Youtube Vegans

I’ve been very interested in watching youtube videos from other vegans. I found this one and I was shocked that Aldi had so many vegan products. The prices aren’t bad at all either. I just wonder how it all tastes.

Watch this one:


And this one was pretty good too


I think I’ve gone to an Aldi 3 times? I don’t know. It was always to pick up one or two items and I never really looked around. They do a Super 6 buy every week in the UK. Do they do that here? I’m going to have to check that out.

If you are looking to try vegan food items, start out with things that you are familiar with. We don’t just eat fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating is good for you and good for our environment. The LESS animals we kill the better. I mean how wants to eat animals 4x their normal size anyway? It’s disgusting what the FDA allows us to consume. Please reduce the amounts of processed foods you consume. Even 1 to 2 vegan meals each week is a lot healthier for your body. I am very proud to be a vegan since I was 18 years old. I have tasted other foods just out of curiosity. I am not a fan of meat at all and never have been. I eat 1 steak a year if I’ve become anemic which can happen to vegans. That’s because our bodies can absorb more iron the meat a lot easier than from the veggies. The one steak has always cleared me up and I try to do a much better job eating iron filled foods after that. I always load my steak up with ketchup because I can’t stand the taste of it. My wife will eat a whole steak right in front of me and make Yummy noises the whole time Lol She has been eating more vegan foods lately and a lot more vegan snacks but she said she’s a meat and potato girl and will never give it up. I don’t want her to if that’s what she wants. I just ask she lets me and my kids eat vegan unless our doctors tell us they need something more. So far so good. My boys love eating vegan food. That makes me very happy!

It’s really not that hard to be vegan guys. Try it out. Even if it’s just a salad. No meat, no cheese. Pure taste. Hope you enjoy!

#PuertoRico needs help

  This is crazy. Can you believe the flooding is still this bad? I can’t believe how much damage that Hurricane did to the island of Puerto Rico. We have begun a donation campaign for their version of the Red Cross. They are still without power and now they are saying it’s going to be months before it’s all fully restored. How are they eating? Think about that. All of the things we are using in our lives right now and they don’t have that anymore.

Please donate to any organization that is set up to help Puerto Rico! It’s just shocking to me how bad things are right now for them. I pray they are all okay and know help is coming.

Today is Friday, Thank Goodness. I have 2 big meetings and then I am done for the day. I told my wife I will go hang out at the condo while she’s finishing up work so I don’t have to drive back to get her. She said she is going to try to get out early too. We want to take everyone out to eat tonight. She hasn’t picked where yet but it will be a nice dinner I’m sure.

Our daughter Peace is sure getting big. My goodness I look at the photos from week 1 and 2 and I’m shocked. She’s really eating well and staying awake more during the day. Sarah says she absolutely love holding her. She said it’s her favorite part of the day. She said she is so calm and really has begun to be a little more active. My boys are also having fun going to their baby gym class. They get to do baby yoga with Heather and Brandi at the Baby center nearby. They go 3 times a week and are really having fun they told me. I like they are interacting with other kids. I want them to be social and friendly. So far my boys haven’t hit anyone but the hitting at home is becoming an issue. I don’t know how to properly discipline my kids. I’m that parent, I admit it. I won’t yell at them. I won’t grab them. We just pick one up and sit him on the couch. We talk to both of them. It seems to work. It’s always a fight over a toy right now. The funny thing is we buy 2 of every dang toy so there’s zero reason to fight over them. I guess there’s no getting around the sibling fights. I know I beat the crap out of my little brother several times. He was much smaller than I was and he was always annoying the piss out of me. He followed me everywhere. I had to take him when I went to hang out with my friends and the few times I tried to ditch him, he always told on me when we got home Lol I had to babysit him every day during the summer. As we got older he actually became very interesting to me and I turned into his protector, no longer his adversary. I do miss my brother despite how things turned out and I pray every day for his soul, #RIP.

I want everyone to still keep donating. Any amount, any item. You can find a place collecting cans of food. Some soups are on sale right now for a pretty good price. You can spare some I hope. Please do all you can for all of the areas affected by all of the hurricanes and the earthquake. It’s starting to feel like Rapture is coming, isn’t it. I know I’ve had that thought a few times.

We have some very solid and fun plans for this weekend. I will update more tomorrow. Have a great #TGIF everyone! Love ya’ll!