#Dublin #Ireland Day 2

We all got a decent night sleep except the drunk family members and 1 nanny that tried to out drink Irishmen Lol Good luck on that one Brandi. We got up, had a great breakfast that was quick and easy than we packed up some backpacks for haul around for the day.

In the morning our entire group toured my wife’s family farm. It’s right outside of Dublin and has been in her family for 6 generations. That’s a very long time. Her great x 5 bought it because it has a small creek running through it and he thought it would be a great place to live. He got married soon after and had 9 kids. I see now where that tradition started. It’s a very beautiful family farm and nothing at all like the farms in Nebraska. They have all of the modern-day equipment but they don’t irrigate like we do. I found that very interesting. I asked how they do it and they use a system of man-made or non man-made aqueducts that feed into each other. How cool is that? We just pipe water in from the nearest, whatever there is really. This system has worked for the farms around the area for over a hundred and something years. I thought it was very cool and had a lot of questions about it but no one else seemed so excited. Everyone else just wanted to pet or feed the animals. The 3 houses on the land aren’t close together. They are spread out but we took the trucks out to visit each one. We spent about 5 hours out there and came back into the city for lunch.

We ate at a place called Paulie’s Pizza. They have very good food there. My wife loved the pizza and pasta. Some of her sisters got sandwiches. I guess it’s a pretty good place to eat at. A little small for our group but fast service. It was a nice place to relax plus my wife’s cousins kept bragging about how good the pizza was. They were right.

After lunch my nannies took the boys back to the house for a few hours so they could rest up for the night’s activities. We were going to be hosting family for a cookout. We split up into 2 groups. The men went to the Guinness Storehouse and any woman who wanted to join us did. We had a few. The women went to a full tour of the Cliffs of Mohr. I had no desire to go look at cliffs. I’ve seen photos, they look cool, I’ve seen cliffs before.

The storehouse is in St. James’s Gate which isn’t so bad. The place is huge and crowded. I think it was 6 or 7 stories tall. The history of the place was amazing. I really like learning how the brand started and has kept a long, great legacy for so many years. My gosh I think it’s probably the #1 tourist spot Lol After the tour and the smells of aromatic beers of all kinds you get to go up and get a free pint. You can also sit and enjoy the view except there’s not much to look at from up there. I liked that we got a free Guinness Dublin glass with our pass. We bought Dublin passes for everyone. It offers 30 attractions and that way we can plan out which days to go do what things and people could decide. I really thought everyone wanted to go to the Guinness thing but women just aren’t into that kind of thing. And my wife said she’s been around Guinness her whole life she doesn’t need to see how it’s stored Lol I just laughed at that one. She really is funny. I love her.

My wife said they had a girl tourist guide named Sara who was very nice and knowledgable. She said she loved getting there and looking around. She did take some amazing photos. All of them did however she said it was way too long and she learned her lesson. I told her doing anything that involved a bus and a guide, don’t do it Lol I learned from my Greece trip last year. Never again! She said it was something that was easy for all ages and she really thought it would be more than just looking at the cliffs. I said it’s just like the Grand Canyon with no edge on one side. She said it’s beautiful and she’s really happy she went. They all prayed for our family at the cliffs and offered a pray for all of American because they heard our President is nuts Lol Agreed, Ireland, I agree!

We all met up back at the house and got ready for dinner.

We grilled out a bunch of fish and veggies that night. Everyone was pretty tired from the long day and we had some Irish family come hang out at the rentals. We stayed up until 2am talking. I think we all crashed and slept in. My babies woke me up at 6am. I do remember that but I was able to get them back down for another hour.

Great place to vacation with kids!

The photos from this day are now on my Facebook page if anyone wants to go see them.

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