Olympic Update

Let’s check the Medal Count through tonight.

USA 49 medals. China 37 Japan 24. I would like to point out Australia has 18. They are in 6th. Lindsay threw a pizza crust at me when I pointed that out.

I would say that’s pretty good. Team USA is bringing out the best of the best this year. Very proud of everyone. I haven’t been able to watch many events on tv but I read the updates each morning on the NBC Olympic website. Congrats to everyone that is participating in the Olympics. You are your country’s best atheletes and it sure is fun watching you all compete.

The discussion tonight after supper went as follows.

What Olympic sport would we each compete in?

What sport should be an Olympic sport?
And what special talent that you do could be an Olympic sport?

The answers were pretty good.

Lindsay decided she would do Olympic Trampoline. Which we all thought to ourselves some private thoughts but I said why? She said because she wants to touch the sky Lol Okay weirdo. Ben said he would probably rock fencing if he knew how because of his height and arm reach. Sarah said she would love to be a gymnast because she thinks she could do well in that. I would be a distance runner. 1500 or 800 would be mine. I’m not a sprinter at all.

The made up Olympic sports were hilarious. It was a fun evening. My boys are asleep. I’m going to bed early because I know they won’t let me sleep in. I want to finish up a book I left here a few weeks ago. I’m happy to be home here. I love it. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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