Well hellooooooo

It’s been a minute or a few months since I’ve updated. Lots and lots to get to. Hi guys!

I’ve been busy with a whole lot of nothing. I’ve been at home doing the home stuff and a little of this and that. The boys are still in school we only have 5 weeks left to go then it’s summer break for them. I’m so excited for our summer travel plans. We have a lot going on. Almost every weekend, is that too much? No? Good.

The boys are very talkative and communicative. It’s the perfect age. My daughter is just a little pile of love and I can’t say no to her. She’s too cute. Life at home is working out very well. I only need my nannies here and there. The kids go to the city most weekends to spend time with them and enjoy the city life. This gives me plenty of time to replenish the house for the week. It’s a great balance.

It also gives me free time to finally start dating. I’ve been dating Stephanie now for about 2 weeks. Her parents live here and she lives in the city. I met her a party that I popped in to. I was there maybe 10 minutes, she caught my eye and next thing I know we are chatting for an hour. I only meant to stay long enough to say Hey Happy Birthday Bill!

She’s so freakin funny. I love spending time with her. When she has time to come up for the weekend she does. We hang out at the house mostly for now. We are still doing the getting to know each other thing. It really has been a lot of fun. She’s around my age (Yes I know, finally, huh) and we have a lot in common. She hasn’t met my kids yet, I’m not ready for that. It’s fun. And more fun and more fun Lol She’s exactly what I want and need in my life right now.

Everything is smooth. Work is half days of emails and phonecalls. Nothing time consuming. The rest of the day is dealing with the kids or shuffling them off here or there. I swear they have more of a life going than I do. That’s fine. My daughter has weekly playdates now. She is so popular. I think it’s because she’s well behave and the other kids are nicer when she’s around. That may be because she’s bossy. It’s really funny but I don’t let it get too out of hand. Peace is very smart. I think she’s a lot smarter than I may know. I wasn’t sure if there’s some sort of testing I can do but I also don’t want to. I want to wait until she’s closer to school age and then let them figure this out. She already knows things she probabaly shouldn’t know. It’s like I show her something once and she half ass remembers it the next time and the next. Very interesting.

The boys are crazy fun. They want to help with everything. The fighting isn’t so much anymore. I think we turned the page on that. No fights in school this month (yet) and it seems like they have made some friends. I’m so happy to know that. They are both progressing well and the 3 key things I sent them to this school to learn are coming along. Is it always going to be this easy? I hope so.

I just uploaded a boat load of NEW PHOTOS guys, so please go check out our Family Facebook photos. Enjoy all of the grey all over me Lol I just cut off my beard this morning, finally. I look much younger. It may be the haircut too. Either way I still look good. I don’t think I’ve ever looked better to be honest. I’ve been hitting my morning workouts pretty hard and really staying on diet. This time of year the fruits and veggies really start coming out strong. I love cooking and can’t wait to see how our garden does this year. We have put in a lot of new things to see how they grow here.

We are almost all ready for Easter. We have family coming into town tonight. Not many but enough. The kids have their outfits all ready to go and my matching suit is hanging up ready to debut at Church tomorrow. We are going to look like pastel peeps Lol That’s okay its the one time of year I’m willing to sport the pink tie for my daughter. She loves it. It has little white easter eggs that are decorated all over it. I have no idea where I even got it but I wear it every year.

How have you guys been? Anyone miss me? Aww I’ve missed you too. We will be heading out of town next weekend. We have to go to Denver for Alex’s checkup and see what we can do for his poor lungs. They are getting much, much better but there must be something else we can do for him. It will be a quick trip unlike the last time we were there. Don’t remind me of that.

Have a very Hoppy Bunny Easter time guys! I will update again soon.

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