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The new blog design is up and getting a lot of really great comments. Thank you all for taking time to read my blog. It’s been a great thing for me. I can connect and reach so many people by writing my story.

It’s almost wedding weekend. My little cousin is getting married at my house in Lake Forest this weekend. The wedding is Saturday. They are having it inside. She decided against the big tent in my backyard. Glad to hear it will be indoor. My house up there is already looking great. Her wedding team has been there since yesterday morning. I told her anything she needs let me know. She is flying in Wednesday to help coordinate everything. My entire family, extended family and a lot of my friends are on their way here. Some are staying downtown. We still have the beds left over from Thanksgiving so again we are setting those up for my older relatives. It’s just easier on them and their wheelchairs to stay in a bed on the main floor in my house. Much easier on us to get them back and forth also. And they said they were all comfortable. I got nice beds for them. I figured after this event we would just wrap them all up and store them in the garage anyway. Maybe do something with them later on.

The wedding is on a schedule. My role as an usher is pivotal because I have to make sure the other ushers who are all much younger than I am do their jobs correctly. How hard is it to say Groom or Bride? Then walk them down to the appropriate seats. Duh. But she insists that I’m Head Usher Lol Great. Just what I needed, a fancy title to sit people down.

Drew is excited because we are getting the “Boys” back together. All of our junior high/high school/college buddies will be here. That means trouble and I know it. I specifically don’t invite some of these guys to vacation in Chicago because I know how they are. I do give them permission to vacation in our Hawaii homes or our Miami/Miami beach homes though.

I just want my baby cousin to be happy and have a very special day. I’m so excited to meet everyone I don’t know and I pray everything goes well. I have given her full access to my house. She can decorate it anyway she wants. And we will have a cleanup crew come in Sunday to get everything put away. I’m really hoping that house doesn’t turn into the new family wedding facility. I don’t mind it but it’s a little pain in the ass to get things coordinated.

On Sunday I am leaving for Dubai. I have to go check on that office and see how it’s going. Sarah will be going with me. All she talks about is Dubai. She is so excited. I’m happy to take her along. We will be gone until Saturday and I warned her that the time difference is killer. She says she will sleep while I’m working. She still doesn’t understand but she will see soon enough.

Things are going great. That annoying tv show continues to try and keep their fake catfish storyline alive. It is very annoying to have my affair drug through the mud so publicly. I made a mistake falling in love with a married woman and I really thought it would be over with by now. She continues to bring it back into the spotlight. She continues to openly discuss it. So I respond. She is not happy that I have written some things on here. She is not happy at all that I have called her out. But my truth is my truth and she can’t take that away.

And let’s all be honest about this, if there really was a catfish targeting her, if there were threats made, if there was one piece of evidence it would be exposed by her side. Not one thing has ever come out.

Lindsay did find out about the production for this season (Again) and we are already aware of one certain Georgia stalker (Cheryl) making an appearance later in the season. To be proactive in getting my side of that story out Lindsay put up the 2 stories I wrote about her. And how much I have no idea who she is and why she is stalking me. They are on the front of this blog as you can see. She is 50 years old. You would really think she would find something better to do with her life than try to stalk me and get some fame for herself. I have never met, talked to, or dealt with that woman in any way. But the police have. And Twitter has. They sided with me because I proved who I was and BOOM! she was suspended within a few hours of me filing reports on her. She disappeared. I’m surprised she’s going to resurface soon and who knows what she’s going to say this time. Since she knows nothing about my life this woman will come up with anything outrageous or stupid to make herself into a victim. And I can’t believe Meri was dumb enough to even go talk to her. I mean really, how stupid is that to talk to a woman who stalks someone they don’t even know?

I am pissed about all of it. And I’m not going to let Meri, TLC, or the Brown family continue to throw this fake, made up storyline out there anymore without me responding to it.

Her own daughter confirmed that Meri wanted her to like me to support our relationship. And her own husband said Meri told him she can be IN LOVE with 2 people. In their own words they continue to prove my story is all truth Lol I like that part.

Stay tuned because we all know I will have a lot more to say about this stuff. The episodes get put on youtube by random people so I’m able to watch it on there. I wouldn’t dare give them any ratings.

I’m glad you are all here. Thank you for reading my story.


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