We leave in the morning, #Dublin #Ireland vacation

We are all packed up and ready to roll out of here bright and early. Man my two boys have been a pain today. Sarah called me before lunch and asked me to come home. She rarely does that. She said they had been crabby at each other all morning and nothing she was doing was working. When I walked through the door they were both crying and angry, Heston had Alex by the shirt and was kind of whipping him around the floor, well the most a 16 month old can do. They were doing Fight Club. I picked Alex up and said Hey hey hey, NO NO! How many parents have said that exact line before Lol Then I picked up Heston and we all sat on the couch until they calmed down. I gave Heston to Sarah and she said actually he’s the one causing all of this. What??? Saint Heston as we refer to him Lol He rarely even has an outburst and even if he does it’s because he is laughing or excited. So I talked to him then put him down so we could walk into the kitchen. We put them in their high chairs and they were talking things out. I got them fed and managed to eat half of my sandwich before the food throwing began. I swear it’s like an overnight naughty switch got flipped on.

My wife called to see where I was at and said why do I hear babies crying in the background. I told her those were her children and it’s all her fault Lol She just laughed and said she has a piece of paper stating they aren’t her children legally but she will lend me some over the phone emotional support. I explained what was going on and she just said Good luck with that.

I got back to work and almost near quitting time my wife called with babies crying in the background. So I threw her the same line and she said YOUR SONS are driving all of us nuts, COME HOME Lol I said okay okay I’m on my way. This time when I got home Heston had his buzz lightyear in one hand and Alex’s leg in the other. He was doing a hitting motion but wasn’t even close to really hitting him. The issue was the intention was there. My wife said Alex tried to take Buzz away and Heston wasn’t having it. I took the toy away and picked them both up for another couch session. This time I let Heston go first to see what he would do and damned if he didn’t go right around the coffee table and try to whack his brother Lol He was a big brute. Alex started crying and then was trying to tell me none of it was his fault. My dog was barking the whole time letting me know it was all their fault and he didn’t get his puppy nap in for the day. My wife was frazzled, Sarah said she would come back after a shower because I guess during snack time she had a drink squeezed on her boob and she said she felt gross.

Is this how it is! Are these two little rugrats at the beginning of some naughty behavior that I’m still shocked and a little entertained by. I hope not. My wife said we are going to have our hands full when the baby arrives. Yes, I know. It’s going to be a disaster. But a very good one.

To all my fans, friends, family members who aren’t going with us, I’m locking up my Facebook/Twitter/Other accounts for up to 2 weeks. I know how much ya’ll will miss me. I may enjoy the peace and quiet so much when we get back to the States and head to Vegas for that 2nd week I may not turn it back on yet. I will not be updating my blog for at least a week. I will be taking notes though so I don’t miss any great stuff I want to share.

Thank you all for the great messages about our family vaca. It’s going to be fun and I really need/want a vacation. Wish us luck. We will in Dublin, Ireland for 7 days. Coming back late on the 7th then my wife and I leave early on the 8th for a week with Lindsay and Dave.

I pray everyone has a great 2 weeks and I will miss all of you guys. I will catch up on my messages when I get home. Have a great 4th of July, America! Stay safe and talk to ya’ll soon!

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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