#Dublin #Ireland Day 7

This was our last full day in Dublin. We invited all of the Irish family over for breakfast. We had made a huge spread. I had a lot of help and I was happy about that. I love to cook but for that many people I get a little overwhelmed. After breakfast I told them all to get on the shuttles, we were going shopping (Finally). Shopping in my world is a pretty big deal. It’s a weekly event if not daily only if you add in the online things we all buy. Our closet is full of stuff my wife bought and has never worn. She’s one of those people. Tags still on, sometimes still in the bag thrown on the floor. It drives me nuts but that’s her and I love all of her. 5 shuttles full of family and a half hour later we made it to the giant shopping center.

We hit 4 shopping centers/malls and spent way too much money and time lugging around bags, boxes, and a giant flag. My wife bought the flag. When in Ireland, buy a huge flag? I don’t know. She’s going to put it somewhere. She promised to do something with it. We had a mini-discussion that was NOT an argument as I found out later. During it, I thought it was an argument and I just stood there and took it. I don’t have much to say when my wife’s voice gets a little higher pitched and she’s looking at me like I stole her cat Lol I either nod and say ok or I give her an extra long glance and walk off. Passive aggressive all day, baby! That’s me. By the time we got back from the shopping day everyone was exhausted. The boys passed out on the way so it was very easy to get them down for the night. I tried explaining to them we were flying home tomorrow and they would be stuck on the big plane again but they don’t care or understand much yet so we skipped that topic. What they did understand was the food Lol We got in there and they dropped us off right where the food court was. My Heston took one sniff of something and took off towards it. It was hilarious but a little scary. He has never bolted off that fast. He isn’t the one we chase around. He hangs near us. It’s Alex that bolts so this was unexpected. I went after him and picked him up. He started pointing so I had to take him over to the pretzel stand. That wasn’t what he wanted. I took him by the pizza, not that either. It was the cinnamon rolls. We don’t make those at our house that often so I’m not sure where he acquired the taste for them. I bought one and got him to a table to try a bite. I had to blow on it for longer than he wanted because he was about to bite my fingers off. He finally got a small, non-hot taste and he was finally happy. Heston loves cinnamon rolls, everybody. When he’s older ya’ll can remind him of that.

It took me a while to sort out all of the things my wife and I bought. It was way too much so she sent me out to go get us more luggage. Isn’t that just great Lol She said we have to be able to get it home, so quit crabbing and just go, love you then she slapped my ass and walked out Lol I secretly love it when she does that. I act like I don’t and I always laugh but it really makes me laugh.

We had our big Irish goodbye with my wife’s family. We took a ton of family photos in different groups. They thanked all of us for coming and letting them show everyone around all week. They said they really did have a great time. My wife loved it. She told me later on that it was a trip of a lifetime for her and her sibling. To all be able to go back to where her parents were from and the grandkids to see the farm. She was beaming the rest of the night. Her parents really are great people. Hardworking immigrants who raised kids in America just to give them a different life than the one the both had. Oh boy were they so proud though. They would make the shuttle stop so they could show us things. I knew they might so I had warned the drivers.

I loved all of the baby names the Irish family members suggested for us. Some of the names were pretty funny. We haven’t even started picking them out yet. I still have the 3 baby name books I kept. I knew I wanted to expand my family so they went on my bookshelf.

We all pretty much crashed and went to bed early. We had a long flight home in the morning and 1 stop on the way. They wanted to fly near the Statue of Liberty to take photos on the way back. I wasn’t sure we could but I told everyone I would ask the pilot. That’s not something I usually do so I really had no idea if there was a no fly zone still around it. Last time I knew there was. You can see it from a certain distance but they wanted in closer. I guess if you haven’t ever seen it put close the 2nd best thing is to see it as you fly over. I know drones aren’t allowed to fly around it. I had read that a few months back.

Dublin vacation was coming to an end. We had all gotten along great and were ready to go.

And then…

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