Where’s my birthday boys?

The birthday party for the twins was good, but for whatever reason I got it stuck in my head I needed to do more. I don’t remember why. So we packed up the fam and flew down to Disney World for the weekend. This was fun until it wasn’t. I forgot how much you have to walk around at those type of places. Pushing the stroller loaded with backpacks and all of the things we bought, I wanted to go home after the first day Lol I really did, guys.

My kids absolutely loved their birthday party. We did a construction and fireman theme. The decorations were easy to find, the cakes were amazing! The family, the friends, and a lot of their classmates from school all had a great time. I had a few kids that didn’t want to leave. I get it, my house is a giant toy store with all of our crap stuffed to the gills plus all the new toys they had opened. One little boy threw himself on the floor and said he wasn’t leaving. Oh yes you are! GET THE >>>>>>>>>>>>> nevermind Lol We had fun. Seeing how much my boys have grown the past year, wow. This whole thing is just flying by. I love watching their faces when they open gifts. I love watching my daughter go throw the present pile and take whatever she wants. If you didn’t know, most people buy 2 of the exact same toy for twins. I’m fine with that because when they break Toy 1 I just open Toy 2 and after they break that one, SORRY ALL GONE.

We cleaned up the party and Jesse said that was one heck of a party. I said yes. From there we started talking about in the future we want to take the kids to any Disney theme park. I would like to avoid Disneyland for obvious memory reasons but I’m cool with Orlando. It turned into maybe I should have done that this year instead of holding it off. She went home and I spent the night thinking over everything.

I swear guys, in my head I actually rationalized the entire trip with they are so young still its better to go now so I can run after them and catch them if I had to Lol I’m not even kidding. I thought well, I’m old, I can’t keep up with them very well now, lets just get this over with. And BOOM. We planned it, packed up and flew down.


So Disney World is great. My kids LOVED IT. LOOOOOOVVVEEEED the whole day. I was sweating my a** off, eating things I shouldn’t be eating and waiting in lines longer than the first day of the new Iphones. I didn’t buy the express pass whatever thing. I should have. We did get on the rides. We did shop until we dropped but the best part was watching my kids get hugs by various characters. Mickey Mouse is literally the coolest mouse. I had all of us decked out in the most Disney related gear (Yes even our socks) that money could buy. We looked like his #1 fans and I’m sure everyone else was thinking WOW, bro Lol Just Wow. I don’t care. They mauled Mickey with hugs. My daughter actually fell in love with Donald Duck. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. It was a very long and exhausting day.

I woke up early the next day to sore feet, sore legs, and feeling my years. I soaked my feet for a good half hour before I realized this wasn’t helping much. I tried to figure out a different game plan but I didn’t have to. My kids woke up and wanted to go home. Ha! See it wasn’t just me. I think at their ages it was probably a little too much for 1 day. I should have split it up better. When we hit a beach we go out, play, go back in and rest. We didn’t really do that. I think they had done all they wanted and just wanted to go home and chill out. I didn’t even argue or try to urge them to stay. FINE WITH ME, LETS GO.

Jesse and the nannies were disappointed. I told them to stay there Lol They said no and I said next year we will do a much better job of this. Yes we will.

We are home and enjoying, let me look, 13 degrees weather. YAY? So checkmark another birthday milestone. We made it through. The only thing missing was my sweet little Talon. God rest his soul, I think about him all of the time. Time heals all but when will it ever heal that one? I’m doing my best here. I really am but I miss him. Every moment of every day.

I hope you all are doing well. My gosh we have a monster storm coming soon. Bundle up guys, winter is coming. I stole that from Game of Thrones. Who is ready for that show to come back on?

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