Cubs Win in 10th Inning

Last night I hauled my family over to my office for a special family meal. I was going to take them out to eat but Sarah asked if we could watch the game somewhere else because the boys need their sleep. She was right. We did wake them up twice so I arranged to get the conference room set up with our big tv and a bunch of tables/chairs for everyone to be comfortable.

Lindsay and I got off work and split up. She went one direction to get the bbq and fixins, I went another way to get the pizzas and the chicken and salad stuff. Then I went to get the desserts and we met up at the office. She was already there setting up the tables for me and setting out the plates and silverware. The only thing I forgot to get was ice. Which worked out because I had to start hauling people over. The nannies helped drive both vehicles back and forth and I got everyone over in 3 groups. Man was that a hassle. Apparently some of my Aunts don’t want to sit with some of my cousins. It was musical chairs and I felt like an old dad saying Just go SIT DOWN Lol

We all watched the Pre-game Chicago Cubs show and enjoyed a meal. The game started and the first wave of airport bound family members started getting out of the door. We took a bunch of photos, we had a great few days together. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. After they all left my employees with their families and friends that wanted to watch the tv with us came over. They helped us eat up all of the leftovers. Helped me clean up most of what we had and sat to watch the game. We still had plenty of food to munch on so it was actually really nice.

When it was bedtime for the boys Sarah took them home and left them in the care of Brandi who doesn’t get into the Cubs as much as we do. Sarah came back and was able to enjoy the rest of the game with us. I was so happy she was there. She has really enjoyed watching it with me. At first she was tired of me talking about the Cubs but I think they won her over with such an awesome series of games.

The game was incredible. I’m sure most of you watched it. It was back and forth. There was no clear winner. Just when you thought the Cubs had it locked down it went to crap fast. Lester came in and threw a wild pitch which scored 2. I almost had a heart attack. Then we came back on a great double by Ben Zobrist which scored Al jr! So great!

In the 10th inning when it was 7 to 6 Cubs lead we had to get 3 outs. Just 3. The first one was pretty easy, the second was a little tougher. At this point everyone is standing up praying. Please or Come on Cubbies. Or just one more out! And finally a base hit to Bryant who is smiling because HE KNOWS he has this play. Throw over to Rizzo who throws his arms up in the arm and we ALL LOST OUR SHIT Lol

We were jumping up and down, high fives, hugs. Dads and kids embracing, moms and kids hugging. It was awesome!!!!! I had so much fun watching the game like that I asked if they all wanted to do the Super Bowl like this too but catered and more comfortable chairs. They all voted yes so that’s a plan for next year.

Just hearing stories from everyone of how long they have been Cubs fans. The phone calls to people’s parents who were also watching the game. Our sales manager Jim called his dad and neither of them could even speak. His dad had to go out-of-town and missed watching the game but Jim told him doesn’t matter because you saw it happen. It was very emotional.

I was so happy to sit and watch the post game show. We all talked about how the Indians really did their best and they never gave up on the game. They made it so hard to win so thanks to the Cleveland Indians and all their fans for hanging in there last night. It could have gone either way. We had the better night.

And finally after 108 years, the CHICAGO CUBS are the 2016 World Series Champions!

cubswinI am not a lifelong Cubs fan. I am about 9 years into the Cub fan life. I appreciate all everyone has been through waiting. It really was an emotional event and I will never forget it. I ordered my Cubs World Series hats and shirts. I bought stuff for the boys too.

Tonight after work I’m taking my boys, Sarah, and Lindsay down to Wrigley field because I want to take some family photos. I want my boys to remember this photos. We will always be a Cubs family and I am so happy they won.

Great job Cubs. Thank you for an amazing season. Let’s do it again next year!


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  1. Without that clincher point we wouldn’t get to that winning moment. Who can forget that smile on Bryant’s face as he passed the last out ball of the world series. We were moved by the taking of events. This was the greatest story a baseball fan can ever tell. Congratulations, once again, Chicago Cubs!

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