Greece Bus Tour Day 7- Meteora

greece-map_cropped Final adventure day! Yay! Right?

I didn’t mean to say it outloud it was one of those private thoughts but it came out a little louder than I thought.

I want off this f-bomb bus!

I said it Lol I had enough of everyone talking shit about me, the tour and all the things we were supposed to be enjoying! Where did all the fun go? Did we really leave the good times back in Athens? Is my family really this ungrateful? They haven’t paid for anything at all! Nothing. Not even a bottle of water. I made sure of that. We had no food on the bus. We had a long bus ride that day and we had no snacks. That was not all my fault. I tried! I tried really hard to find some place but the town was big and crazy. I got lost a few times. I had no sunglasses! I was not feeling it!

We found out that Meteora was probably the monastery capital of the world because we toured 4 of them. It was really interesting. The hills were beautiful and a lot of climbing but it was worth it. So beautiful. I really got some good shots. We learned a lot about the area and asked a bunch of questions that never got answered. We held onto the hope that I would be able to find some food for the ride back. My Aunt, the one that wandered off came back with a box of cereal. We all chanted her name like she just won an Olympic event! She grinned and passed the box around. It was empty within 5 minutes. We had a 5 hour bus ride back to Athens. I told our english speaking guide we need to stop someone to eat or it’s going to be a mess. He didn’t believe me. We never stopped.

The bus driver drove right passed the 3 places our guide told him to stop. They got into a shoving match. Keep in mind the bus driver is still driving the bus but he stood up, shoved the guide then did the come at me bro with his hands waving at chest level. Finally he sat back down and hurled us away from on coming traffic Lol Now this was living!

On the way back to Athens my Uncle started the crowd to plot my death. Apparently the whole reason half of my family agreed to come with me (By the way, they all invited themselves when I told them I was taking Drew and his family to Greece this year) is because they wanted to go to Sparta. Sparta. You mean to tell me you wanted to go to Sparta and I’m just now finding this out. On the last day on this bus tour? We were close to Sparta on Day 2 Lol Why didn’t anyone tell me.

So I let them have it. You ungrateful shits! I have done my best to do everything you all wanted. I have run myself ragged trying to find food and water. And your dried olive snacks that you all got addicted to! I am doing my best here. And now you are revolting because I didn’t take you to Sparta. Son of a ……

My Aunt stood up and told me to go sit at the front of the bus. I was in a timeout. Fine by me. Lol F all of you, F this bus. I’m done! DONE!

So now no one was talking to me. Not even the bus driver. He just looked at me and laughed a few times.

Before we got off the bus in Athens I stood up and apologized. And told them I had lost my mind 3 days ago and was stressed out. I missed my boys and just wanted to see them. No one said a word. Nothing. Great the silent treatment.

So we got off this bus for the last time, waved goodbye and as it pulled away my Aunt said I think I left my phone on there Lol So I ran as fast as I could and smacked the side of it. We looked and looked and out of nowhere she shouts oh it’s right here, duh, sorry!

We walked into the last hotel and just deflated. We all got cleaned up, met downstairs and I took them to a really nice nearby restaurant. We finally started laughing again and having a good time. They were all doing their best impressions of my flip out which was fun and uncomfortable to see. Drew added in throwing a water bottle on the floor which I did not do but it made his wife and kids laugh really hard so it was worth it. Yes, I flipped out in Greece. I couldn’t help it. You guys weren’t on that bus! The smell, the lack of food, the attitudes. It was too much.

We woke up the next day excited to get on the plane and go. But not until I checked us all out and found out my Uncle ordered Greek porn at the tune of $15/show Lol I didn’t say a word I just handed him the bill and said I paid for this. He said Oh and shoved it in pocket. Yeah, oh. Dirty Uncle Lol

We flew back into NYC and parted ways. Everyone else was flying into Lincoln, Nebraska. I was going home to Chicago. And I had the best time being completely alone finally. They were all Drew’s responsibility. I told him good luck. He hugged me and said we really did have fun, thanks bro. And his kids hugged me and kissed my cheeks telling me how much fun it was. Even though I flipped out. I said Hey guys at least I didn’t touch a goat’s butthole and they both cracked up!

I made it home finally. I met Sarah. She said you smell. I said I know I’m sorry. I got home, took a shower right away and went right into the nursery. My beautiful baby boys had both grown. I cried. I did not realize how much I would miss them. It was hard being without them. They woke up and I held them both for an hour. I didn’t want to let them go. They were smiling and laughing. They were babbling away telling me all about their days with their cousins. I kissed on them, held them, and then we got them fed and back to bed. It was weird changing diapers again without having done it for over a week. I have gotten really good at it. I can get butts cleaned up fast, wipe everything really good and get the diaper on like a baby pit crew member.

I will NEVER take my Aunts and Uncles on another vacation the rest of my life. I told them all that too. Then I started getting the thank you cards with photos they had gotten doubles of. And I felt bad. We really did have a trip of a lifetime and these are memories that have no price. My Aunts and Uncles are all crazy and annoying but I love them and I am really, really blessed to have that time with them.

I am really humbled by how much they appreciated the whole trip. The letters and cards were so nice.

I think they faked it Lol


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