what was going on but I, my biggest struggle in this entire thing Meri is that while I was sitting here I felt like I had been kicked to the curb while you made friends and then enemies with these bad people. And I was never included in it, I never understood what it was. I just felt like, you know can’t stop her from having friends but all of that became so much more important than anything between us or any communication with us and then when it all went bad you kept it quiet from me. I understand embarrased or afraid of what I would do or how I would be about it, but I was right here. So it’s deeper than just the fact that we have our friends and our family right here with us. It was much deeper than that. My, here’s my thing Meri is and I’m not trying to be gacentric, I’m just I was just interpreting this, this way. That you didn’t want to be out of the family you just wanted out of your relationship with me. Is that right? Because that’s how I feel.
I called and she would talk to me on the phone with Kody sitting on the chair or couch Lol She got off on that. She would even say I love you to me before she hung up in front of him. I said isn’t he going to know who it is and she said no. He doesn’t know who I’m talking to and I don’t care.
He is right that she wanted out of the relationship with him.
Meri: Kody this person got so far into my head that I didn’t know what end was up sometimes. And I’m still trying to get her out of there.
Kody: You seem so angry I didn’t feel like I could get to you. I didn’t feel like we could even talk.
Again she goes back to calling me this person. Not sticking with her story that the catfish person is female as she claims earlier in this same conversation.
Meri: There were times that I was angry at you Kody I’m not going to lie. I’m, I was angry at you. Because if you and I had been taking better care of our relationship than I wouldn’t have been in such a vulnerable place that I would have been open to other friendships that would lead to this kind of deception and evil. So I was angry at you for not being there for me. So I was angry at you I had those moments but I was so angry at him and her and them and it and whatever the hell it is. So angry.
Again confusing the pronoun because she can not stick to her story. She flip flops the truth to suit whatever question she is addressing.
Director: What’s going on here between Kody and Meri? I mean does she have a point?
Christine: Oh it’s not my, the thing is as a sister wife I would never ever comment on a situation like that that’s breaking the sister wife code. That’s a private thing between Meri and Kody. There’s no way. None of us are going to comment on that.
Kody plays the wives against each other. Meri told me he does that. It used to be if he was fighting with a wife he would come talk to Meri about it and get some insight. Now he goes to Robyn. And Robyn is someone that butts in when she shouldn’t. She has good intentions and she is really sweet to be concerned but she has no business getting into someone else’s marriage. Believe me I know that now Lol Kody will try to come off as the victim and not tell the full truth of what the fight was about or own up to what he really said. Meri told me several times the wives discovered he was not being fully honest about things once things calmed down. So they all do discuss their marriages with each other. Not in full detail but they do share things.
Meri: All the all the deception it was like every single bit of it was a lie and I get angry at myself for getting so upset about it like I cared. Like I don’t care she messed with the wrong person and I want to use really bad words but she messed with the wrong person.
The lies are on her side. Not mine. She did care that’s why she continues to get emotional about it. No one messed with her. She has created this story to protect her own ass. She is lying and it really pisses me off.
Kody: It’s weird. It’s just a tough place to be. I can only imagine how vulnerable how abused she feels. Who would you ever trust again?
Chrstine: How did you end it with her? How did you stop? Just…
Meri: Well there was no way that he could back out of all the how do I say this…
Kody: All the lies?
Meri: There was so much that he could cover up somehow…
I started taking my power back. But I had to do it very carefully and I would, I would push a little bit. And then I would see what they were doing and it would scare me so I’d back off. These predators know how to play in your head and they know how to find people who are vulnerable. And that’s exactly what she did. I’m scared as all get out because I don’t know what she could do but I know I have to do something.
I said okay you’ve been lying to me for all this time and if you want to keep talking to me you have to meet me. So we set up a place and a time and he kept saying well can we keep talking or texting until then? And I said no. I mean this has gone on for way too long if you are a real person we’re going to meet or we are not ever going to talk again. He never showed and he kept trying to say well let’s talk, let’s text whatever. And I said we will continue that after we meet and so yeah that was it. Never talked again.
That’s not at all what happened Lol And this proves once again she is lying. What happened is we had been fighting for a few weeks because she was not doing things to get ready to move. I was frustrated and upset because she was breaking promises to me about that. I stopped talking to her and then she said we need to talk. Then she stopped talking to me and finally she said you need to meet me up at Tropical Smoothie so we can talk. I told her no. I didn’t want to talk about any of this anymore. I wanted it over with. I realized she wasn’t going to leave for whatever her reasons and I was done. I told her I would not meet with her to talk and that I’m not going to show up. She got pissed and said fine then we won’t talk anymore. So we stopped talking. Then a week went by and she contacted me. Again she says meet with me and we can go right back to being together. I said fine and picked a date. She said she would be in Colorado and couldn’t. So then I said the following day at Tropical Smoothie at 6pm. I showed up on that date. She didn’t. I waited 45 minutes then left. And that was it. I walked away because she didn’t show up to talk. And I have never talked to her since. I completely left her alone. Now she has contacted me several times. And she has our mutual friend talk to me to try to send me messages.
Her story goes against everything that her bullying, blackmailing, and catfishing person would do. Why would someone that she claims is obsessed with her all of a sudden just stop talking to her? It makes no sense at all. And the bigger question is if I was bullying, blackmailing, catfishing her why in the hell would she plan to meet up with me? Lol If I’m a monster as she want to claim I am, why do that?
She even said in her own story that she offered to continue to talking to me once we met. Does that make any sense to anyone at all? Remember her story is that I’m female, that I’m catfishing and blackmailing her. Why would she tell me she would continue? Makes no sense to anyone. And this is one of the biggest shifts in this whole affair. After that got aired on tv a LOT of people changed their tune on me. I started getting a ton of apologies from people that realized that I wasn’t lying. That all of my proof is real and that I am real. I started getting support and have made some very cool new friends now. All because people realized Meri was telling lies.
This person doesn’t exist. There is no proof of any guy. But the only thing that I can stick with is I’m a real person I’m here I did not have an affair and I will do all I can to help anybody else that’s ever in this situation because unfortunately there are a lot.
She had an affair. If she was really interested in helping anyone she would name names. She won’t and hasn’t. Because subconsciously she is still protecting me. Because she knows when she can finally leave she may have a chance with me once again. A real chance this time. If she puts my name on this or if she makes things worse for Lindsay by saying her name then she knows how pissed I will be and she may lose me forever. That’s what she told someone about why she will not name names.
Robyn: I know now that what Meri was doing was trying to protect the family from this person. That was victimizing her. But her pulling back from the family was very difficult for us.
Victimizing her how? Prove it. Where is one thing of proof that Meri has been victimized. Again this is slander, libel, and defamation.
Meri: I was really afraid of saying anything to you guys because I felt really guilty for bringing it in and inviting it into the family.
Janelle: Do you know I feel like the family is kind of standing at a crossroads. We can continue to do things the way that we have been and just try to include Meri more or we can choose to go to this next level and the only reason I’m even thinking of it in these terms is because I’ve realized in my own relationship with Meri there’s a whole deeper level of conversation that we never have. And so it is a choice we will have to make as a family and it’s a really scary choice. Being emotionally vulnerable to somebody is probably the scariest thing I think. The scariest thing, ever.
Christine: You know Meri is alone. Janelle is expressing that she sees that she’s going to be alone too there has to be a change in our regular cycles and it’s hard to think where to put that in.
Meri: So I was afraid of how you guys would react knowing that I brought this in because I invited it in. And I’m really sorry for that.
This is not over. There’s a lot of stuff to figure out. And we still have this person doing things and causing problems for us. I know it’s going to be a lot of work I know this is not a let’s talk about it this one day and everything is going to be perfect and happy and we’ll be back to normal. I know there is a lot of work to do.
Again with this person. She does not wrap this up saying a female catfished me. She ends this huge confession with this person.
Kody: I’m sorry Meri. I’m sorry that all this happened.
Meri: Me too.
Kody: We’ll be here for you. We’ll take care of you. Okay? Alright?
It will be okay.
Meri: I know.
I could see her lying so many times during this. And she continues to bite her bottom lip which was always a single of I love you to me.

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