Sports Tickets and pizza

I got 2 tickets for Saturday’s Bears game. I’m taking Sarah she wants to go with me. That shocked me but I’m happy she’s coming with me. It will be a lot of fun. I think she might actually like it. She’s not into football or baseball. So I watch the games by myself usually. Or with my boys if they are awake. I also have tickets for a few games in September and I’m in line for playoff tickets but no guarantee for that. It’s looking more and more like it’s the Cubs year! I’m really excited for the team.

Another great weekend up north. We were so busy Sunday I didn’t get time to update. We went to Church, shopping, ate lunch. Packed everything up. Then went shopping again, came back picked everyone up and came home. When we got home I realized I had forgotten something at the house and debating on running back up to get it. But I don’t have to have it, so it can wait. We will be staying in town this weekend. The girls want to be in the city. Fine with me. I could use a little city weekend. Which means I need to run up to the Lake house on Friday night after work to grab the thing I forgot and also to dump out any food we left.

Already at work. It’s a Monday. Lots of emails and phone calls to return. I have a few meetings but it’s going to be a typical day. I hope to get off by 4 tonight so I can take the boys to the park. If the weather isn’t too chilly by then. This year the weather has been a mind trip. Rainy, cloudy then bright and sunny for days. Or weird days when it’s sunny but chilly. That’s Chicago.

I have some family coming into town on Wednesday. They are passing through and decided to make a pit stop overnight with me. I can’t wait for them to see the boys. It’s been a while since they visited. It will be fun. They want pizza. Of course. We are famous for our pizza. So I’ll take them out to eat that night.

I better get my day started. Have a great work week guys. Is it the weekend yet?