It’s that time again

Every 25th of the each month we Unban people from my blog. I believe in forgiveness and second chances. This is my way of saying come, read, enjoy my blog. And if you say something nasty, Lindsay bans you again Lol It’s pretty simple. We make sure to clear out all of the ban ip logs, ban user logs, and the other one which I forgot what it’s called. But it shuts people out and gives them a nice message from Lindsay to look at. People usually get upset and email me. I tell them I’m not in charge of banning and whatever they said must have not been nice. They try and convince me they didn’t do anything which I know is a lie because Lindsay puts all of the nasty comments in the Spam section for me to go back and look up if someone disagrees. I still don’t do any banning or unbanning myself. It’s better for her to do it since she’s aware of almost all of the troll names. The sad women who desperately want to be my friend and talk about me nonstop, they are usually the same group that gets a monthly ban. But their continued use of my name all over the internet just draws people here so they work for free and I have never had to do any type of advertising. The trolls do it for me Lol

So welcome back to the outcasts that have had to resort to proxy servers and anonymous web browsing to come here. Kproxy, HideMyIp, and Proxysite no more, ladies. Enjoy my blog and remember, whatever you say here stays here forever. I have no idea who any of you people are and I really don’t care what you say about me. Enjoy and be nice. Or get banned Lol


Picnic & Bulls game

Yesterday after work I went to the butcher shop and picked up my meat order for our bbq on Sunday. Plenty of steaks and burgers for all. I took it all home and threw it in the freezer then Sarah and I got the twins ready to go to our family picnic. We like Grant Park we spend a lot of time there. My dog was pretty upset we left him at home. He couldn’t go this time.

We got to the park and it really was nice weather. It was a little breezy but when is it not here? We set up everything just in time for my wife to meet us from work. She looked so good in her outfit. I just grinned and whispered something in her ear to make her laugh. She really is very beautiful. I love watching her. We ate and got the boys fed. They are eating really well now. They both get picky sometimes but they will try just about anything. If they don’t like it, it immediately comes right back out. I make sure we do a variety and I really watch to make sure they are getting a balanced meal each time. It’s not very hard feeding babies with only vegan food. It’s the best thing for them. My boys are both growing up in great ranges on their health charts and we haven’t had any issues since Alex was not thriving.

We sat and enjoyed about a half hour of the nice weather and I walked my boys around a little while the ladies talked. Then it was time to go. We found a place where my wife could get changed. I had brought the clothes she wanted to wear to the game. We got the boys in their jerseys.

You can get next day custom jerseys from the NBA shop. How cool is that? When my wife surprised us with tickets last week we all designed our own custom Jerseys. It was a lot of fun. My wife put Mrs Cooper on the back of hers and I told her she needed to wear it to bed some night Lol She agreed. Sarah put her favorite number which isn’t a Bulls player but she didn’t care. As long as she got what she wanted. I thought it was funny when one guy sitting behind us asked her what player her jersey is from and she said no one I just like the number. Girls, geez.

We got to the parking lot and I changed diapers to make sure we were all ready to go. We got in and found our seats. We were pretty close to the floor. Thank you to my wonderful wife and being so thoughtful she also made sure we were on the end of our row to make it easier with the boys. I asked if she did that on purpose and she said yes so she got a kiss for that. The boys were okay sitting on our laps. Sarah and I had them so my wife could enjoy her hometown Chicago Bulls. When they got restless we walked them around so they wouldn’t disturb anyone. Most of the time we were out on the concourse which is fine. I took enough photos and videos before the game started. Then I sent Sarah back with food and drinks for my wife and her to sit and enjoy. I held my sons hands and we just looked at stuff. When they settled down a little more I took them back. Everywhere we go people want to come up to us. That scares my boys and doesn’t really make me feel comfortable either. I’m usually polite unless someone tries to touch them. I had one lady grab Heston’s face and tell him he was so cute and he started crying so I’m a little more protective now. Usually people just want to know if they are identical, how old, that kind of stuff. My boys draw in a small crowd usually. Anytime some music gets going they start to get funky and want to dance. It’s more like holding my hands and bouncing but we boogie. It really is funny to see them try to mirror each other. Heston still does his head thing.

We got back to our seats and I could tell the boys were crashing. I told my wife probably at half time we needed to go and she said okay. It’s more about the boys experiencing things and not trying to force them to stay places. Sarah had made sure they had a really good nap before we went to the picnic and I’m happy she did. My boys got to see their first NBA game and I’m just happy we survived. By the time we made it back to the Escalade and got them strapped in they were both passed out. I carried them both to the elevator and Sarah carried their bag. I got them into bed without baths. They will both get baths this morning when they get up. My wife said she loved the game and was happy we went. I told her sorry we couldn’t stay longer and she said she knew we wouldn’t make it all the way through. She’s also happy that I have never forced my boys to stay somewhere. We last usually about 2 hours then it’s time to go. Unless we are sight-seeing then I only do about an hour and a half at each place. When more and more people start coming up to us to look at them or talk to them I want to take them and go. It’s weird having so many people ask about my boys. But I think that’s just life. I’m happy to show them off but not really cool with people wanting to hold them. No thanks.

I woke up at 4am for some reason. I am working on emails now for work and then I’m going to go make some breakfast. The other 2 nannies are working this weekend with us so Sarah can have the weekend off. My wife and I have a date night tonight so we’re going to a fancy restaurant that she has been dying to try. I can’t wait to eat there. It has great reviews and 4 different vegan dishes. She always makes sure she finds places that I can eat at too. I love that about her.

It’s going to be a fun weekend. I need to get in the shower and get cleaned up. I had a great workout this morning. I was going to go out for a run but I decided to just workout in our home gym. My dog was disappointed he wanted to go running but it’s raining this morning so no go on that.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy your time off of work. We all need to rest and relax so we can hit next week and be ready for whatever happens. I will update more later. Have a good one, guys!