They are okay

Last night my phone was going off and it was Drew asking if I’d heard from Lindsay. I said no why. He told me about the Las Vegas shooting that was all over the news. After about 20 minutes of both of us blowing up her phone she finally called him back. Then she called me back.

Lindsay and Dave were not at the music festival. They were out to eat down on the other end of the strip when things happened. All of my employees in Las Vegas are okay none of them were at the concert either. I am so thankful they are all okay, however.

My deepest prayers for healing for everyone that was injured or family members now dealing with the death of a loved one. My prayers are also with all of the first responders that helped people and to anyone else that tried to help everyone get safe. I can’t believe something that horrific happened. I don’t understand what is going on with the world these days. My goodness, why does something so horrible happen to innocent people? I will never understand that.

Lindsay is fine. She said her phone was blowing up and she needed to start calling her family and friends back. I told her to please stay off of the strip a few days and she said she will. Drew said that would be our luck she doesn’t die on her own it would be something like this that randomly takes her out. I said if that happened we both would go looking for whoever did it Lol He said yeah. I can’t believe how many people were hurt during this.

Thank you all to everyone who has been asking if she’s okay. She’s fine. They ate dinner and quickly left the strip before law enforcement shut it all down. She was not over there and they are both okay. So are all of my employees. Big sigh of relief. I pray all of you guys are okay and that everyone heals quickly. God will take care of all of us. Rely on his strength and love at a time like this.

Once we find out where we can donate to help the victims I will post the list so we all can do something to help them out with medical bills or anything they need.

Just pray guys. Pray God eases their suffering. My family sends all of our love to Vegas today. God bless you all.

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