Happy New Year 2018!

Hi everyone!

My wife and I are spending our very first New Year’s eve in Paris together. She told me I was not leaving on the 26th of December as I had planned. She said I just got you here full-time, you can’t go. I don’t argue with my pregnant wife much and the look on her face as she put both hands on Peanut, that was it. She guilted me and I caved.

I will be going back to the states on the 4th and staying a few days until I can finally wrap everything up. Let me think where should I start on our update?

My condos BOTH sold, Yay! That was such a great process. The 2 families that bought them are in-laws and daughter with husband and baby. So they will be growing up and older together for a few years until they realize living next door to in laws sucks Lol Unless it doesn’t. I couldn’t do that. My wife could. The prices were exactly what I asked for and it will close in 21 days. I’m so very happy to see them going to a good family. I really thought it would end up in the hands of one person and they would do something like I did with them. Either way, that’s checked off of my TO DO list.

We are still keeping the lake house since it’s so close to my wife’s family. It is being attended to. I hired a company to go in every 2 weeks to check on things. They are in charge of managing the grounds and keeping people out of there. The only ones allowed in will be family or Sarah/Heather. I told the girls they can go up and just hang out any time they wanted. But they have to ask me first to make sure I don’t have family staying. They said they might use it more in the summer time for a weekend getaway. Fine with us. My wife said they deserve it after us throwing 3 babies a cat and a dog at them Lol

Sarah is gone now. It breaks my heart. I am really having a hard time without her. I am so used to her and I just being in sync. My wife and I are getting better at it but it’s not the same. I miss Sarah. At the end I literally threw her a blank check and said write out a year’s salary and come to Paris. She laughed, called me crazy and said she just wants to teach nursing now. She is almost done with all of her schooling to do it. It’s her dream and she told I knew her plan all along. She said why don’t you stay in Chicago and then we can work something out.

My dream was Paris for many years. I just never thought it would actually happen. Things are going well living here. I’m still not on the right eating schedule but we have managed to get all of the kids into the new hour changes. I’m eating breakfast when it’s dinner time. I’m eating dinner at lunch. It’s all messed up. I’m not sleeping well. I’m still having problems remembering where everything is around our home. It’s taking a bigger adjustment than I thought. My wife is practically fluent now. She has gotten so good and is even working on learning more. The locals have been helping her a lot and our neighbors just adore her. I don’t think they like me much but that’s okay.

My wife is now 36 weeks pregnant. The countdown has begun. Our expected Due date is around January 25th. I am not allowed to go out-of-town at all after January 10th. So I need to get all of my stuff done back in the States as fast as I can and race back. If she goes into labor I’m supposed to drop everything I’m doing and go to the airport right away. Luckily first time moms are supposed to have a long labor.

WE WILL NOT BE DOING A HOME BIRTH. We are having Talon in a really great hospital nearby our home. We have already toured it, checked in, and have our birth plan set with them. They know who we are and around when we will be coming in. The great news is we already met with the nursing staff. They are really the ones that will be taking care of my wife and son and they are such sweet women.

I have also talked to my wife about not having an extended labor process. She wants the drugs Lol I don’t blame her. She said my son will probably be over 9 pounds and her who-ha deserves drugs Lol I can’t argue with that. He probably will be. He’s already huge now. She has said if there is an issue, save the baby and let her go if the choice comes to that. I said no. I will save both, somehow. I don’t expect a moment like that to happen but after watching Alex’s birth it was one of those horrible conversations you must have.

Talon’s nursery is DONE. We put the finishing touches on it after Christmas. We did a bird theme of course. Cute little birds like from Snow White. Not Hawks or Eagles swooping down with their talons out. I thought that would be really cool but I was told no. We did man it up a little and we have some sports stuff on the walls too.

Uncle Drew and Aunt Lindsay are already to leave and come over. This time Drew is bringing his whole family. He didn’t take them on his annual Disneyland trip because he saved his vacation time and will be taking them around Paris and to a few other countries nearby. He is very excited to meet my boy. Lindz is still wanting to take Alex home. She has latched on to that kid since the beginning. I told her when they are older she can come get them for a few weeks in the summer. That would be fine but not until after they are both in school. I can’t even imagine the things she’s going to teach all of my kids. It will be payback for all of the years of me picking on her or pulling small pranks. I just know she will teach them all “Spaghetti Head” and I’m going to be so pissed the day they do it.

My wife’s parents and a few siblings will also be coming over. My wife’s parents are coming on January 24th. And sooner if need be. They don’t want to miss it. She said she wants them to stay the first 2 weeks to help us out. I have no problem with that. They are great and really good with my kids. I couldn’t have picked a better family to marry into.

Other than that, things are perfect. I’m done working. Lindsay took over but officially it’s not until the 1st. I plan to come back from my trip to the States and just enjoy time with my family for a few months. I will start thinking up what it is I would like to do with myself. I have a few ideas I wrote down and discussed with my wife but I don’t have anything solid yet. I would love to go to a cooking school here but my hand is so messed up I can’t. My knife skills now are horrible. I don’t have the dexterity that I would need and I’m afraid I wouldn’t pass. My wife said to start teaching myself to cut things right-handed (I’m a lefty) so that I could pass and I might do that. I mean cooking school in Paris? You can not beat that at all! It is a dream but I just don’t think I can do it. I might enroll in some cooking classes though. I think that would fill the gap I have in my heart for it.

My wife and I will be snuggled up on the couch watching our Game of Thrones marathon tonight. We aren’t going out. With the big bombs and truck plowing into folks over this side of the ocean I just didn’t want to take her out and risk anything in case something bad does happen. I pray it doesn’t. I pray all of you go out and have a great time! Let’s kick 2017 to dust and welcome the new 2018!

It’s going to be the best year of my life! Watch what happens next, guys 🙂

I love ya’ll. Thank you for reading this as we wrap up another year together. Take care and be safe. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

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