Chicago book signing event, big turnout

Yesterday we had our biggest crowd yet on this book tour. I was not at all surprised. I’m sure most of it was all of my employees, family, and friends that wanted to make it to this event. I thought that was awesome. We sold the most books so far. I’m happy to hear that. Aiden the book tour manager that is with us, was surprised at how many people showed up. I said they are here for the photos, not for me Lol That was pretty much the only reason this many people showed up. So one by one, anyone that wanted to see the photos came up and I showed them. They were not allowed to take photos of them, not allowed to video any of it. We had the big book screen behind us so no one could sneak a photo from behind. The same reaction each time. First total shock and then either the I’m sorry I didn’t really believe you or something very negative about Meri.

I told you. I told all of you. I did my best to make sure the photos did not get out there. I’m pretty sure they didn’t but as always, there’s always a leak somewhere. There were not NUDE photos of us. I mean I have those but the 3 I showed that were provocative were selfies of us laying in bed together. Her bare shoulder is seen and me with no shirt on. All with huge smiles on both of us. It is very clear what we had just done. They are 100% real photos and it’s starting to change people’s opinions.

The trolls have tried very hard to contact me, message me or tweet me on social media. They want to come see me.

F*** NO!

You ladies do not deserve that. Harassing, bullying, defaming me, Jackie, and Lindsay for over 2 years in your psychopathic onslaught of lies and bullsh**, that’s why you will never get that chance. That’s why our Family Facebook page is hidden, that’s why we don’t post my locations for my book tour. If you had been nice to me like all of my Batfans, you would be invited, you would be added to our Family Facebook page. You would also be signed up for my newsletter and get all kinds of insider info and photos.

You chose your path. You get nothing. Not even a comment from me for your pathetic lies. Go kick rocks Lol That’s what Lindsay always says about the trolls. Thankfully we are only talking about a handful of nasty women. They use duplicate accounts and try to make themselves into a much bigger group but people can tell they are full of sh**. When the 3 on my Twitter that tweet at anyone that talks to me that I’m Jackie Overton, go google it, do their usual routine, people DM me. I tell them to block or ignore the trolls. I explain that I’m famous and they are jealous and then most people say Okay cool and move on. They don’t care what my trolls have to say. Maybe 1 out of 1,000 actually go google. These women actually think they are doing something. They think they are preventing another “catfishing”. Well there never was one to begin with so all you are doing is giving me, Jackie, and Lindsay reasons and evidence to get your accounts locked up or suspended. Please keep tweeting me, messaging me, or commenting Lol You are doing that to yourselves and it does make it a lot easier for Lindsay to report your accounts. Emailing me over and over does nothing. I read it and toss it. I have zero plans to respond. That’s what God told us to do. Turn the other cheek. Well you can kiss my other cheek on the southern part of me Lol

I am so happy how the book tour is going. We really haven’t had that many negative things. People have been surprised at how nice I am. Why? Meri said on there in the beginning that we laughed all of the time. We had a great time talking to each other and that we were in love. Of course I’m a nice guy. I wouldn’t continue to interact with people and grow such a huge following without being nice. My fans like me. I wouldn’t say they love me. My topic of fame is not really a good thing to be known for. However, it’s my honesty through the entire situation and my willingness to take my share of responsibility is what I hear over and over again. I would say 95% of the people coming to our book tour events have seen me on tv, seen my blog, read my Twitter. I always ask, how did you find out about me? From the show, that’s what most people tell me.

I’m also happy to be able to make 2 huge donations after this book tour is over to the 2 anti-polygamy and pro-polygamy groups that I’ve been supporting for years. They still get money from my books I sell online. They have always gotten money from my book tours. I do my best to make sure around Christmas I donate extra to each of them because I do believe anyone that lives that lifestyle choice or wants out of that cult, they deserve help. I don’t see many connections anymore of polygamy being a religious decision. I just don’t. I think back in the day, of course it was. I don’t believe in modern times they do that because they have a calling from God. That’s my personal belief. I don’t think having so man kids and so many wives has anything to do with God. I believe that it’s a decision that a group of adults make and they spend their early lives, lying about it, hiding it, getting state and federal benefits for it, and a whole slew of dark things they don’t want to talk about. Namely, abuses in various forms. It’s not easy for anyone that chooses that lifestyle. And remember ALL polygamists lie. They do so because they don’t want to end up in jail. My question to that is, if you believe so strongly that God has told you to do it, why are you willing to lie for it? If you are solid in your choice to have that many wives and that many kids, why do you have to lie? Why not own it no matter the cost? Why lie to everyone and claim you might get arrested when no one since 2001. The Warren Jeffs stuff happened in 2008 I think it was, but that’s a whole level of nasty. The truth is there was a plan in place to move to Las Vegas long before they scripted it and the writers and producers of that show made it into the storyline. That’s why it’s so hurtful to those kids. They were used as props for a storyline. It worked because they snagged ratings. Was it worth it? Look at how it effected those kids. I just wish they would stop lying, but that’s what polygamists do. They lie their way through life. It’s unfair and really hard to tell. It took me over a year to finally realize how much Meri had lied to me. It was right after the episode where she was caught lying and then explained that she lies to Kody so he doesn’t get mad at her? Why is that? Because he yells at her. He says hurtful and mean things to her. He is very abusive.

I’m glad people are finally seeing that family of adults for who they really are. Opportunists with the clock finally running out. I’m glad they got replaced and no one is interested in picking the show up or have anything to do with spin-offs for the kids. I pray their financial hell they are about to go through isn’t as bad as I know it will be. I’m sorry but if you choose to have all of those kids, you need to work your butt off to pay for them. Not make all of the taxpayers in your state carry your burden. They used food stamps before so I’m sure they will figure it all out again in the next few years. Unfortunately for them, when they go bankrupt (again) it will make the news. When they have to move out of their huge houses and sell off assets, it will make the news. That’s the bad part of fame. Anything you do, gets tv and online news.

Anything I do now, doesn’t Lol I love that part of my small 15 minutes. I had my run, I hated it, I wanted it to stop and now it has. No one cares what I’m up to. I’m not in the tabloids and I’m no longer mentioned online in the blogs. I love it. My wife and kids get to grow up in our family with none of that. Lindsay did an amazing job to stop all of it and I’m happy to say I’m only as famous as my fans make me. I have a bigger following than people realize. That’s because I have kept in contact with people via DM, Inbox Messages, Emails, and all things that aren’t visible. I was willing to share my story, answer questions, and debate things out with people. We grew a mutual respect and me being nice helped. I really do love all of my fans. I’m starting to remember the ones that come to my events. They are mostly 20s to 50-year-old women. Some of them have asked me to take my shirt off to see my back tattoo. That’s very nice but I’m not going to do that Lol I’m not there to show off my abs. I’m there to sell my books. Yes I am very tall, tan, and have a great smile. I’m also in shape and I like the compliments but I’m not a beefcake. I’m an old 45-year-old dad now. I’m getting gray by my temples and I’m probably getting a few wrinkles by my eyes. I’m aging well but I’m not a heart-throb. Me taking my shirt off at events would go against the purpose. I’m selling my story, not photos of my back and front Lol Thanks though. It is nice that I’m still slightly attractive to other women but my wife owns every part of me. She would be disrespected if I did that and I know she would be pissed. I told her the first time on my first book tour that a woman asked to see it and she said you better not have shown her Lol I did not. She said good, that’s not why you are there. She is 100% right and I always think of her when I’m talking or answering questions.

Today is all about chilling with my boys. My friends are coming here to hang out. I can’t wait to just chill out finally. I need a few days off. Lindsay is going to see her stepdad in Chicago and see how much money he’s going to ask her for. She’s also going to see her stepbrother. He’s someplace and she said she wants to go visit him. I asked if she wanted me to go with her and she said nah.

We got to see Sarah and Heather! I was so happy. The girls are both doing great. Sarah is full on into schooling to finish things up. She has accomplished so much at such a young age. Heather has a job and is loving it. They both have apartments in one of our buildings. They love living close to each other but also love having their own space. They are true best friends and I love knowing they are there for each other. Sarah has a boyfriend. His name is…wait. I don’t think I’m supposed to say his name. Anyway we met him. He is very nice. A real gentleman. I pulled him aside and gave him the “If you hurt her, I will kick your ass” speech. I told him she’s like a daughter to me and she deserves to be treated like a Queen, every day. He said okay and I think he understood I’m serious. I asked her right in front of him if he treats her right. She got mad later and told me that wasn’t cool. I said these boys need to know I’m watching. She said what are you going to do, come beat up someone who cheats on me? I said if you asked me to I would Lol I would for any of my girls if they told me to. That’s what you are supposed to do. I’m happy for her. She really is a special young lady and I miss her so much. I really wish she would have moved but she said she is happy. She’s going to teach nursing someday soon and I can’t wait to hear all about it. It’s her dream. I’m helping pay for it and I also want to help her out when it’s time to buy a house. Heather too. I told them that. They know I mean it. Heather just said if you could pay off my Visa that would help now Lol She’s so funny.

I’m also going to spend time with my wife’s family.

My in-laws showed up to our book signing and I was kind of surprised. They hate my book, but they love me Lol I got the full report on how my wife and kids were doing after I left. Everything was fine by my mother in law said my wife kept “whining” that she misses me. That’s very sweet. When I called my wife last night and told her that she just said Well I do, get home. I miss her too. I miss my kids a lot also. Facetime with them is pretty funny. My boys try to reach through the phone to touch me. Peace perks up to my voice but doesn’t do much. Talon kind of just sucks on his binky and that’s it. It’s hard being away from them but this is a good time for my book tour. When I get home Talon will already be switched over to vegan baby formula. My wife is still pumping but she is no longer breast-feeding. She is weaning him off. That is her choice. She wanted him to have a full month of breast milk before she switched him. She said the switch was pretty easy and he is drinking it up and holding it down. That’s great news. Alex having an issue with it at first was always a worry for Talon.

We have 1 more week to go. We have some very fun cities to visit and I can’t wait to see everyone on the west side of the country. Come see me guys! I would love to meet you.