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I wrote this in the morning but forgot to publish it. I’m in Salt Lake City now. We’ve been here since early this morning. We are getting ready to grab lunch to go then head down to Reno. Here is what I wrote.

We made it to Vegas. The flight out here was peaceful. The boys had their bottles as we got into the air, zonked out the entire trip, and got woken up to get bottles on the descent. All went very well. Which is good news for me because now maybe I can start traveling more next year and take them with me.

Lindsay said she baby proofed the house, no problem. Except all the dog toys laying around. She said her dog can’t help it and she will put them outside. Both dogs are getting along well. Only issue is meal times and we have figured out to separate them. My dog doesn’t like to share his food and her dog likes to take it away from him. Typical. Our dogs get along just like we do Lol

So far work has been great. The time difference has messed up the babies sleep schedule. We are getting them outside for lots of fresh air. The weather has been perfect. I was able to get out of the house last night for a dinner date. Things went great, ended with a long kiss and we are both back on track. Just like we never left each other. I had a great time. I forgot how much we laugh together. I’m very pleased with how things went and I look forward to our next dinner on Friday night. I wish I had more time to spend with her but I’m also not wanting to reopen the relationship we had. It’s better just casual dinners then we both go home alone.

The Las Vegas office looks great! Mark and Kim have done a great job getting things organized. They have been really working hard and I rewarded them with $5,000 bonus checks. Of course Lindsay said WHERE’S MY BONUS. I said you know you get yours quarterly. So you can wait. She has been showing up to work on time they told me, staying until 4 or sometimes after 5 and no drinking. She used to hit a few drinks at lunch but has stopped all of that. She and I go for walks in the morning. She has lost a lot of weight and looks great. I’m so proud of her. She made a promise to her mom to clean things up and I think she really has. Now if we could just get her to lose the attitude and arguing she would be a lot easier to get along with. I doubt that will ever change but they say you mellow out as you get older. Being 40 now should start that process.

Today we are going into the office then head up to Salt Lake City for the day. This afternoon we will spend time in Reno and get our investments looked over. Things are going well. We are turning a profit finally in both cities. The offices are running smoothly and we are looking to hire in both areas. Tomorrow we will go out to Los Angeles and then up to San Fransico. Lindsay thinks it’s time to expand again but this time on the West Coast. Our profits have been exceeded what we projected and she wants to get things moving forward. She doesn’t think we should sit on the money and wait. And her Mexico deals are paying off very, very well right now. I keep waiting for the phone call that the market has dropped out of the bottom there and we lose all our business services. This is why we don’t invest in the stock markets. We buy property and lease it or we hold on to it and we wait for offers. It’s all going well. I have never made this much money in my life. She has made some very risky moves financially but so far only 2 have failed. Smaller amounts we lost so nothing to get upset over. That’s business.

I look forward to seeing what this travel week brings. I’m excited to see all our employees and have meals with them. It’s nice to get out of Chicago before the winter hits and enjoy time away with my family. My boys love being with Auntie Lindsay. They crawl all over her and she makes all kinds of silly songs up about them. It’s good to see them so happy. If only we could get them to stop waking up at 4:30am Lol That is hard on me.

Sarah is enjoying the break. Lindsay takes over as soon as we get home, I go change then I take over for her and we both do everything. Sarah goes shopping, went to get her hair done last night. It looks really great. She’s been growing it out. She hasn’t found a really good salon she likes in Chicago and the 2 I heard about don’t specialize in African-American hair so she just laughed and said no thanks. I tried. She’s getting her nails done tonight and a massage. She scheduled a 90 minute one so she said she will be so relaxed tonight. I’m hoping we get back in town by 6pm like we scheduled so we don’t mess up her appointments. I just need to do a really good job today of watching the clock. In fact I probably should set some alarms for when we need to leave to get back to the airport.

I need to get in the shower. The boys are fed and crawling all over the floor. Sarah just grabbed Heston and he let out a huge laugh. I think she surprised him. I love seeing my boys this happy. I know I did the right thing bringing them out here.

Have a great week! Off to SLC/Reno!

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