Lindsay cleaned house

Yesterday Lindz finally got around (2 years later) to cleaning up all of the users from my blogs. Yes, both of them 😉

The subscribers have been removed and no longer allowed. That’s how the trolls were so responsive. A bunch of them had used alt email accounts to sign up as a subscriber and would receive an email every time I posted a new blog post. That’s been removed. She also axed about 50,000 + accounts in Myphpadmin by deleted a table (Huh?) or something and got rid of all accounts except for hers and mine. Most of them were spam accounts from Russia. Great, first they attack the DNC now my blog Lol I heard it’s very common with wordpress to get spammed with .ru accounts. I have no idea why. Either way, those are gone now too.

Then she set out to ban and clean up the commenters that have been “bragging” aka stalking me and using my own blog posts and comments to try to prove some crazy theories that they themselves make up. Nice knowing you ladies. Not really.

My proof is right here, where it has always been. And I’m not going anywhere. And Twitter did knock out 2 of the 30 accounts that have been  harassing me yesterday. Thank you again @Twitter @jack and @biz as well as the team that Jack and Biz set up to help me out. I appreciate it so much. We have been working on getting all of their identities. Twitter told us to file 1 police report and then they will be able to give me ALL of their information. So we did that through my lawyer and I’m awaiting the email in the next few days to find out exactly who these folks are. Then I’m giving that info to Lindz and her and her Reddit crew will get to work, doing whatever it is they do to stop and squash the trolls. It’s worked so far since we were at 170 trolls.

I stay out of all of that stuff. I don’t understand any of it and it’s a huge waste of my time. That’s why I have her around. To help bat away (Hahaha) all the haters.

I’m very happy to know my blogs are cleaned up. I appreciate all of the hard work and I will be happy to know that these horrible women can go away forever. They waste so much of their time thinking and talking about me. I’m flattered, not really, and I pray they find a new hobby. Being an internet troll is a very lonely thing to be. Really sad.


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