I could have been an Olympian in the First Games

Yassou from Olympia, Greece! That concludes all the greek I know how to say. It means hello. Or it means Goat. I’m still not sure but no one laughs when I say it so I think it is Hello.

We are having an amazing trip. Day 4 has ended and we have been going nonstop. The best part of these guided tours is I don’t have to worry about transportation or hotels. The tour package includes all of that. For one all-inclusive price. Isn’t that great?

Here’s what they don’t include Lol

  1. All meals, We get 6 breakfasts and 3 dinners. Total. For 8 days. Guess what? That doesn’t feed 12 people. So we are scrambling to find food. It’s actually become it’s own Olympic event. When someone comes back with a box of Cereal they won Gold as we pass the box around to eat like it’s the only snack we will ever get on this bus trip to hell Lol
  2. Any and all English speaking merchants and store helpers. You go to buy something. If your English speaking guide is not standing right next to you, they take whatever money you have in your hand and pat your shoulder. I think I bought a Greek flag for about 20,000 Euros when the price clearly said 4500 Euros. I learned my first day.
  3. Your credit card company WILL lock up your entire credit card by using it one time out of the United States. And good luck trying to get a customer service rep to help you. That took 3 days to get unlocked. Even though I called all of my cards before I left and told them put a note on my account, I’m going to New York City and Greece!
  4. There is no Facetiming my boys back home. The last time I saw their faces was Sunday afternoon. I miss them and I’m going nuts not seeing them!
  5. Everyone complains the entire bus ride. Even my nice relatives have turned on me. We get an hour at each place. You have to RUN to the site, look at it, snap pictures and listen for the whistle. Then find the correct bus and move on to the next thing.
  6. If you miss a word or a fun fact, don’t ask for them to repeat it. That’s illegal or considered an insult. I haven’t figured out which one. That’s why the vendors push the history books which are cleverly stationed right next to all of the sites.
  7. The food in Greece is amazing. The water not so much.
  8. Cellphone service. No.
  9. International WiFi. No.
  10. The last hotel had such bad water pressure I washed my hair in the sink and cut the back of my head trying to get my head out of the sink Lol

We finally gave up having a nice, friendly family trip. It’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. The only thing that bonds us is the gathering of food and water and the equal hatred for the bus driver who doesn’t follow speed limits or even stay on designated roads. He does get us to places on time, we all agree on that one.

I love it here. I will never come back Lol I really am happy to be helping out the Greek economy. No one works. Or at least no one I have seen works. Even the folks that run or own the shops. They sit there and stare at you. I guess American tourists have worn out their welcome.

I need to go. I think the hotel is charging me 10,000 Euros a minute for internet access. And I need to send off some work emails before my hour is up. I will be home really early Sunday morning. I will never take my Aunts and Uncles on another trip in my entire life. And Drew and his family are the only thing keeping me sane. We are finally just laughing through all of it. We have nothing left.

The highlight of the trip so far was the sheep kicking my uncle right in the leg and knocking him down. Keep in mind my Uncle had been petting his asshole for about 2 minutes before the sheep kicked him so it was justified. If my Uncle had been paying attention to where his hand was I don’t think the sheep would have kicked him. Either way, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Late at night when I’m swatting bugs away from my head and trying to sleep I relive that scene over and over in my head and have decided it was worth every penny I spent on this vacation to see that happen. My Uncle is fine. He doesn’t even have a bruise.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I’m exhausted, hungry, and dirty. I smell like an airport bathroom in New York City. And I can’t wait to crawl into my own shower and live in it for 2 days when I get home. Best vacation ever, worst group of vacationers to be with! Greece is beautiful and romantic. I have taken so many photos I don’t want to delete any of them.

I love my boys! I miss you guys! I will be home soon.

Rowboat Book Club Book #43

I love this author so much. Iyanla Vanzant is a master at helping people through their problems. We will be reading her book, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.

Iyanla Vanzant’s wildly popular workshops, lectures, and books are all focused on one thing: getting your life together. The author of such highly successful works as Acts of Faith, In the Meantime and Yesterday, I Cried, Vanzant has touched the lives of men and women all over the world. Part of Vanzant’s appeal is that she always speaks from personal experience, sharing her own past traumas and heartaches with her audience. She is not afraid to admit her fears, her mistakes, and her faults, because she has triumphed over them. Her inspirational words are designed to help her audience achieve this as well, through some soul-searching of its own.

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up is Vanzant’s program for personal healing and transformation. There are daily meditations, each broken up into a section for the morning and one for the evening, covering such topics as self-love, truth, peacefulness, and trust. By encouraging listeners to write their thoughts in a journal each evening, Vanzant aims to draw out the most elusive inner emotions and conflicts. This introspective act of journaling, which has been recognized in recent studies by the medical community as an important method of healing, helps the listener apply Vanzant’s advice to daily life.

Vanzant’s voice rings out with optimism and strength, making the audio edition a unique experience. The powerful emotional convictions that have shaped Vanzant into a renowned speaker and author are revealed in her warm, expressive tone. Her insight, experience, and caring will guide listeners to let go of all thepettycomplexes and anxieties that prevent them from attaining peace of mind.

The host with the most?

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great summer. Things have been very busy at the Cooper house. Where do I being? It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update.

My boys are now 5 months old. They are talking all of the time. Okay not forming words but babbling nonstop. They are getting really strong too. Gripping stuff, holding the bottles and helping us hold the bottles. It’s amazing. We have not had a rollover just yet but they are both trying. I play with them everyday on the floor. We sing and get toys out. It’s a lot of fun. I finally did a backup of my phone and had over 2,000 photos Lol That’s insane. Most of them are all the boys. Some are from the concerts I attended and a few of my friends with me at different work events.

Summer has definitely been busy. Work is stressful but great. We are in the middle of a huge negotiation and I am pleased with the progress.

I had 4 of my friends flown in for the weekend. Lindsay has stopped drinking since June she claims, not really sure if that’s true or not, and is focusing more on work and healthy activities. She has joined some kind of mental athletic league. They do memory games, a scrabble tournament, and some math and trivia competitions. She has her first event coming up next month and asked if we could all get together and quiz her. She’s very smart. She doesn’t act like it, most of the time she acts like a brat, but her mind is awesome. Now that it’s not pickled in beer I think she is starting to realize how much more potential she has for her life.

Ben and her are now divorced. Shortest marriage I’ve ever seen in my personal life. She is happier unmarried but still attached to him. She sold her house, bought a new one and will be moving into it finally next weekend. It’s big. It’s really big. And she’s very happy. She said Ben can move in too. And stay as long as he doesn’t annoy her Lol Which he doesn’t do. They are very happy together. It’s very weird. He says he is happy and wants to be with her. So he knows what he has gotten himself into. I just want them both to be happy.

So we played the games she brought and quizzed her. It was a lot of fun. We stayed in Chicago to make it easier. They girls did some shopping. I took Ben to a few places I thought he would like. We ate really really good food all weekend. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed our visit to a weekend event we had to hit. Pictures and videos on that will be posted when Lindsay gets to it this week 😉 Ya’ll are in for a big surprise. I can’t wait.

Let me think. The rest of my life is going well. I am dating someone. She has not met my babies yet. It’s way too soon for that. I am happy keeping things casual. She is very sweet. We go out to eat for lunch dates and we have gone to 2 movies together. That’s been it so far. It’s new. I am in no rush for anything serious. She knows how young my babies are and she’s okay with that. I told her it will take her months until I am ready to introduce my boys to her. I really don’t want to bring a string of women around them at all. Everyone might get attached and that makes it hard if the relationship fails. So she is on baby probation until next year. Again, she knows this and is okay with it. I just want their first year to be as perfect as I can make it. I want all of that bonding time with me and not me and some woman I’m dating. I want them to have that foundation of love and know that they get all of my free time. The best part is they are finally sleeping all night. They take 2 naps during the day. I’m able to get more stuff done at night. And that’s how I was able to go out for 2 movies.

They had their birth grandma come in all of last week. She loved it. She can’t believe how big they are getting and they loved seeing her. She has bought them so much stuff. Is that what grandmas do? I keep telling her don’t but she said be quiet Lol She told me to start buying Christmas presents now. That if I get a few presents each month and stash them away that’s better because the toys are seasonal for babies. And I can get some good deals now on things that are a hot item. Pretty sure my boys will have no clue what Christmas is this year but okay. I will start doing that. I guess if certain baby toys are seasonal (Never heard of this) I should stockpile some things now.

My Sam’s Club bill is always over $600 Lol I can’t help it. They have so much fun stuff there. I love it. Our pantries are full of snacks and drinks. I’ve filled up the freezer with all the stuff the girls like. We are ready for football season! And look at how my Cubs are doing this year! Could be the year. I’m serious. Looking really good so far. I haven’t been able to go to too many games because of the boys but now that they are sleeping through the night I will try to hit a few home night time games.

I constantly debate on taking them places. I know it’s good for them, but it’s also hard. People keep coming up to us to look at them. Twins make people flock to them. They really do. And everyone wants to hold them. No. No that’s not happening. I say I’m sorry I don’t do that. I’m new at this and walk off. Most people understand. It’s not like it’s a dog. Pet my dog all day long. He loves that. But my babies? No Lol

How is your summer going? I have been reading some great books! Really mind blowing things. There are some really good stories out there. I’m very happy to report I am old news. Finally. All of this business has finally ended. I knew it would. And I am just a blurb in pop culture. I find it interesting how quickly it went away. Funny how continuing to ignore b.s. does that. It’s very easy. Block/mute. Gone.

I hope everyone finishes out the summer with a lot of fun things to do. I will be leaving on my trip soon. I can’t wait to go. It’s going to be amazing. I look forward to time with my family and Drew’s family. We do one vacation a year together. It’s tradition.

I love ya’ll, God loves you too.

I don’t want to write about all of the violence in the world, it truly breaks my heart. Just be kind. Love will always win. We are better than this. I know we are. I pray for everyone, every day. And I continue to ask God to bless each one of you that finds my blog with all the happiness and love you deserve.

All we need is love!

The 2018 Financial Crisis

finance-crisis-chart1  For the past several years, maybe 6 years now we have been sending Lindsay down to Mexico every 2 months. It’s a weekend trip. She goes to different major cities down there on our behalf. What she was supposed to do was buy up any oil capital that’s cheap and that’s got sustainability for decades. I’ve never questioned her on the amounts of money she uses for these trips. She continues to come back with all of the paperwork to show what she has bought and how our percentages either increase or divide in our favor. 6 years worth of these type of investments and we have managed to stockpile a lot.

What I just found out last night was she didn’t do what I asked her to do. At all. She bought up the oil capital. That is our main investment, oil and energy based investments. She also bought up all of the natural gas, wind/solar energy, and oil drilling rights to more than quadruple the number we talked about. I didn’t know that. Everything in Mexico is their version of LLC. All of it says something Energy LLC. I took her word for it. So now she has us in a very good position.

Our indicators and number people are all telling me the same thing. In 2018 the energy market is going to tank out in Mexico. Everything we own is going to fall out of the bottom and we are looking to lose a lot of money. Right? Wrong. We will be sitting on a huge turnaround expenditure because all of these American investors that have not positioned themselves as we have will go down there and buy up things we have been stockpiling for 6 years. We will be able to set our own price because everyone knows you buy cheap, sell high. And she has us in 4 markets. Not just one. In 2018 the U.S. economy is going to fail, again. The 2008 collapse is going to look like one wrong answer on a pop quiz compared to flunking the entire semester that’s about to hit us. It makes me sick to think about the 8 million people who lost their jobs. And the 6 million homes that were lost due to the housing market falling apart.

I don’t invest in stocks. Why? Because I got burned in 1993 and 1994 in investments. I rallied because in 1995 I invested in what my Uncles told me to and I made all of my money back and then some. Then I walked away from stocks forever. I don’t put my family foundation money into stocks. We don’t invest it. There is enough in there we can make a nice percentage in the high earning savings account it’s in. It all funnels out to the trust accounts we have set up for each family. From there it’s on the family to dole it out accordingly however they want. I don’t control that part. Never have. Could we have made millions if I kept us linked to the stock market? Yes. Could we have made billions over the next 50 years if I would put us in there? Maybe. Does this one decision cause my family to question me weekly about why we are not doing more to grow our family nest egg? Yes! Weekly I get to hear about what stock split or what stock went up and how much we could have made.
The issue is none of my family members know the real figures of what we have. No one. Only our accountants, our lawyers, and me. I know where we are at financially. My grandfather was a genius followed up by his wife, my grandmother who was smarter than him. Together they worked the money into a bigger pile than I knew about. When my grandmother called me home years ago to tell me she was putting the Kingdom in my hands once she passed I immediately told her no. And we spent the next 4 years battling it out until I truly believed what she was saying would be true. If she left it to my aunts or uncles, it would be squandered away in decades. No one would continue to live the lifestyle they have all become accustomed to. With me, I leave it alone. I leave all of the money where it’s at, I get monthly reports and we have a trusted team of individuals that oversee and don’t touch it. We have had a few meetings suggesting things and I take it all into consideration. Then I don’t move anything. This system my grandparents set up is working. It’s going to keep working for longer than my own generation. When I go, I have to appoint someone else to follow me. That person hasn’t come forward yet in the family. Already in my will, if something happens all of it goes into the lawyers hands to work together to figure it out. I am just the figure-head. I have no real power and no one seems to understand that. My signature has no value with this money. It only directs deposits with the banks. That’s it. Yet without it, nothing happens.

I have found out that the 2018 economic crisis might take out some of my businesses. So we are tightening belts as of the first quarter of 2017. We will be preparing for the fallout starting in the second quarter of 2018. Right around this time, 2 years in the future. You will begin to notice news reports of some very big, very long time and well-known firms failing. Those are the ones that put too much into a risky market internationally. The other ones that will fail will be the ones that put too much locally. The only ones that survive from this will be the firms that have slow growth yields and wait to jump on an opportunity to buy up everything at literally rock bottom prices.

This time around, there will be no taxpayer bailout. Look what the corporations did with the last one. Big bonuses, still even bigger company retreats and parties.

What lesson did any of them really learn? Not a darn thing.

There was only 1 banker that went to jail for the entire 2008 housing market. 1. How many big name corporations folded? How many of them survived? And who thrived from all of it?

We take the risks we know we can control.

That is one of my famous mottos in investing. A lot of my employees have made it into meme’s that are funny to read. I am not a high-flying venture capitalist. I don’t take many risks with my money. That’s why I have Lindsay. Without her foresight and huge thirst for greed, we would not be in this position. When Mexico deregulated the oil and gas markets to allow anyone including the U.S. to come explore, that was supposed to be a big boom for all of us. That didn’t work out. Because it wasn’t positioned to yield like it will in 2018. Don’t believe me? Google Mexico Oil Deregulation. You can read thousands of articles about what this means. What more specific proof? Look up Mexican hydrocarbon legislation. We have bought thousands and thousands of permits from the Ministry of Energy in Mexico giving us the rights to explore, drill, manufactor, process, and sell energy resources. Thousands, thanks to Lindsay doing exactly the opposite of what I asked her to do. This Hydrocarbon law will close the gap January 10th, 2020. From the second quarter of 2018 when things fall apart until this date, January 10th, we will have 18 months to sell everything we have down there. To all of the U.S. or international companies wanting to get in cheap and make a deal.

Or we can sit on it, and wait.

Lindsay says sells, she wants the money back and a 639% profit margin that we predict will happen for every penny we invested. She wants to take the Mexico profits and buy up casino investments. She wants to earn money to earn more money. And she’s right. That’s the kind of money I don’t even know exists. That’s mesosphere level. Something I never thought I would achieve.

If we are wrong, we are sitting on millions of dollars of nothing. And we lose. It will be a hit but not a business ending hit. She has been light on putting too much in one basket. She has spread it around a lot.

So now we sit back and wait. We position ourselves to make money off of something that will change lives. And we pray that people will see the indicators this time and move their money before it’s all gone. Again. It makes me want to throw up thinking about it. It’s stressful and I don’t know what the right thing is to do. Cash in or wait. Because at this point the financial bubble that’s about to burst is going to cause a global market shift in my favor. Either way I will profit. And I don’t know how to deal with that.

So if we slip this image around you will see where I will be at in 2018. And that’s why I do what I do. To make money.