Our week in #LasVegas and wow this got random

I’m not going to go day by day on our week in Las Vegas. I don’t really want to blog about the places we went because we go there often enough someone might try to find us. It’s happened before (Phone calls to my hotels) and I just try to avoid that a little bit. I like doing my reviews on places I don’t visit that often. It makes it fun for me to remember where I ate at and also it gives back to the restaurants for good service and great food.

When we got home from Ireland my wife and I were going to sleep in and the next morning get going. Instead my cousin and my baby cousin, my boy’s birth mom, were already at the condo when we arrived. By the time we got in from Dublin the time change had made it Friday morning. They weren’t supposed to get in until Friday night. They drove this time. They are trying to do a mother/daughter bonding thing because the whole 18 and pregnant issue caused a major rift in the family. My cousin was supportive but not happy. She was fine with me adopting the boys only because I agreed to a legal open adoption. That way they can see the boys grow up. You have no idea the negotiations we went through on what Open adoption meant. It was difficult enough add in lawyers and a judge telling me to share my kids 2 weeks a year and that was enough for me. I did agree on it for my boys. If it was a different situation I would have burned through my savings accounts on lawyers fighting for full custody. They get their 2 weeks, they stay at my home the entire time that way I don’t have a funny feeling about it and I won’t worry, they get all 3 nannies the entire time and use of my vehicles. I do give them spending money but they barely use it now. They don’t feel right doing that. At first it did help with expenses but they say it kind of feels wrong and I’m okay with just leaving them a few thousand dollars for emergencies or whatever they need. They are really good to me. Most of my family puts out a hand as soon as they see me or calls and starts crying about being poor. None of us can even say we are close to be poor. They cry about not getting to summer in Europe. We have condos in Florida. It’s tradition. There’s no reason you need to move over to Europe to summer. It’s ridiculous. Yet every year I get the same phone calls about needing more money for the summer. If they want more money they can go get jobs but most of them won’t work. My family tree is not adding to the workforce, sorry about that America Lol They are spending lots of money though and they all pay their taxes except that one Uncle.

My wife floated the idea that we go to bed and when we wake up we take off. I was fine with that and everyone else was too. We slept a few hours. I wasn’t that tired anyway because I wasn’t the pilot and I did manage an hour nap on the plane as soon as both of the boys nodded off. The only issue was do I take my dog or not? Her cat stays. We don’t take the cat on our travels. He’s not a travel kind of cat. He’s a lay on my couch and chew on phone cords kind of cat. I had already been without my dog for a week going 2 weeks I didn’t like it. Plus he does get involved with the boys and sometimes can get hyped up.

We woke up and took showers. We didn’t really unpack. We sort of just threw all of our shit out of the bags and put in fresh stuff. We made sure to pack the gifts we bought for Lindsay and Dave and the LV office staff. Then we kissed the boys, hugged the boys, kissed them again, waved bye-bye a 100 times and left, with the dog. Lindsay really does love him and he loves hanging out with her dog.

We got to Las Vegas and Lindsay was late picking us up. That’s become a thing. She does it on purpose. She is always there just not at the curb to make it easier. She parks and calls me and acts like she forgot. She says she thinks it’s funny how I panic and my wife goes along with it. Big hugs and kisses, here’s the dog, let’s go.

Dave got a haircut. He had a little longer hair and he looks completely different now. I like the style. Short on the sides longer on the top. I’ve tried that one a few times. Lindsay says she likes it much better now and had been bitching at him for months to cut it. I asked them at dinner if they were ever going to get married and they both looked at each other and laughed. Lindsay says she’s never getting married again that Ben had ruined marriage for her and Dave said he will never marry her because she would say no every time he asked and Ben is still not away from her and he doesn’t like that. I said


Ben and Lindsay have been talking again, just friends and I said well then I want to see Ben. She said she would invite him over and Dave just shook his head. I wanted to see the world in which she had to manage the ex-husband and the new younger boyfriend at the same time. My wife did too. She said when I said that she almost died laughing because she was thinking the exact same thing.

Skip to a few days later Ben came over and I asked him what he was doing and he said we are trying to be friends now, it’s very weird and he of course hates Dave but as long as she’s happy, yeah yeah ok. Ben has dated off and on but he hasn’t moved on yet. He said he’s trying but it’s hard because she’s everywhere. I asked what that meant and he explained. Lindsay has been doing more business on the Strip and she is getting well-known for her gambling adventures. We have all seen the photos of her holding stacks of hundreds or more when she’s won cash. She’s good at the slots but she’s great at blackjack. She’s getting really good I guess now that she lives in a 24 gambling mecca. Dave said she doesn’t gamble every night it’s mostly on the weekends. He said she’s only down there a few hours though, not all nighters. I asked her if things were getting out of control and she said she’s so far up right now it will be a year before she’s flat even. I think that means she’s won more than she has lost. I also think that means she’s betting big amounts and getting lucky.

We worked all week on the transition plan. I’m retiring December 31st from SJC, she’s taking over most of it and changing the name. I’m fine with that. I want to move on from it and go do something else anyway. We spent all week in the office going over things so we could take it out our lawyers and let them write it all up. I’m still 50% owner. I will always own a piece of it all. I’m no longer the managing partner, that moves to her. I still get a say-so in what she does, but within reason. I told her I will keep my hands off of Mexico. Right now we are making more money on her Mexican energy investments than anything else. I told her I don’t want her to ever use our company money for her pot investments. She said she keeps them separate. There were a  lot of little things back and forth and some things we flat-out disagree on. That’s what lawyers are for.

My wife and I decided a week alone in Las Vegas would be our second honeymoon. Our first honeymoon was way better. This time we went and did everything we wanted on a whim. We heard something fun and did it, we wanted to go jump off of an amusement tower, we did that too. That was a lot of fun. Scary, I admit that, but on the way down it gets fun. That jump, though. Wow. You really have to trust that God won’t let you die because it feels like I’m about to die right when they start counting down.

We ate so many great meals, mostly vegan. My wife is starting to enjoy a few vegan dishes. She is trying. I always pick places I know she will like and she always picks places I can at least get a salad. I can never give up being vegan. I do take small bites of things when she says I have to try something. That’s not against the law. It’s not good but my life is mostly good with a little bad here and there.

The week went by way too fast. We had so much 2nd honeymoon sex it was ridiculous and awesome. We spent a lot of time with the LV Staff and got to see how things were going. It was a great week. But…

I was missing my boys bad. I always do this. I tell myself they are fine, don’t worry.  I spend all day worrying and not saying a word until I can’t take it anymore than I say I want to go home. I told my wife Friday night I wanted to go home. She said we should stay and not be rude. I told her of all of my friends Lindsay is the “She really doesn’t care at all what I do or say” type and will never find it rude. I said she probably wants her house back so her and Dave can do whatever it is they do alone. My wife told me to calm down and we will make it through. Until…

She finally broke down and started crying Lol She said she was trying to make us not be that couple that ran home worried about their boys every time they go out-of-town. She said she misses them so much and loves that they call her mama and come up to her to be held. She never thought it would be like this. She thought I would take care of them with the nannies and she would just be around. She said she thought she would help out and would love them but she didn’t think they would like her at first. I said my boys love everyone and they really love you because you sing to them. It’s not about the legal division, the boys don’t even know about that. It has to do with who takes good care of them, kids know who to go to. They don’t run up to me all of the time anymore. They go to their mama. I told her the first time they call you mommy just wait until your heart swells up and you really feel it. I haven’t gotten a daddy yet but we’re getting closer. I’m dada. Sometimes I’m @#$@@#%% because I have no idea what they say Lol They really do have their own twin language that only they understand. I see them talk to each other making weird sounds and it’s a whole other style of communication. Heston is always sharing with Alex. Alex is always taking things and running off with it. They work it out without us really getting involved. The only time we have to separate them is when they get in a mood. My boys already fight a little bit. I think that’s normal? I don’t know. I just know they like being together. I have taken one out with me a few times and when we get back the other one hugs on him Lol It’s hilarious. I read in the twin books that you do need to do some things separate with each kid. It’s a healthy way to get quality time and also shows the child that they can be on their own. I don’t know, we probably need to do that more but it’s something I do maybe once a month with each of them.

We are back home, getting ready for the day. Church was really good yesterday. Great sermon on the falls of grace and how we all need to not fall from grace, but fall into grace instead. There was also fall into the grace of God’s mercy and fall towards an everlasting life with Jesus. I think that was all of them, I was paying attention.

Busy week at work. I have 2 weeks to catch up on phone calls, meetings, and emails.

In September I am taking all of my employees that want to go and don’t have to work to Hawaii for a weekend. My family has owned a compound out there since the 1970s and it’s a great place for huge groups. At last count we are taking 160 plus people. This includes mostly my construction guys. They all really deserve a break and I told them to bring their wives and kids. It’s a massive trip we have been planning since January. I had a phenomenal financial year last year and I want to pay them all back. I did the raises and bonuses already and hired new staff. I still had money left over so I wanted to do something as an entire organization. A weekend retreat. All expenses paid. Just bring your clothes and we will take care of you. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Being the host to a group this size will be overwhelming but I’ve hired a ton of locals to help us all out. We are pretty much taking over Oahu Lol That’s in September so it’s coming up fast.

Now that we are back home as soon as all of the flooding up in Lake Forest goes away we are moving up to the lake house. I warned the girls this would happen so they needed to decide on what to do. Come with us or stay in the city. They are all moving in with us. God help me Lol It’s only for a few months. I need to get my 2 condos put back into one giant condo. All we did was have a company come put a wall up to separate the two condos out. I had it as one giant place. Sarah wanted privacy and my wife wanted to have our own space. It worked out great. The 2 part-time nannies have kept their apartment this whole time but do move in for their weekends. They are giving up their apartments to stay with us in the lake house. When I move they are all moving into their very own apartments. They picked out the building they want to be in and I said okay. They are each take 2 bedroom apartments downtown, their rent will be the family discount ($250/month) and they have to pay all of their own bills. Unless they can’t than I will pay them Lol I already told them that and my wife smacked me. It’s my newest building, it just got renovated and the apartments are huge! It was an old warehouse that had been sitting for years. I bought it last year and they have been working on it the whole time. It’s ready to be leased out. It’s a great space. They will love it. The neighborhood is safe too.

My wife is moving in November. I’m taking her to Paris to get the house ready for us and to get ready to have our baby. I’m moving in early January so I’m going to have to do a few trips back and forth. I will work it out I think. It’s going to be very hard without her but this is her plan. With the baby coming in January we need to get her over there soon. She is resigning her job at the end of October. She wants to find a different kind of legal position after the baby is a few years old and I’m fine with that. She wants to stay at home the first few years and work on her education. She  wants another degree. I love how smart she is and I really love how she wants to continue her education. I think that’s awesome.

I think I’m done rambling, wow is this one random or what Lol Oh well, time to get ready for work.

Have a great work week guys. Love ya’ll!

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  1. Wait, you took the dog to Vegas? But you posted a pic of him in bed saying that’s where you found him when you got back from Vegas…..weird. Someone can’t keep a story straight.

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