#Lolla is here!

  We have all been watching the calendar and finally today has arrived. Lollapalooza opens up. We are meeting my wife when she gets of off work then going over to Grant Park. We are supposed to grab fast food so we don’t have to stop to eat. She wants Wendy’s. (Yuck) I’m eating before I leave the house and I’m going to be bringing food and drinks in a cooler that we can keep in the back of the Escalade.

I debated on not going so I can stay with Peace but my wife said it’s time to let her parents watch her, they have been over every single night trying to get time with her. That’s the one thing I didn’t think about with my in-laws. When we have a new baby they will be over all of the time Lol It’s fine, I love them and they always bring something for my wife to munch on for her pregnancy meals. They are so in love with my kids. The boys call them papa and grammy. That’s what they want to be called. I thought they would go with Grandpa and Grandma but that’s not what they like. Papa gets used the most because he’s fun. Grammy just gives hugs and kisses all of the time she doesn’t make animal noises or chase them around with a bear in each hand. I honestly couldn’t have married into a better family. I’m so thankful for my wife and all of her support.

Last night my wife said you need a break, they want to watch them, let’s go. Okay. I’m not going every night like I wanted to. I can’t do that. I would feel bad. The girls are splitting up the schedule and it looks like every night Sarah is the only one going. She has made some really nice friends in the city and asked for these nights off months ago. She never asks for any time off. In fact every few months I just get her a ticket to fly home and tell her get out of here. It’s when I see her almost burnt out on babies.

Having all of my nannies living under one roof isn’t really hard. It’s much easier and we are all following Sarah’s schedule. Right now there’s not much to do. I have all of my kids all morning, noon, and night and they all just sort of hang out. If/when I need help someone comes to help me. The boys are loving me being home, but not as much as they love their little sister. They started kissing her leg. I told them to be gentle and Alex will grab her leg but give a soft kiss on it Lol Then he grins up at me like “Did I do it right?” He really is being very sweet. Heston pulled out her hairband yesterday and I almost lost my sh*t Lol 3 NO NO NO’s later he let go and she didn’t even mind at all. She probably wanted it off anyway.

Even our pets are doing great with her. My dog just sniffs her and waits to see what she’s getting to eat. Tristan, my wife’s cat (Not named after my cousin, he had his name long before we met) hang out on the back of the couch just watching. He has been in the nursery a few times just to look but so far he hasn’t jumped up on her crib.

The one difference here is I no longer have any video system up. At the condo we had to take it all down and my wife asked me not to put it back up. I said but it’s a preventative thing. She said it’s also no longer needed, we trust these girls. That is true. I told them at the family meeting no more cameras and they all were happy. I didn’t realize how much they didn’t like it.

Yesterday I took the boys to the doctor with Peace. Peace is perfect. She met her doctor and nurses. She is doing great, sounds great, looks healthy. He sees no issues with her. She keeps scratching so he told us to put the mittens on which we have been doing. After everyone got a checkup Sarah took Peace home and I took the boys out to 3 places. I signed up for a stroller tour at the Museum of Contemporary art. I knew we wouldn’t last long in there but the boys just loved looking at everything. They got out once and our guide helped me. Heston was the that latched on to her so I let him walk hand in hand with her. I sent a photo of her holding his hand and walking in front of me to my wife and she texted back “Who is that B****????” Lol She was kidding but it was funny.

After that we went to our guided tour of the Field Museum. Now that they loved! I keep forgetting how cool it is. They are constantly doing something new. I learn so much when we go and I knew the boys would be interested in everything. They kept pointing at things or talking and trying to say the words our guide was saying. I really do appreciate the guides being so awesome with my boys. It helps when they realize it’s all about the boys seeing things and not really trying to teach them much at this point.

After that we grabbed some lunch. That was a disaster Lol This is why I don’t take them out to eat all by myself very often. They won’t sit and when they do they sling food everywhere. Heston flung a fry, Alex wouldn’t eat his grapes.It was a mess.

To finish our fun city day we went over to check out the condo. It should be completely finished up in 2 more weeks. Then I can put it on the market. My wife said just sit on it until we move that way just in case, we don’t want to sell. I still think I should put it on right away and just unload them. I’m getting more than my money back. My realtor told me what she thinks I can get for each one after they are fixed up. Fresh paint helps a lot. Everything else was in great shape. A few floor marks that we are getting fixed. I am having all of the floors redone. That will take 4 days just for that. The boys ran around. All of our furniture is all wrapped up and ready to be moved. That’s happening soon. It’s just big and empty now. I took the boys up to the roof for some photos. It was such a nice day yesterday.

Tonight we get to see some of our favorite bands. I told the girls to go do whatever they wanted, my wife and I were going elsewhere. We all sort of like the same music but some bands we like more than they do. My wife has the scheduled all figured out. That was an entire week-long debate. We finally agreed and now we know where to be and at what time. We will be available via text and I told the girls if anyone bugs you, you tell me about it. I will come help. Sarah said that means I will get all dad like and no one likes that so they will handle things themselves. We did have a long talk last night about safety. I wanted to see what outfits they were wearing. Brandi’s was a no, Heather’s was a HELL NO, and Sarah is just wearing white sunglasses with a tshirt and shorts Lol The other 2 are figuring other things out. I told them boobs are not meant to fling around like that, cover up! It was really bad, even my wife pipped up and said Oh no, uh uh Lol I just covered my eyes and told them to get a different tank top on or something.

I can’t wait. I’m ready to dance my a** off and enjoy a big fun evening. If you are in Chicago, check it out. It’s at Grant park! Great location. Parking is a pain in the butt but we bought our space already. We get it for 4 days. That makes it easier.

Peace is up. Have a great day!

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