Weekend in Paris

We are packed and ready to go. I have to go to the office this morning for some meetings and then I am out of there at noon. I’m taking my wife, Brandi, and Sarah and our 2 pets with us and dropping them off at the condos. They are going to take one last look around and chill with some of their girlfriends while I’m at work. The plan is pick them up, go grab something quick to eat then fly us all to New York City. From there we will park my plane and we will grab a commercial flight (Yuck) to Paris. The next 4 days will be about checking out the house to make sure it’s ready for her to move into next weekend. Also making sure the nurseries are ready or at least close to being ready and making sure our pets are there safely. We also will tour the hospital Talon will be born in and go meet our new o.b. for a checkup.

Our kids will be with Heather and their grandparents. They are coming to our house this morning to stay for the next few days. That will be fun. We didn’t even get a chance to ask my mother in law just said they were going to stay there and help out. I’m giving them a check for their help and if they don’t cash it, it’s not my problem. However my wife said to tell them to use it for grandkids Christmas presents Lol Brilliant way to get them to think it’s not really for them.

I’m really excited. I love being there, I love the food, I will love to show my wife around all of my favorite places.

We will have a 3 man security team with us. I do realize that Paris has been hot with terrorist activity for the past several years. We will not be strolling around any major tourist spots. We will go from Point A to Point B and get out of there as soon as we are done doing whatever it is we went to go do. I told her we can do all of the tourist things later on. She has promised me to take security with her everywhere she goes. She is annoyed but I told her these guys are professionals. They are Americans and have lived in Paris the past 10 years doing exactly what I have hired them all to do. I know them well, I trust them with her life, I know we will be safe. I have already gotten 4 comments about please be safe there. We will do all that we can. Thanks guys!

My wife is now 7 months pregnant. We have a letter from our doctor saying it’s okay for her to fly. He said don’t fly after 34 weeks is the norm and that’s exactly why we are moving her over now. I want her there, comfortable, and getting settled. If she has to go on bedrest she will be already over there and can just hang out all day. I will be moving at the start of January that way I’m there in plenty of time. My prayers every day include Please God don’t let her go into labor without me there! This is her first baby so labor is supposed to go a while. I already have a plan to just drop everything and leave if I have to. Lindsay would immediately fly into Chicago, stay at the house and work from our headquarters. We have gone over this a 100 times and she always says she’s bringing her dog. I said it’s fine but I don’t like her dog at all Lol Lindsay’s dog is an ex military dog. She rescued it and got it into the vet. Now she has it trained to kill, growl, or even look tough just to be a shit. This dog is huge. One of those big German Shepards that you see at checkpoints. Massive! It follows her like a ninja. You never even know it’s there until you try to move. Then it corners you Lol She thinks it’s hilarious. It’s really not. It’s scary. That dog scares the sh*t out of me and I’m not at all ashamed to say it. I also am afraid her dog will eat Sam jr but every time we put them together they just run around and they even sleep next to each other. It’s pretty funny.

I won’t update until we get back home. I hope everyone will have a great weekend! TGIF guys! Love ya’ll!

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