This is the year to build

SJC Investments Inc is not my only company. I have several more that I don’t mention that often. They are what is the foundation of all that I do. All of my construction companies are doing great. That’s where I get the bulk of my money. I take the profits off of that, make sure everyone is paid well, all of our equipment is new or in working order and make sure we set some aside for future projects. That still leaves me about 60% of my profits from those companies to do whatever I want with. I roll that into the Investment companies which include 1 investor, Lindsay and myself. Together we “manage” all of my money aka she spends it Lol She buys houses, buildings, and businesses she sees that will make us even more money. Then we turn the failing businesses around and sell them again within a few years. Then I take that money and roll that into bigger buildings, bigger projects, and just about anything we can think of.

My dream is to move to Dubai and start a shipping company for the big frieght liners that disperse products and goods all over the world. I would be absolutely happy to do that. One small issue. It’s extremely expensive to start-up. I can afford it but it would drain all of our bank accounts and leave us in a very vulnerable position. We do not stock market investing at all. I’m strictly an all cash investor. If I don’t have the actual cash, we don’t buy. We save up until I do have it. Then we go after it very aggressively. Lindsay really is a skilled negotiator. She has been handling all of my deals for years. I was surprised when she said she wanted to sell her own business she had for 12 years to come work WITH me, not for me. She made sure to make that clear. She did in fact sell it, moved to Las Vegas, and the rest is history. Since she has come on board we have bought over 50 new properties, sold 20 for over 500% profit all totaled. The money is flowing.

On her own she bought half of my businesses with a large down payment and we have worked out a monthly payment plan to pay it all off over a set number of years. She has 50% control now and wields it like a sword. She has zero interest being CEO. She is happy to be my only investor and is happy running the west coast for me. She also got very lucky (She says foresight) in the growing (Haha) weed industry that took off. She has investments now in Colorado and Las Vegas and she is making money like a, and I quote her, “A mexican drug cartel of one!” Lol She doesn’t grow it. She doesn’t even smoke it because Lindz does not smoke. She gave some stoner dudes money and told them to set up shops. They did and then the laws changed and now recreational pot use is now legal. She hit that market at the perfect time and is being rewarded with it. Her companies are now looking to put a shop in every major city in the U.S. that has allowed pot laws to include selling it. And she’s making a killing. She said it’s like Starbucks for pot. Yet she doesn’t have a clue on how to grow it. She has eaten it before and she said she has definitely baked with it which makes me now think back to some mysterious cake she gave me once that did make me feel funny and she found hilarious. Hmmm.

Things are going great. We are not opening anymore SJC Investments anywhere at all. This year is all about building up the business in each city we are in. We will buy buildings, companies, and houses to reno there but no more expanding. I want to make sure we can build up capital. Too much growth too fast is risky and I’m an extremely cautious person. More so now that I’m a dad. That makes me smile every time I type that out.

So now we are done paying our taxes. My wife really didn’t know how much money I made until I showed her my tax form. She almost fell down. She said I knew we had money but I didn’t know how much. I said well that’s what I’m taxed on. I have offshore accounts, I’m not stupid. She said so there’s more than that? Yes. Why do you think your pre-nup is so thick Lol I have responsibilities and I want to make sure I can pay my people.

And finally my family money. It really is no one’s business where my family got their money. I can say it is old money, not new money. I didn’t earn it but I did inherit it and I take very good care of my entire family. All of our kids attend college, all that want to attend graduate school are provided for. And we make sure when they hit 18 they get their $1 million trust fund. It’s up to them to control their money wisely.

I have a lot of family that depend on me making great financial decisions with that family money. We give away a lot to charity as per my grandmother’s instructions. That was very, very important to her. I’m happy to saw my cousin Tyson has been doing a great job representing us all over the world on behalf of our family foundation and we have helped a lot of very disadvantaged people, companies, and families. That is really one of my proudest things about my life. I love helping people.

With all of this comes the random people who think I’m an ATM and find out very quickly I’m not and won’t be. I have helped people when I can. And they get what they need to cover whatever emergency they have. I have also sponsored several inner city children all through their academic life from kindergarten all the way through college and am finally enjoying their emails, calls, and texts about their new-found careers. They glow about how much our help has changed their lives and how they are able to turn their college education into a better life for their parents and siblings. I knew that from the beginning and at each summer camp I made sure they understand this was never a gift just for them. It was for their entire family and really community of people who help raise them. I am by omission just a cause for a better life, it’s solely up to them to make good life choices.

Some very exciting stuff is happening. And I have the best woman by my side to share it with. She is not greedy. I’ve had to beg her to spend our money and she is finally enjoying some of the perks. She still scolds me when I pick up the tab when we go out to dinner with her family. There are a lot of them and it’s never cheap to feed everyone. I told her I’m happy to do it and if I ever become broke they will owe us a lot of free meals Lol That will never happen. But still.

I hope everyone gets a better understanding of what it is I do for a career. I love it. I have come a long way from a McDonald’s fry boy to a work with my dad construction guy, to the CEO of a multi-international Commercial real estate investment firm. I’ve worked very hard for this. Nothing was handed to me in my career. I earned it. And I’m very proud of that.

Have a great work week. It seems like Wednesday to me for some reason. Work hard today, guys! I plan to.