Tantrum training, for me?

Yesterday was all about running errands and getting groceries. Sarah told me I need to start taking the boys when I go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. She said they need to learn and you need to tolerate. I said tolerate what? She said take them in by yourself and see Lol Okay.

I took the boys to Whole Foods. Are we loving the new prices or what? I talked to one of the assistant managers there and they told me they are going to start getting in a better variety of vegan products. That’s really great for me and my kids. I had them both at the top of the cart. We were cruising around and they thought it was just a big fun cart ride. Until I started putting food in the basket. That’s when they both started gawking at what I had. We went to the fruit aisle first because my plan was to get them a small little sack of grapes. I thought they could munch on those while we shopped. No one wanted any grapes. Of course not. We got a bunch of produce and decided to try the candy and cookie aisle. Nope my boys didn’t flinch at any of that. I thought well this is great. No tantrums. And then…

I rounded the corner and found the chips. They must recognize the bags Lol Heston let off first and Alex wasn’t far behind. The rest of my shopping trip I had 2 little boys wailing at full volume over the chips. I did buy some but I wasn’t going to open the bag and let them munch on them. When I got back home and told Sarah what happened she said buy the little snack size bags of chips and let them share 1 bag. I said but they won’t share, she said you have to make them.

So I’m doing this dad grocery shopping thing all wrong. Tips, please? We have everything on my list I needed to get and a few other things so that’s good. But I need to figure out how to do this. I usually take them by myself to the park or somewhere fun we can run around in. At this age they aren’t bolting off so I can keep up with 2 at the same time. Plus they follow each other. They really don’t go off in 2 different directions. They will at some point but for now they just follow each other around.

Peace is doing great. Our daughter is growing up and getting big already. She is so sweet and happy. I love having her in our lives. She brings a real sense of calm to us. Lord knows she gets enough attention. She is either sleeping or being cuddled by someone. My nannies love having a new baby around. They are so good with her. I am so blessed to have found 2 really sweet part-time nannies to help us out. I knew Sarah would be a pro from the start. She gets very bossy and I need that. I tend to just run anytime my kids cry. She’s teaching me to let them self sooth? Is that a real thing? I don’t know. I am getting better. I’m not hovering so much anymore.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. I go back to work on Tuesday because I was going to go into work Monday when no one was there and do a bunch of stuff. My wife said no let’s have a bbq party instead. Fine by me. I really could get a lot more done with no one around. I also don’t want to miss out on a big day at home when my wife actually has the day off. She told me I’m not going, so I’m not Lol

Still please donate $$$ or things to the Hurricane Harvey survivors. It’s reached multiple states now and we need to make sure we are taking care of everyone not just Texans. Our family foundation has been mailing things down to the charities we have on our list from Church. We have also donated a lot of money and all of my employees are also donating money and items from the list we have. They need us now. Most people have nothing at all. They are living in a shelter and have no home to go to. It’s very sad. Also the pets people had to leave behind are also in need. Don’t forget them. When it’s time to start demo/rebuilding we will send 2 crews down to help. I’ve already had a bunch of construction guys ask because they have family down there.

God bless America. That’s all I can say about the outpouring of love and support. Our President is still a shit but he did show up. So that’s something, right?

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

My wife’s birthday this week

My beautiful wife is having her birthday party this week. I’ve asked her over and over again what she wants, do you want a party? She said no. She feels “fat” and doesn’t want to. I will never understand pregnant women. Her logic has turned into this bizarro logic that flip flops constantly. So…

I’m having a family dinner, her mom will come over and cook and we will all enjoy a nice quiet birthday. That’s what she said she wants. I don’t know if that’s the right decision on my part but I’m making up for the lack of party with all kinds of gifts. I don’t know what else to do. Last year I was invited to her birthday party and things got wild. By the end of the night my wife was so hammered I had to carry her back to her hotel room and try to make her stop singing the theme song to “High School Musical” Lol She is younger.

Yesterday we had doctor’s appointments for all of the kids, followed up by dentist appointments for the boys. We just needed to make sure teeth were coming in like normal. I hadn’t done that yet and I needed to. Things look great. They both have the same amount of teeth. I wasn’t sure how that would turn out but it’s the same. They are always the same height, it’s the weight that’s always a pound or two off. Heston is the bigger one. Alex is right there though and they are all within the normal ranges. Peace was examined for the 2nd time. Because I feed her vegan baby formula our doctor wants to make sure her weight is coming along. It is. She’s doing great. Our peds doctor in the city will get that info soon to put in her chart. I’m very glad all kids are healthy and doing great. I had a few questions about Peace that they answered. I had a few questions about Alex but everything is fine.

I’m really enjoying my last few days at home. I go back to work on Monday. I don’t want to but I need to. I have so much to catch up on. Lindsay has really picked up the slack. She’s doing a great job. I just hope that the transition in January goes smooth. She is basically running everything now. She calls or emails me to keep me up to date but so far so good. Once it’s her companies, there’s really nothing I can or will do. She says she’s not moving the headquarters to Vegas. She will go back and forth. We shall see.

Things are going great at home. My paternity leave has been smooth. My boys love their baby sister and want to do everything with her. It’s been great. Life couldn’t get any better. We are all just taking extra good care of my wife. Our baby is almost 19 weeks along. Everything with that is going great. We have our next doctor’s appointment in a few more weeks. My wife is healthy and doing fine and our baby son is doing fine. He’s kicking a lot. She said he kicks her and makes her want to go pee a lot. That’s what they do I guess. I love feeling him in there. I put my big hand on her belly and talk to him every night. My wife says it makes her love me more. I just want to meet him. I can’t wait!

Hope everyone is having a great work week. Keep praying for Texas and Louisiana please. Donate money or whatever you can! They all still need us. I hope everyone is safe. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

We missed the Illinois State Fair, she’s mad?

Thoughts, prayers, love, whatever ya’ll need in Texas and Louisiana. Our family foundation has released a lot of money to both state’s Red Cross and other organization to help everyone impacted by this Hurricane. Our Church sent us all home with a list of things they need. My wife and I went shopping last night to start our donation box to send out Tuesday. We are doing what we can. I am so pulled to help out. We always donate money in any national crisis but this one is really hitting me hard. I see the tv, the photos online, it breaks my heart. My wife feels the same way. I am so thankful the death count is so low but we are all praying for the families that have already lost loved ones. This is a terrible, horrible event. Please God help them. I don’t know what else we can do.

I took the boys out to do some birthday present shopping for my wife. Her birthday is coming up and it’s about time we get going on the party plans. I asked if she wanted a huge party and she said no. All she want is a home cooked dinner by her mom not me (I was a little red ass about that Lol) and to have her babies with her all day. No problem. She told me what cake to get. I was going to get the same cake I got her last year but she wants something different. She was a little impressed I actually remembered the cake I got her last year. If it’s food I can remember it. If it’s take out the trash, I will get to it eventually.

We had such a chill weekend. We hung out with family and friends at the house. Peace is getting so big. Our daughter is now 5 weeks old! I can’t believe it. She is so happy. She eats, she sleeps. That’s about it right now but we do keep her active. I love laying on the floor on a blanket with her. The boys lay down with me and I tell them be careful. They are so sweet with her. We let them hold her feet or hands. Gently. They just want to be with her all of the time. It’s really awesome that’s their reaction. I think it’s easier because they can walk now and they can get themselves around. If I had all 3 not walking yet, God Lord Lol We staggered this out at the right amount of time difference I think. I hope at least. My boys aren’t even 2 yet. So far no signs of the terrible 2’s. Heston will grab hold of Alex by the shirt and sling him around some times. Alex is our hitter. So we have to break that up at least 2 times a week. Other than that they love to play together. They love playing with Sarah. Sarah is #1. I am #2. I come in from being outside and they wave at me. Sarah comes in and they run to her Lol That’s what I get. She bonded with them immediately. I had to learn how. It’s all a learning process.

Everyone told me adding a 3rd kid would be harder. It’s really not so far. She’s so young she is very easy to care for. I just love being home. I have to go back to work next Monday (Booooo) but it’s time. Sarah, Heather, and Brandi will be in charge. They have the schedule worked out already and know the entire month of September schedule. I am so thankful they are here. I need all the help I can get.

We will be going to Oahu, Hawaii for 5 days coming up. I’m really excited to take my whole family. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see my boys reaction to the surfing. They love the water. We are going to have to really watch them on this trip. Our cabins are all beachfront so they can literally walk out 10 feet and be on our own private beach. The cabins are probably 50 yards apart for privacy. It’s not actually cabins that’s just what we have always called them. They are huge houses. They can sleep 10 to 12 people each and at last count when I was there we have 33 cabins. My family has owned this part of Oahu since the 1970’s. We usually rent it out for weddings or corporate events. My staff out there will be getting everything finished up this week in preparation. We are having a wave of people come in on different days. The people who have to work the weekend will arrive Wednesday morning so they can have 3 full days. They don’t mind flying out Tuesday night late. The people who have to work until Friday will arrive Saturday afternoon and get to stay for 4 days. We had to rearrange a lot of schedules. I made sure our construction crews finished all projects and took nothing new at all for this 5 day period because those guys really do deserve a corporate retreat weekend. They work so hard for all of us and I want to make sure they enjoy a great trip away from work. I just want to make sure they all know how much I appreciate all of them. I would not be this financially secure or successful without them. I love them all like family and have known almost all of the construction guys my entire life. They remember me being 10 and following my dad around. That’s when we moved to Nebraska from Texas. To see me now with all of my kids, they treat me like I’m their son. I hope I make them all proud.

My wife just wants to lay on the beach or hang out and watch the scenery. She can’t do too many activities and she’s really bummed she can’t drink at all (Mrs Wine-A-Lot) Lol but there is always next year. I told her that and she seemed to be happy. She just wants more time off to bond with Peace. I feel bad she has to go back to work today. I wish she didn’t but she said she has some cases she needs to work on before she gives her 2 weeks. She only has, let me look, just over 2 months left. Then she’s packing up and moving to Paris. I’m taking her over. I will stay with her a few days to make sure she will be okay and when I leave security will be with her 24/7. She’s not used to that at all. It’s what I want and she understands that. She is the love of my life and right now she’s carrying our baby. I want to know when I’m not there they are taking care of her. She is very excited to move to Paris. She said it’s a dream come true to get this opportunity. I feel the same way. Raising our kids in Paris has always been a dream. I didn’t think it would ever happen though. Go big or go home, right? Yolo? What are the kids saying these days? I don’t know.

Today it’s all about the boys. Peace is going to her baby class and I’m taking the boys out for the morning. We have a few fun things planned. Heather and Brandi are coming with me. Sarah is taking Peace. I’m also taking my dog because he really has been a good pup. I keep bringing babies into his life and my time with him gets less and less. I am trying to balance all of it. The good thing is at night when I get all of the babies asleep he can sit on the couch and get petted as much as he wants while my wife is on the other side hugged up all over me. She’s going through this snuggle phase. I can’t sit anywhere without her on me Lol I love it but I also am used to have plenty or personal space. Whatever she needs or wants, she gets it. If I have to sit smashed between her and the dog while we Netflix, no complaints. Happy she’s in my life and very happy my pup is getting some much needed daily attention.

I need to go get breakfast going for my beautiful wife. She’s up and in the shower. Have a great work week. Please donate money or send supplies to the Hurricane victims. Do something. God will do the rest. I pray we all have a safe week and that the rain goes away down there. Stay safe everyone! We all love you!

Book Tour finished, can I go home now?

I do not like to be out-of-town away from my wife and kids. Lindsay can confirm that because of all of my complaints on the topic. I just miss them too much. I want to know what my boys are doing, how Peace is doing and if my wife needs me. She had the entire week off so she could finally bond and take care of Peace. She was really struggling the first 3 weeks not being able to be home like she wanted. I really think she finished her court case with a bang to make sure she could stay home and have a vacation. She deserved it. I mean I did sort of surprise her with this adoption. I surprised everyone, even myself. As a family we pulled it together and now we are in a routine. That helps a lot.

Yesterday we made it to our first book signing in Cleveland. Man what a nice crowd. I was expecting a troll or two but there weren’t any at all. I love that all of my events have been troll-free. Well except that one. People do ask me questions and I do my best to explain things. I am always honest and own my part in it. I think when they first see me they don’t believe it. Then when I started talking about my story they start to understand most everything they know, read, or thought about me was 100% wrong. I have more people come tell me they are sorry for believing tabloids or believing a crappy reality tv show. They genuinely get it. Tv is edited, tabloids make shit up, don’t fall for that trap. They offer hints of truth but twist it to make it entertaining. If that’s how you want to spend your life, go for it. That’s why I don’t want anything to do with it. I do my own thing, I share my side, you all decide. The biggest thing I hear is that my proof supersedes the other side’s lack of proof. Anyone can say anything about a 2 sided story. It’s how the 2 people involved offer up proof. Mine is right here, has been right here, will continue to be right here until Meri stops lying. She will never own up to the affair. She can’t. She can’t bring herself to just say we fell in love, we wanted to be together, I cheated, I’m sorry. That will never happen. I realized that 2 years ago. All I have done since then is kept fighting for myself. Now that people are meeting both of us, getting to see I am actually real (Duh) and I have a very strong opinion on all of this, I really feel like the tide has changed. I’m getting so much love and support. I knew I would. People love a good train wreck. What they don’t like is constant bullying, harassment, and several years of the same exact bunch of lies from the trolls going on and on. Lindsay has taken good care of that though. We have knocked it down to 7 trolls with a few multiple accounts each. We have gotten over 300 accounts suspended or locked up. Most of them were locked up. But she has over 150 + account suspended or deleted. She has gotten really good at that. I don’t know how to do any of it so I don’t even try. I don’t have to. She said she gets in there, reports the ones from the previous day,  texts her friends the usernames to go after, Twitter sends me an email report saying they are investigating and usually within that day or the next BOOM, Twitter does something. Same thing with Facebook. Actually Facebook does it a lot faster. Having my Facebook name changed to something completely random has helped me out a lot. Lindsay told me don’t put your name on there. With our family Facebook page same thing. We had to do that so that we could just enjoy it. Otherwise all of the Twitter hate would have migrated over there and those are all of our family and friends. We keep them away from this mess the best we can. It works because no troll has ever found us Lol It works great! Same thing with my personal twitter account and my wife’s twitter account. She posts all kinds of photos of us kissing or with the kids. We enjoy the privacy of just being a happy married couple. It’s awesome!

I’m so happy to have met a lot of you. Some people are from this blog. They showed up and told me what their username is on my comments or on the social media. I am always happy to meet someone who actually reads my blog. They are really nice people. I knew they would be. Americans can be brutally honest but for the most part they respect you. I like that a lot. I hope Paris is just the same. I haven’t lived there since I was in my 20’s so I hope it’s still a nice place to live. We will find out soon. My book signings went over time both times. I didn’t mean to but you get to talking and you lose track of time. More people wanted to hear from Lindsay than me. Lindsay is the one that is in all of the photos with Meri. Not Jackie. Jackie has NEVER MET Meri. Never talked to her, never interacted with her. They don’t know each other at all. Anyone that says different is a total liar. Lindsay has some really funny stories about all of that and I think her book is going to out do mine. I’m happy for her. She doesn’t need the money but I think it’s great.

I will be doing another book tour next year. This year we have too much going on. Our next big thing is our work retreat to Hawaii. That’s coming up soon. We have to decide if we are taking the kids, if we are not, what to do? I mean there’s a lot to deal with. It’s going to be a big fun 5 day retreat. It’s a long weekend as we call it but it’s almost a week. We have everything scheduled out and ready. It’s going to be such a great time. I can’t wait for all of my employees and their families to just enjoy a vacation. We have all kinds of great things planned and I have spent a lot of money on this trip. I want everyone to be spoiled and pampered. I have made sure we have plenty of staff for the trip and that no one has to spend a dime of their own money. We have it all planned out. I’m so happy to get time off again right after having this month off for my paternity leave. It’s honestly going to suck going back to work but the best part is a short time later we have 5 days off Lol I can handle it.

My boys are up. I need to get into Dad mode. Have a great weekend everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Finally an internet rumor that’s TRUE!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got to spend hours with my 2 best friends and a bunch of family. We had a great time laughing and sharing stories from the past. It was also good to travel over to the family cemetery and say hey to Ryan and his mom. They are both buried next to each other. I updated them on all of my family stuff and my life. I prayed for both of them. I cried and told them both I missed them and I promised to see them both someday. Hopefully not soon, God. Did you hear that part? You have to honor your loved ones that have passed before you. Their loss is a huge turning point in your life. If they didn’t make an impact that’s not their fault, that’s yours. I learned that lesson early.

We had 2 book signings yesterday. Huge crowds at both but what do you expect for the hometown boy. It was so funny seeing my family members watch people’s reactions to me and Lindsay being real and showing up together. My Uncle kept saying of course they are real, stop reading trash! Great advice. Tabloids, trash blogs, and troll accounts are garbage. They serve no purpose and add no value. Roasting someone with lies and false info is not entertaining. Yet here we are 2 and a half years into my story and I’m more popular than ever. From what my fans have told me it’s all because I have never backed down from any of it. I took my share of the blame, I stood up and admitted what I did do and I also called out all of the things I didn’t do. I have been honest from day one and anyone that doesn’t believe me, well, I don’t care. You can twist anyone’s words into anything you would like. You can do all sorts of nasty things to someone to try to bring them down. Didn’t work, folks. I’m still here Lol And there will be a HUGE SURPRISE coming very soon for some of ya’ll that think you are powerful. I guess you will have to see what I’m talking about good behavior.

A troll who I have never known about came to our book signing event. She waited in line for us to sign her books, she looked like a normal person until her horns popped up out of her forehead and all this venom starting coming out. She blasted me first for all kinds of things that I completely ignored. I only wrote an S on her book before I lifted my marker and passed the book over to Lindsay. Lindsay wrote GO AWAY TROLL Love Lindz in huge print and handed her the book back Lol I’m very sure today or tomorrow that book and a complete false story of what really “happened” will come out. I’m very sure it was all a set up to try to get one of us to pop off and I’m very glad it wasn’t me. Lindz told security to get this troll out of the building and when they had her and was walking her out Lindz decided to let her have it. She unloaded on this poor girl who was totally shocked and had no comeback at all. That’s the thing about Lindsay, she is incredibly smart and she knows how to destroy someone so hard they have nothing to say Lol She has done this to me for years. That’s why I stopped trying to argue with her so much. Her tactic has always been complete and total logic. She started in with the I can’t believe you are wasting my time with your beep beep. Go pay for our books because I’m going to spend your money on booze and lottery tickets tonight. Then she hit her with the Next time don’t wear beep beep leggings with a I can’t even type it Lol Everyone that heard it was dying laughing and I just stood there shaking my head. Our publisher team told security to just get her out of there and that’s exactly what they did. When we left they hustled us through the back door into Drew’s truck and off we went. Some of my family members stayed behind and they told me later on that everyone was happy to see Lindsay stick up for herself. They said that’s how we both get treated online everyday and they are really sick of seeing people do and say such rude things to me. I’m very happy to have support.

We have 2 more events today in Lincoln and then we are out of here. So good to be back here but like I’ve said before, my home is in Chicago. I really can’t wait to be back with my wife, kids, and pets. I miss them all so much. Seeing my wife and babies on Facetime just isn’t enough.

The current internet rumor going around is that after I retire I will be working on furthering my education. Yes I will and I don’t know how anyone knows that. I have never spoken up about that. I have a masters degree and I want to get another one. It’s not for any reason other than I want it. I want to continue to learn and figure things out so that I can offer the world something bigger than I already have. Whatever my next career path will be, no idea yet. I just know if I have more education I can figure it out faster. I can do it all online and I’m very happy to know that is something my wife supports fully. I asked her if that would be okay and she said yes. I was very happy that she has never asked me Why or Why now. She just said of course you can, you go get that other masters. Isn’t she the best!

I hope everyone is having a great week. 2 more days of this and then I’m home for while. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Have a great day and if you are near Lincoln or Cleveland come see me! I would love to meet ya’ll! Just be nice.

3 Booking signings, 2 WTF’s, and an Uber No

Yesterday Lindsay and I packed ourselves up and flew up to Milwaukee. We had our first joint book signing event. We had a nicer crowd then I have ever gotten before. The book store manager told us around 85 people showed up plus those lingering around until after so they could ask questions and take photos. Lindsay was extremely calm which surprised me. I really thought she would get asked 2 questions and announce she was done Lol She was actually…nice. I asked her what was wrong was she dying and she said no I am getting paid to not destroy these people so I better just shut up. Good point. We are getting paid a LOT of money for this tour. We stayed and did the photos. We answered a bunch of questions most of them were for her. You guys want to know what the #1 question people asked us? They asked Lindsay how she got so many troll accounts suspended on Twitter. She told them all exactly how to do it. I didn’t realize how easy it was. Lindsay is a confirmed 150 + account killer. It’s one of the main reasons Twitter won’t touch my account. Also because I never reply. By proving all of their lies, harassment, and targeting is 1 sided, Twitter protects me and my account. Keep in mind I’m also not doing anything that violates their TOS so there’s that also. Who knew if you are a good person with a great reputation and a ton of followers you can grow a community of fans. Someone suggested we start a Youtube Channel together because we really were pretty funny. We have been friends for 22 years now. She knows every thought in my head it’s almost like she can read my mind. I can’t say the same for her because if ya’ll knew her you would know how completely random she is. For example, we ordered an Uber to get us from the airport to the book store downtown. She opened the door to get in the Uber while I was putting my backpack in the trunk and she closed the door and said grab your bag, this is a No. ????WHAT???? What do you mean this is a no? This is our ride. She said we’re taking a cab, just go.

She said she opened a portal of the 4th level of stank and the cab smelled exactly like burnt grease and nasty socks. She said the guy looked like Bucky from BuckBuckShow Lol I have no idea what that even means. In fact I even googled that and I don’t think that’s a real show. She said she told him No thanks, told me to get my bag and had to scuba breathe for 10 minutes to get that smell out of her nose. It must have been really bad. Sorry Uber guy, but your rating was really bad from us. Clean up your ride. Take a shower. Something.

We grabbed something to eat and flew out to Los Angeles. We got there on time and had about 20 minutes before the event started. So I started shopping for books for my kids. Lindsay said don’t but I didn’t listen and the next thing I knew I was getting surrounded by people. They asked if I was “Him” Lol What does that mean? I do have a name and no it’s not the name Trolls call me. Yes I’m Samuel, hello. Easy to spot me I’m 6’6″. I put the 2 books I had back and walked back over to the signing area. Lindsay said I told ya and that’s what you get. It was fine. I was only a little taken by surprise.

Huge crowd thanks LA! We had 190 at the first LA event and 260 at the second. The 2nd event was at their sister book store that was not too far away. I think it’s weird to own 2 book stores that close together but this is also where they literally have a Starbucks or a McDonald’s every 3 miles. I’m not kidding.

We finished up both events. The plan was to stay the night in LA and maybe go do something fun. She said she was over it (Of course) and wanted to just fly over to Lincoln, Nebraska. I know she only did that so we wouldn’t have to get up really early to leave. Oh and she also said let’s buzz into Vegas she forgot her “good sunglasses”. I said I will buy you some. She said they don’t make them anywhere here she got them in Egypt. Yeah, I know. It’s always complicated with her. For example, (Again), one time she literally threw a sack full of sausage biscuits at a girl because she forgot to put in napkins. I think there was more to it but by the time I went inside to see what was taking so long all I saw was the bag flying and the girl yelling at her. That was a fun morning, not really.

So we went to LV, made it to Drew’s house around 3am and I’m already up. I miss my niece and nephew so much. Drew’s kids are getting so big! I can’t wait until the wake up for school so I can see them. Drew had each of our rooms ready and thank goodness he remembered to make my room on the opposite side of the house than hers. In fact he put her upstairs and told her don’t wake up the kids. She didn’t so that’s good.

Today we have 2 book signings. Tomorrow we have 2 more and then we go to Cleveland to end our tour. This tour is very nice. We are having a lot of fun and I’m doing my best not to get angry or pissy with Lindsay treating me like her butler.

I think I hear the kids. I’m going to go say hi.

Have a great work day guys!

Yesterday was Eclipstatic!

We saw the Eclipse, sort of. It was pretty cloudy so we could barely make it out but I just added the 3 photos I took of it. Yes it’s in there somewhere. That’s Chicago though. Big event, weather shows up, enjoy.

Yesterday morning we met our adoption attorney from the agency we have been working with. She walked us through the steps we had to take which was signing some paperwork, paying the fee to the court and then it was our turn to go before the judge. I’ve known him for years. I’ve donated a lot of money to his campaigns and have always been a huge fan of his. He was happy to meet Peace. He held her afterwards for a family photo which I thought was very cool. She will have a copy of that photo forever now. He ran through everything and boom within 10 minutes we were in and out. Thank goodness we have our agency do everything Lol I would be so lost. Honestly this is the second time I’ve gone through this and this time was much easier. I knew the few questions the judge would ask me. I knew he would verify we wanted all of our documents sealed because of all of the harassment that continues online about me and my family. He asked my wife a few questions and then he signed the order. Boom! Done! Peace Taylor Cooper, welcome to our family. You now have 2 parents who love you more than anything.

After court we went over to our doctor’s appointment. We were a little early so I walked the boys around a little outside before we went in. We try to not have them sitting in a waiting room because the same 3 things happen every time.

  1. People ask if they are twins, ask are they identical, ask their names, how old they are…on and on
  2. People want to hold one of them and that’s not going to happen Lol
  3. We make a huge distraction for anyone that’s in the doctor’s waiting room and I end up apologizing to the whole room

Sarah is the one that came up with the plan to have one of us sit in the waiting room and when we get called in they come out and get us. It works out great. She’s so smart.

When it was our turn my wife came out and said let’s go. Then we had Brandi hold onto the boys in another waiting room all by themselves while we went to find out the sex of our baby.

Everything is good. My wife’s weight is up a little. She looks good, they put the jelly on the belly, they moved that laser thing around and there it was. Strong heartbeat. Then my wife grabbed for my hand and I held onto it. She wanted a girl so bad. I did too. That would even things out. Next thing I know we hear

“It’s a boy” and my wife started crying and laughing. I started laughing too and I kissed her then I said I told you I’m a boy maker Lol First my Ryan (RIP my boy) and now my son.

I’m having another son!

We went out to find Brandi and the boys. She said well what do we have and I said it’s a boy. She hugged us both and then I bent down and told my boys you are going to have a little brother soon. They have no idea but I hugged and kissed them both. Then I held my hand on my wife’s belly and said he’s in here he will be out in a few months. Still no clue. That’s okay.

After that my wife said “Peanut is hungry” which means feed her Lol We took the boys to a vegan restaurant nearby the doctor’s office. Man they had some great food. We had sandwiches and chips plus they have vegan cookies. My boys only wanted the cookies but we managed to get almost half a sandwich down them each. Heston just really eats anything. Alex is my picky baby. He won’t eat it if he doesn’t like the taste. He’s a little stubborn.

I almost forgot!

While we were sitting at lunch eating Brandi said to Heston do you want Mama to have a baby boy so you can play with him. Heston looked right at me than at my wife and said Mommy. That’s the first time either one of them have ever said it. We have repeated the words Mommy and Daddy over and over. This was a big moment. My wife started crying and gave him a big hug and a kiss. We tried to get him to say it again but he was all done. That’s all we got, just the 1 Mommy. Alex just kept eating. Peace was such a trooper yesterday. She really did very good all day. She didn’t fuss at all in court. She stayed quiet and chill while we waited and even all during lunch when I was feeding her. Can I just say how much easier it is to feed one baby at a time? I was actually able to munch on my sandwich while I fed her.

After lunch we took the boys to a toy store while Brandi waited in the Escalade with Peace. We wanted to get them a little something and my wife wanted to get some blue stuff for the baby reveal and a pair of baby shoes.

We got home and by the time I got all of the kids situated and ready to go they had put together the big box with the blue balloons in it. My dog wanted to eat the box Lol It was so funny. He kept trying to eat the corner. We had to put him back in the house.

We filmed our Facebook Live and we released the blue balloons. My in-laws were so happy. The video is on our family facebook page for everyone to see. We’ve already hit 1000 views! How cool is that. I love analytics. They are really fun for me to see. Most of our views came from Nebraska. I knew it would.

Yesterday was a really long day. We ended it with everyone giving us baby name suggestions. No I’m not naming my son Sam jr. I have a dog for that. No I’m not naming him after my dad or brother who have both passed away. My wife and I will pick something which means she will tell me what she wants to name him and I get to pick the middle name again Lol That’s how it was with Peace. We did both agree on it but it took her some convincing on that one.

I have written this paragraph 3 times now and I’m done if it erases again. I don’t know what’s up with my Macbook but it keeps erasing whole paragraphs as I’m typing. That means it’s time to get me a brand new one. I love getting new Macbooks! They really are the best laptops. Stupid thing. I bet it’s just something easy to fix. I will take it in today but I’m also buying a new one. One of my nannies can have this thing when I get it back.

Oh and I forgot the last new from yesterday. Out of nowhere Brandi told us she wants to move to Paris with us and be our nanny. My wife was very happy to hear that. I wasn’t. We already hired our team for over there. They are already living in our house and getting things ready for our big move. They even bought all of their furniture for their rooms and moved in. I mean we have it all planned out. I asked her why. She said she can continue her education since there will be 2 other nannies, she wants to be a travel nurse and what better place to travel all over than there. She said she has been praying on it for months and finally decided it’s something she wants. I said okay. It took me an hour to say okay. I was shocked. We will figure it all out. I mean I will have 4 kids soon. Why not 4 nannies? Lol We really were looking to just have 2. A main nanny and a backup one. I guess Brandi is now our main nanny. My wife said it’s going to make things so much easier and now she’s starting to pressure me into letting her take all of the kids over in November.

NO. I can’t do that. I can’t be without my kids that long. That’s 3 months. I just can’t do that. She doesn’t get it. We are going to have to discuss all of this more.

I need to get going. We are heading to Milwaukee on our first book tour stop then on to Los Angeles! If you are in one of the cities we are going to let me know. Leave me a comment here, DM me on Twitter or if you are in our Facebook pages let me know. I would love to meet some of my loyal long time readers and fans. I will already apologize to everyone that meets Lindsay. She is a very nice person but she has the attention span of a gnat. So she isn’t really rude she just gets done with talking to people very quickly. She’s really good talking all about herself than she is trying to communicate with other human beings Lol

We will see ya’ll on the road! Wish us luck!