It’s like Cheer camp all over again? No! $&#*@!

Did I tell you guys my wife used to be a cheerleader? Unfortunately much like always being a Marine, she will always be a cheerleader. This is why she’s usually always cheerful (Haha) and happy. She has said a hundred times already she can’t wait for Peace to get bigger so she can start her out early learning how to cheer. Oh great. (Sigh)

So this weekend we are hosting 5 of my wife’s cheer camp friends from High School/College. These are her BFFs. I have met 3 of them before, the other 2 couldn’t come to our wedding. My wife said wouldn’t it be fun to fly them over here for a long weekend and then we can show them around. I said I’m not carrying shopping bags, no way. She said quit being an old man. But I am one. Sort of.

I tried talking her out of it a few times but she has been really stressed out and an entire weekend of fun is just what she wants. I said but next weekend we are going to Spain to look around. That will be a lot of fun. She said it’s a different kind of fun. Basically I’m envisioning a slumber party, nonstop, just like I heard all about in middle school. I actually don’t know what goes on in a girls’ slumber party yet because Peace hasn’t had one. We have done play dates and let me tell you her girl friends destroyed my house. Never again, Peace Taylor!

I guess my wife has the whole thing planned out. They are arriving on Thursday afternoon. I’m supposed to help her go get them. They are all going to stay in the guest house. We don’t have enough beds in there. But she said she will make it work. She said she may not be sleeping in the house with me this weekend.


Okay Lol No problem! Watch it be one of those times my boys decide they need to climb into my bed and snuggle from a bad dream or something.

She is very excited. She said I need to be nice. I’m usually nice but I do tend to make a face when I’m being picked on by her and all of her friends. I tend to not say much around them. Anything I do say they all latch on to and it’s annoying.

I told her that I want her to have a lot of fun and if they needed a designated driver okay. However, I didn’t want them going downtown late at night getting plowed. They can find somewhere close to home just in case something happens. She agreed. I mean we do live right near everything. Our house is on the northern side of Paris in a suburb. It can’t be that hard to find a bar near by. I don’t drink so I don’t know but my wife has a list. She has lists all over the fridge. I didn’t ask how much she has already spent on all of this. I want her friends to be comfortable and I also know my wife is just going to pay for the whole weekend anyway. That’s fine because she never complains when my friends have come into town and I roll out the red carpet.

This should be interesting. She has already been practicing a few cheers they learned years ago. It’s very cute and she sure tries hard to do some of the moves. I don’t know anything about cheerleading. Other than they jump up and down a lot and are very loud. We made sure the backyard is completely cleaned up because I had a bunch of nails on the patio from building something. She said they might go to the backyard and do some pyramid thing. I’m supposed to take pictures. I asked if she was the one on the top of the pyramid because she’s so tiny. She said she’s 2nd row, left Lol I can’t wait to see who is shorter and smaller than my wife. This should be fun. It has to be one of the girls I have not met yet.

Wish us luck. I hope my kids behave. They are being little brats lately. Heston has decided that beating up Alex for touching his toys, his shoes, the tv remote, and anything within Heston’s own vicinity is the way to go. We aren’t doing spankings. We don’t believe in those. We are doing some weird kind of modified time out. It’s the new parenting thing. I imagine when they hit 8 she will make them write essays on why they hit each other Lol It’s working but at first I had to have her explain it to me. I didn’t get it at all. I know how to do a time out. I spent my early 10’s in time out, at least until I was 14 I think. Then I got grounded.

Go, Fight, Win Everybody! Have a great week.

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