Our newborn son’s name will be…

After months of debating, list making and a whole lot of Veto’s my wife and I are happy to announce that our new baby son will be named:




She picked the first name and had to really convince me to name our son after a bird claw. It grew on me much like Peace did. Andrew as we all know is the name I picked out. I am giving my son my best friend Drew’s name as the middle name. Andrew, or Drew as I have always called him has been my best friend my entire life. I am a few months older than he is but we were raised together, went through schools together. We are brothers. I couldn’t think of a better name than Andrew and I think it goes great with the bird claw Lol

Talon is so loved and we are so excited to meet him in about 14 weeks. I pray every day that he stays in there and cooks longer and I also pray his birth is easy and not so painful for my wife. So far the pregnancy with him has gone great. A few mood swings here and there but she said even the morning sickness wasn’t that bad.

I called Drew a little while ago and told him about the name. He started crying and laughing and saying well it is the best name there is Lol Of course. He said he is very honored to have my boy be named after him and he will look out for all of the kids for the rest of his life.

I called Lindsay and she hates both names and hung up on me. No wait, she told me That’s the dumbest names I have ever heard, they are going to throw feathers at him, I’m watching tv f*** off love you bye Lol That was the whole conversation.

We have just finished calling everyone to let them know the name. Mixed reactions but for the most part we don’t care. It’s our baby. My wife named him, I didn’t veto it. Talon it is.

We love you Talon. I can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. I’ve known two guys in the SCA who chose the name Talon for their SCA names. (It’s like Ren-Faire.) One was Talon Light, the other Talon Dark, so we could tell them apart. 🙂

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