Halloween, done. Thanks-what?

Halloween is done. This year we went as Alvin and the Chipmunks plus Dave. I was Dave. It went very well. The kids had a great time. I had fun and I just wanted to go lay down Lol Walking with 3 little kids up and down our street was kind of a pain in the butt. It worked out and everyone was safe. We started at 4pm and pretty much got done by 6:30pm. The rest of the night was dedicated to handing out candy, cleaning up, getting all candy put up because they were all conspiring to get their buckets down off of the kitchen counter.

They did have fun and that’s all that mattered. Now it’s time to take down all of the Halloween decorations and start with the Fall/Thanksgiving stuff. I have boxes and boxes of decorations. The gardener/helper is coming over this weekend to help me put stuff up. He loves to help and always figures out cool ways to make it look better than I could. It’s also a time for him to come plant some things that will start growing in the spring time. If he gets it cultivated now he has less work to do in March.

How did your Halloween go? Did you guys dress up? Did you go to a party? I hope you all had fun. It’s not just about the candy. Okay, well most of it is. The rest is about having some fun.

I’m  having Thanksgiving at my house this year. I’ve already started on the menu. We expect about 30 people here give or take a few dozen. I never really know how many we are hosting until they all show up in a pile and I start freaking out about how much food I need to go whip up real fast.

Everything is very boring and very nice. I love it when my life has calmed down and I have nothing going on. I love it Lol

Have a great weekend coming up guys! I love ya’ll and I will update more next week.

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