Leaving Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas this week has been awesome. The boys have enjoyed having crazy Auntie Lindsay around. She brings new energy and all kinds of weird stuff into their lives. I appreciate all the help she has given us and opening up her home to my family. She is going to fly back to Chicago with us today to help with the boys and we have a big meeting on Monday. She decided she wants to be there for an announcement.

It will be me, Sarah, my twins, Lindsay, all of our stuff, and 2 dogs Lol If that’s not enough to drive you crazy I don’t know what is. We are going to stop in Lincoln, Nebraska today to take a break for the boys and to see Drew and his family. Whatever time we get there we will go somewhere to eat. And give us an hour or so break. I think that’s smart. It worked the last time.

We have traveled so much this week it’s hard to keep track of all the places I have been to. I had to look at my schedule each morning to figure out where I was going that day. It gets tiresome fast. But always coming back in time to make sure my boys got to bed and spending time with Lindsay has been worth it. I forget how easy she is to get along with in person. It’s on the phone and text she can be difficult. I don’t like to argue but she says things I disagree with and it turns into her not listening or me not talking. We are working it out.

Tomorrow is Halloween and my boys have their costumes all ready to go. I have promised to post their photos on Facebook for my family and friends to see. I think their first Halloween will be great. I’m not taking them anywhere I’m just dressing them up. Taking baby twins around for free candy for myself is ridiculous. I don’t even like candy that much. I’m good with getting them dressed up, taking photos and letting them eat some pumpkin flavored baby food. That way I also don’t have to worry about the weather and them being out in it at night. Chicago hasn’t been the safest at night for a while. I prefer to get off work and get home. When I do walk my dog at night I stay where it’s well lit and I try to make it as fast as possible. I live in a great neighborhood but you never know what could happen.

I’m getting plans made for Lindsay and I to go to Paris for a few days soon. She wants to stretch it to 5 days, I think 4 days is enough. I asked if she wanted to stop in to London for a day because she loves it there. Also she could have her cousin fly in, she’s the Olympian Equestrian and lives in a country near by. She said no. I asked why she didn’t want to go to London and she said the shopping and food there is dull Lol I’ve always managed to spend money so I don’t know what she’s talking about. There was a discussion of taking Sarah with us to Paris. She has never been, she has always wanted to go. I haven’t asked her yet but I’m going to tomorrow. If she says yes I have to make sure the 2 part-time nannies can watch the boys. With their schedules sometimes it makes it hard. She may not even want to go. It would be a nice surprise and her passport is still good from her cruise last year to Mexico. She showed it to me and that’s when I got the idea of inviting her.

We are getting ready to go to Church. Lindsay is going with me. Sarah is watching the babies. After Church we are stopping to grab good then off to the airport we go. It’s going to be a long day and I really can’t wait to be home. I know my boys are ready to be home also.

Las Vegas was a fun trip and I really enjoyed it here. Great things are coming for all of our West Coast offices in 2017. We are ready for all of it now.

Have a great Sunday everyone! And Go Cubs! I really hope they win tonight. It would be upsetting to get this far and get knocked out in Game 5 of the World Series.

Seattle is very cool

This morning we are on our last leg of the West Coast journey. Seattle. What a great city to visit. Some of the world’s biggest corporations are headquartered here and it’s fun to see how much they have grown over the years.

We are here to meet with some investment people who need help. They want to talk to me about some of the Green LEED buildings we have. How did I keep expenses down, how much are they saving me and so forth. They also want to pitch an idea for me to maybe invest in. Those are fun meetings. Lindsay already left me to go shopping. We got through the first meeting and she told our driver to take her to the big mall off of whatever street she said. I said how do you know about the big mall and she said Oh I’ve been here a few times. Of course she has. She’s been everywhere.

So last night we got back really late. I stayed up to watch Game 2 of the World Series. My Chicago Cubs won! Go Cubs! Now it goes back to Wrigley and the hometown advantage is on. I’m not getting tickets. I want to watch it on tv and enjoy seeing the entire game. Being in the seats are great but you miss so much. And when they win I want to be able to tell my boys we were all at home together watching the game. Because maybe it will be another 100 plus years for them to win it again Lol

I’m tired. I can’t wait to get back to Lindsay’s tonight and crash. We will leave here around 3 and maybe get out of town by 4pm. I hope so anyway. Then it’s 3 days off and getting to go to a few shows. I’m excited to learn that Las Vegas is courting the Raiders with a beautiful new stadium. How fun would that be. Lindsay said she would get season tickets if that happened. She likes sports but she is doing it for bargaining powers. She will be able to get meetings with people if she takes them to Raiders games. Smart idea.

The boys are having a blast with Auntie Lindz. Sarah is enjoying time off. We have 2 helper nannies for the week and Sarah has been able to go shopping and have some fun. She went gambling yesterday and won $300. She was so excited. Good for her. And Sam jr just loves being with Lindsay. He sleeps in her bed Lol I’m offended! I can’t believe he does that but I know it’s because her dog sleeps in her bed too and he’s just doing it to be with her. The first nigh she called her dog upstairs to go to bed he followed. The next morning I asked her where did he sleep at and she said by her feet on her bed. What! My own dog. What a traitor. That is funny.

We are going to leave Sunday morning after Church. I’m going to get us over to Drew’s by supper time so we can have an early supper together. Then we will finish the trip home and get my boys to bed. I am shocked at how easy it’s been traveling with them. I really thought this would be harder but I think my boys are at a good age where sleep is winning against excitement and they pass out before any major fits happen.

We have taken so many photos of them. I’ve also gotten a preview of their Christmas presents this year and it’s really out of control. I told her no. Send them 2 presents each. She said fine. She gets to pick which 2. She won’t listen and will mail all of them I already know that. But some of them I will donate to somewhere.

We have already began planning our trip to Paris. I had it all worked out then she said she’s coming. That surprised me a lot. She never wants to go with me to the International stuff unless gambling is involved. She also wants to go to Dubai. So that will be a lot of fun also.

I think my next meeting is about to start. I will try to update this weekend.

Have a great day everyone!

Las Vegas and more

I wrote this in the morning but forgot to publish it. I’m in Salt Lake City now. We’ve been here since early this morning. We are getting ready to grab lunch to go then head down to Reno. Here is what I wrote.

We made it to Vegas. The flight out here was peaceful. The boys had their bottles as we got into the air, zonked out the entire trip, and got woken up to get bottles on the descent. All went very well. Which is good news for me because now maybe I can start traveling more next year and take them with me.

Lindsay said she baby proofed the house, no problem. Except all the dog toys laying around. She said her dog can’t help it and she will put them outside. Both dogs are getting along well. Only issue is meal times and we have figured out to separate them. My dog doesn’t like to share his food and her dog likes to take it away from him. Typical. Our dogs get along just like we do Lol

So far work has been great. The time difference has messed up the babies sleep schedule. We are getting them outside for lots of fresh air. The weather has been perfect. I was able to get out of the house last night for a dinner date. Things went great, ended with a long kiss and we are both back on track. Just like we never left each other. I had a great time. I forgot how much we laugh together. I’m very pleased with how things went and I look forward to our next dinner on Friday night. I wish I had more time to spend with her but I’m also not wanting to reopen the relationship we had. It’s better just casual dinners then we both go home alone.

The Las Vegas office looks great! Mark and Kim have done a great job getting things organized. They have been really working hard and I rewarded them with $5,000 bonus checks. Of course Lindsay said WHERE’S MY BONUS. I said you know you get yours quarterly. So you can wait. She has been showing up to work on time they told me, staying until 4 or sometimes after 5 and no drinking. She used to hit a few drinks at lunch but has stopped all of that. She and I go for walks in the morning. She has lost a lot of weight and looks great. I’m so proud of her. She made a promise to her mom to clean things up and I think she really has. Now if we could just get her to lose the attitude and arguing she would be a lot easier to get along with. I doubt that will ever change but they say you mellow out as you get older. Being 40 now should start that process.

Today we are going into the office then head up to Salt Lake City for the day. This afternoon we will spend time in Reno and get our investments looked over. Things are going well. We are turning a profit finally in both cities. The offices are running smoothly and we are looking to hire in both areas. Tomorrow we will go out to Los Angeles and then up to San Fransico. Lindsay thinks it’s time to expand again but this time on the West Coast. Our profits have been exceeded what we projected and she wants to get things moving forward. She doesn’t think we should sit on the money and wait. And her Mexico deals are paying off very, very well right now. I keep waiting for the phone call that the market has dropped out of the bottom there and we lose all our business services. This is why we don’t invest in the stock markets. We buy property and lease it or we hold on to it and we wait for offers. It’s all going well. I have never made this much money in my life. She has made some very risky moves financially but so far only 2 have failed. Smaller amounts we lost so nothing to get upset over. That’s business.

I look forward to seeing what this travel week brings. I’m excited to see all our employees and have meals with them. It’s nice to get out of Chicago before the winter hits and enjoy time away with my family. My boys love being with Auntie Lindsay. They crawl all over her and she makes all kinds of silly songs up about them. It’s good to see them so happy. If only we could get them to stop waking up at 4:30am Lol That is hard on me.

Sarah is enjoying the break. Lindsay takes over as soon as we get home, I go change then I take over for her and we both do everything. Sarah goes shopping, went to get her hair done last night. It looks really great. She’s been growing it out. She hasn’t found a really good salon she likes in Chicago and the 2 I heard about don’t specialize in African-American hair so she just laughed and said no thanks. I tried. She’s getting her nails done tonight and a massage. She scheduled a 90 minute one so she said she will be so relaxed tonight. I’m hoping we get back in town by 6pm like we scheduled so we don’t mess up her appointments. I just need to do a really good job today of watching the clock. In fact I probably should set some alarms for when we need to leave to get back to the airport.

I need to get in the shower. The boys are fed and crawling all over the floor. Sarah just grabbed Heston and he let out a huge laugh. I think she surprised him. I love seeing my boys this happy. I know I did the right thing bringing them out here.

Have a great week! Off to SLC/Reno!

Game 6, The Cubs win!

1568552_1280x720  You know I have to talk about Game 6. I started out the baseball season using the same Twitter avatar I am using right now. It says 2016 is the year with the Cubs logo on it. I have been hopeful since pre-season when all of the baseball analysts kept saying watch out for this young Cubs team. I was able to go to some games and really see for myself how special the team is. And boy did they put on a show last night!

Drew and I left my condo and went downtown. We found a parking spot after 45 minutes of looking. We walked the 8 blocks to get in line. Man was it electric. Everyone was buzzing with hope and excitement. Drew and I had on Cubs Jerseys. He likes Bryant and I like Baez. We got inside and Drew got very emotional seeing Wrigley. He’s been to a few games with me over the years but this was totally different. We got the drinks and snacks he wanted. I found something I could eat. I wanted to get a hot dog but decided against it. We waited until the beer guy came around twice before I called him over to get my buddy a Bud Lol And wow did the game start out with a deflated hit by their lead off hitter. We looked at each other like Uh oh. But these Dodgers came to play. They know what’s on the line, win or go home. And right off the bat they set their intention. They were not going to give it to us. We had to earn it.

As the game went on and the home runs came in the entire section we were sitting in was loud, cheering, and singing Go Cubs Go. The guy that sold me the tickets was sitting next to us and I kept telling him thank you so much for this. This is something Drew and I could never live through again I’m sure. It’s so hard getting to the World Series and to watch my favorite team was very special!

Drew and I high-fived than hugged as soon as it was over. We stayed through the trophy ceremony and just sat there with the people around us not wanting to leave. Then we heard Wrigleyville is partying all over the streets so we went out. We hit one bar, then the next. We talked to complete strangers about being inside for the game. I bought a round of drinks and clanked my $7 bottle of water off beer glasses Lol It was so much fun. We got home early this morning. Drew was so drunk I had to call Sarah down to help me load him into the elevator. Uncle Drew did not attend Church with us this morning Lol He slept in. He was up by the time we got back, showered and trying to find some aspirin. I just uploaded MANY photos of me and drunk Uncle Drew onto my Facebook and his wife called. She figured he would party it up and she was right. She told me I’m not allowed to play with him for a while he’s grounded Lol So funny.

Lindsay is flying into Lincoln, Nebraska to meet my plane there. She is going to fly back with us and help Sarah with the boys. Drew won’t be much help but I told him I’m counting on him to help out. He said he will try. I said it’s only a short flight. The plan is to have a late lunch so the boys can get out of the plane a little bit. Then we will take off and head to Las Vegas for 1 week.

Auntie Lindsay’s house is not baby-proofed. She said it won’t be a problem she “fixed things” whatever that means. So when we arrive I will be setting up the boys’ room and getting started on baby proofing. I asked her to put up her bad stuff. She laughed and said there’s nothing bad in her house anymore. Yeah right. Last time she had a shotgun in a large vase by the front door. I told her put up all her weapons and she said she has a gun safe in the garage finally. That’s good news. It always made me uncomfortable how much she likes guns. And knives. She even has a sword for some reason although that did belong to Ben. And he refuses to come get it because that’s all he has left in her house.

I’m really excited to get my boys out to Las Vegas. Lindsay has set up some fun things for us to take them to. And she said she has bought them so much baby stuff I wouldn’t need to bring much. Just their diaper bags and some clothes. She said she has been buying baby clothes for 2 weeks in preparation. I miss her a lot. We have always been really close. Getting to spend time with my 2 best friends makes me so happy. I asked Drew if he could fly out next weekend with his family and he can’t. But he asked if we could stop by on the way home next weekend to have lunch and I said yes. We can do that. I can’t wait to see his wife and my niece and nephew. His kids are so awesome. I love them both very much.

We both have a family and it’s all we ever wanted. To raise our kids together. I told him I will be filing adoption papers for my daughter next year sometime. To start it out. And he said with my luck I will get her within a few months. Geez I hope not. I couldn’t handle that.

Church was really great this morning. Father mentioned the Cubs and said we are all praying for health of all the men playing in the games and one big shiny trophy to bring home to Chicago Lol We all laughed and enjoyed the moment.

If I haven’t said this enough the past week, GO CUBS! I can’t wait to see what happens in the World Series this year. I will be watching it from home. I won’t even try to get tickets. I want to be with my boys when the final game is played and by God’s mercy we win the title. I want to be there with them and not with a bunch of strangers. So I can say our family was together watching the Cubs win it all in 2016! Because to me that’s more important than anything.

Have a great week guys. I love ya’ll. Thanks for still coming here. Thanks for all the great comments. I have not gotten to any of them in months. Lindsay has kept the nice ones. The nasty ones of course get deleted and we block the nasty people. I’m so happy to continue my story. You guys have been so supportive of my journey. I can’t wait for you all to find out some big things I have coming up for 2017. Go enjoy your day. I know I will!

We’re going to Vegas, baby!

Chicago Cubs Game 6

All morning in my head I have been willing the Cubs to win Game 6 tonight. I have 2 tickets to the game and my buddy Drew is here. I picked him up at 10:15am. He is so excited! I can’t wait to go to the game with him. He keeps reminding me how historic this would be if we are at Game 6 and the Cubs clinch a spot in the World Series. Of course my mind starts going into I wonder how much World Series tickets are and I wonder how hard it will be to try to get some? I love my Cubs but even I have a limit on what I pay for these tickets. And I’m pretty sure lifelong Cub fans will be doing anything they can to go. I’m an Imported Cubs fan. I was very blessed just to get these tickets.

So Uncle Drew has been loving up on his nephews. My boys love their Uncle Drew. They have been crawling all over him and I had forgotten what a great dad he is to the babies. It’s when they get a little older he gets strict. He holds one, I hold the other and we talk about how crazy it is that I have twins and no woman Lol It really is the best case for me to have a family. Everything works out in God’s timing. Uncle Drew has also been telling me the crazy emails and texts he is getting from Auntie Lindz about the boys’ christmas list. The imaginary christmas present list my not even 1 year old boys have made and sent to her Lol Drew keeps telling me he has the best gifts for them that will blow my mind. Unless there’s a baby batman suit, I doubt it. My boys already have too much stuff. When you live with 3 women part time they tend to find stuff as they are shopping and bring it back. And I’m worse I’m a brand new Amazon Prime Junkie. Weekly now boxes of various baby stuff is showing up. And I just laugh when Sarah says What did you get now! It’s an addiction. I can’t help it.

So we are leaving at 4pm to get over to Wrigley. We have to figure out parking then walk to the stadium. I know I’m going to start eating bad stuff. It started with that Tin Roof on the way to the Packer game Thursday night. Now I’m craving a stadium hot dog. I know I know! So bad, and who knows what those things contain but there’s just something about having a hot dog at the ballpark. I hope I just get a salad instead. Who knows. I do know that Drew is already on me about getting some beers but I don’t want to do that. I haven’t had a drink since the Super Bowl. I know this game will be memorable enough I don’t need to have a beer with my best friend to remember it. I told him get as many beers as he wants. He said he needs to get tshirts and hats for all his family and a few co-workers. He bragged to a few guys at work he was going to the game tonight with me.

So now it’s all about spending the day with my sons. Getting myself ready for the game and hoping like heck the Chicago cubs win tonight! Go Cubs!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Are these the Bears or not?

I took John and Josh with me to Milwaukee for a quick meeting with some investment people we have been talking to there. They listened and kept quiet through the whole thing. Then we stopped, got Tin Roofs and went back to the airport. I love Tin Roofs. I know they aren’t vegan but I just love them.

We got to Green Bay earlier than expected. Lambeau Field is one of those historical places you have to go to once. For a college game or a Packer game, just go. It took me a while to get tickets for this game and our seats weren’t that great but who cares. We watched as once again our Bears looked bad, had no offense, and could not do anything on defense. There were maybe 4 big plays the whole game. We left feeling bad about our team turning things around.

I walked in the door at 1:30am this morning and saw Sarah sitting on the touch with Alex. He had an upset tummy. I washed up, got in my pajamas and came out to hold him. He finally went down a little after 2am and I crawled into bed shortly after. Well whatever was going on came screaming out of him because when I got up to go get them the entire nursery smelled of a demon exiting the foul underworld Lol It was bad. I had to give him a bath it was so bad. I also had to get Sarah up to tend to Heston until I got Alex and I showered up. I know you aren’t supposed to shower with babies but I had to get showered for work and it was fine. He liked it I think. He didn’t cry which usually he does. So that’s something.

Josh and John don’t want to go to anymore Bears games until we get a win. That might be awhile so I told Sarah she’s invited to come to the next home game. She said she would love that. She also said she wants to get a new Bears outfit Lol Okay. Whatever you want.

We are staying at the condo all weekend. I’m getting off work at 4pm today to go home. Unless the girls decide it’s pizza night which they usually do on Fridays. I get a text around 3 saying Lou’s? Which is code for we already called it in please pick up the order on the way home. So funny. Their salads are very good so I don’t mind. When I get hungry later on I just munch on some veggies.

Tonight there is not Bears and no Cubs game. How about them Cubs! I do have 2 tickets to Game 6. My buddy promised if they made it that far he would sell me 2. I paid a hefty price but this may never happen again in my life time. I offered the ticket to Lindsay. She said Who? The what? No thanks. Of course not. So then I offered it to Drew and he said let me ask my wife. She said he can fly out Saturday morning only. He can’t leave here with the kids tonight Lol So we are making flight arrangements for him now and he’s so excited. Drew can’t wait to see the boys crawl in person. Lindsay loved seeing them but she wants to see them go faster now that they are getting better at it. She said it didn’t really count since they were mostly scooting not really crawling. It still counts. There’s a learning curve and it took a minute to get up and going.

We are also in the midst of first baby teeth. Sarah said she felt one when Heston took a chomp out of her arm while she was playing with him. So she looked and sure enough it’s starting to come in. Alex we can feel his first tooth but it hasn’t started to bust through yet. He seems to be a few days behind on everything. It’s so interesting but it’s making it a lot easier for me to write in their baby books. Yes I am up to date on both of them which is a miracle since I can’t seem to update my checkbook that often.

Things are great. I’m single, loving it and not interested at all in looking for the Mrs. Cooper that’s out there waiting for me. I like giving all of my time to my boys. We do all kinds of fun family stuff. Most of which is memorialized on my Facebook page for all my family and friends to see. Every time I upload new photos I get some great comments.

I’m spending tomorrow morning finally switching out my Spring/Summer clothing for my Fall/Winter stuff. I have needed to do this for the longest time but have put it off. I have 4 clothes full of my stuff Lol That includes my giant walk in closet. I am a clothes hoarder and I admit it. In my defense it’s really hard to find clothes that fit me so unless it has a hole on it, a food stain or whatever else I keep it. I still have tshirts from college that still fit me.

And on to one last thing I have grown a soul patch. I’m very aware of how much people hate those by all the comments I have gotten Lol I like it and that’s all that matters. When Lindsay first saw it on Facetime she said WTF is on your face you need to wipe that off. I told her it was a soul patch and she said that it’s a lady repellant and I’m lucky she’s not around to shave it off while I’m sleeping it. She said if it’s still attached to me when we get to Las Vegas on Sunday it’s going to be gone by Monday. What’s the big deal? I had one back in college and I liked it.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome weekend! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Rowboat Book Club Book #46

This is our most shouted about book that we have been arguing about before we read it. Brene Brown, Daring Greatly. Here we go.

Every day we experience the uncertainty, risks, and emotional exposure that define what it means to be vulnerable, or to dare greatly. Whether the arena is a new relationship, an important meeting, our creative process, or a difficult family conversation, we must find the courage to walk into vulnerability and engage with our whole hearts.

In Daring Greatly, Dr. Brown challenges everything we think we know about vulnerability. Based on twelve years of research, she argues that vulnerability is not weakness, but rather our clearest path to courage, engagement, and meaningful connection. The book that Dr. Brown’s many fans have been waiting for, Daring Greatly will spark a new spirit of truth—and trust—in our organizations, families, schools, and communities.