Randita’s FTW

  Hello from Pittsburgh!

For lunch we are going to go eat at Randita’s vegan restaurant. This should be fun. I’m pretty sure no one else is vegan but I told them I’m sure they will find something they like there. We shall see. It’s me and 5 others. After lunch we are going to tour the building site they are pitching to me. They want to expand their dry cleaning business by manufacturing their own chemicals. They use all green and organic supplies which is amazing. It’s also a sustainable building they want to have. I’m all for that.

I’m excited to check it all out. The presentation yesterday was very well put together like the informational prospectus they sent with me last night. I read almost all of it and I think it’s a good idea to invest in this. I would be a 50% partner. And with my investment help I will own 50% of the new building and 50% of all expansions they add. I do not get any of the 3 dry cleaners they already have and run. That is actually very smart in case something happens they will always have those 3 to lean on.

I will take all of the info and go into work tomorrow with it. I have to talk things out, have our accounting department verify the numbers with the city and then we start looking at the contract. My legal department which consists of 4 lawyers are sharks and they take their sweet time pouring over every line. I like that but I’m also impatient. I suppose over the years they have saved me from making any huge mistakes and that’s why we have loyalty throughout the entire company.

I’m only interested in businesses were I can buy the building or at least buy half. If people are unwilling to include their building I don’t even take the meeting. There’s no point in doing business where I can stand to lose all of my money. I prefer to at least be able to get half of the building if things don’t work out. It’s very lucrative and easy. No real hard work on my part and a lot of traveling around the country. Being a pilot that’s the dream. Have a job where I have to fly different places and often. Except in the winter. I don’t fly when it’s snowy, icy, or in bad inclement weather. I’m smarter than that and I also know my limits. There’s no need for me to risk myself or anyone with me just to go somewhere. I won’t do it.

I hope today goes by fast. Yesterday went very fast. I plan to be home in time for supper. I have missed my wife next to me all night and my boys little faces to smooch on when they wake up. I miss being home.

This weekend I’m told the girls have all voted to go up to the Lake house because there  are some good sales at the malls in Wisconsin. So we will go there and check things out.

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