The Best Father’s Day so far

For Father’s Day this year my boys made me some homemade cards which were very sweet and I loved them. Then my wife took me outside and showed me this. (It’s not my actual car but it’s the same model and color

It’s a 2017 Audi S5 Cabroliet in Glacier White, convertible! Here is the Motor Trend review on it for all my guy readers that want to look over the specs. We had been talking about getting a car for us to drive back and forth to the city for work once we move. Sarah would have the Escalade for the boys and herself and the Range on the weekends whenever she wanted to go do something. This will be a date night car for sure.

It had a huge red bow on it and I started laughing and teared up a little. No one has surprised me as much as this woman. She said it’s the one you wanted and I said I know! We took it for a short spin then came back to get ready for Church. My oh my! I can’t believe she did that but she said you are the father of our babies, you deserve it. Yes I do! She said Cam helped her pick out the right one so I called him up and he said if I didn’t want it he would take it off my hands. Thanks Cam! I’m keeping it.

After Church we took the boys for a ride in it then Lindsay took the nannies. It came home with a scratch. She said a rock chipped it which meant she was out on the highway with it. That’s fine. I can get that fixed. Man, I love that car. I love my wife and boys more but that car, Wow!

The rest of the day was a giant Sam lovefest and I loved it. We had a chef prepare 10 different vegan foods for us to eat all day and night. We really did have a fun weekend. We spent most of it out on the boat and on the jet skis. We all relaxed and ate. Lindsay and Dave took off last night when we did. We left the car at the lake house. Soon enough we will all be moved in up there and we will be driving it back and forth. My wife wanted to bring it home but I’m already out of parking spaces under our building. I would have to park it elsewhere and I don’t want to. We talked about leaving the Range up there and bringing the car but the Range can pack up more groceries and things we need. Plus with all the babies stuff it’s just easier.

Do I have the world’s best wife or what! She really is something. When we were laying in bed last night talking I asked why she bought me a car and she said you have everything you ever wanted already, I wanted to get you something you didn’t need and would never buy yourself. She’s right. I spent so much on my Range and the Escalade plus getting them both blacked out I kept telling her a good Ford car would be fine. She just laughed.

I’m happy when she’s happy. And this weekend she was very happy. We did sneak over to her parents for a few hours to wish her dad Happy Father’s Day. He has so many kids he just says he counts them Lol I hope I’m like that someday. So many kids to spoil and love on.

The last good news I want to share is we are going forward with the adoption. When we get back from the Ireland/Las Vegas 2 week vacation it’s a GO. I know it’s going to take probably a year or 2 but if we start now I’m thinking by the time Baby Cooper is 1 our adopted daughter will be on the way. Even if our baby is a girl we still want to adopt a little girl. That much we know. And if we end up with a little boy even better to have our daughter in the mix with all of her brothers.

I have so much good stuff happening that I don’t deserve but I love it anyway. My wife and kids mean everything to me I’m so happy and blessed. What a great weekend!

I hope ya’ll had a great weekend too. We didn’t cook out because I don’t like meat. It’s just easier to not cook out like the traditional FD weekend.

Have a great work week everyone. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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