Pencil me in? Why? Ohhhhh

Last night I went on my first date of 2020. I’m not supposed to use her real name so we will call her Bubblegum. This is because she was chewing it the entire dinner. I don’t know how she managed to do that but it was one of those things I didn’t ask. She asked me out yesterday when I went to the bank. She said just dinner. I could do dinner, so I said yes. I agree to meet her at a place she picked out and then went about my day trying to figure out why I am ready to date. She is a very nice woman, around my age (Yes really) and it sounds like very ambitious at her job. She is divorced with 2 kids who are out of the house. That sounds nice. She said she has been power dating all of last year and into this year. I don’t even want to know what power dating is but that sounds bad?

At the end of the date she felt pretty confidant I wanted to go back to her place for a Netflix and Chill. I said no, in fact I don’t even want a second date. She asked why and I had to sit there and list off the top 3 of a 10 list thing I had already decided on. Am I too picky? Lol She said 3 times she really was happy not having any kids in her house. I said I have 4 kids. She didn’t seem to mind until I told her how young they all are. And twins with hearing problems. She said it sounds like too much work.


So at that point I sat there and listened to her nitpick what I ordered and asked if my cologne was this kind or that kind. Wrong on 4 guesses. It turned out to be….well just not my kind of date. I know she will power date right past me and I wish her all of my best. She called this morning to see if I would change my mind. I asked if she was going to change her mind about my 4 kids being mixed in here at some point. She said “Oh I forgot about that part”. I didn’t.

Struck out on that date. That’s okay. Hey, at least I’m out here trying. So the next woman that asks me out I may just say no. It depends on who it is. I really think I’m better off going on a date with someone I find interesting. I think getting asked out is nice but it kind of puts me into a pressure situation from the start. I don’t necessarily like that.

There is someone I have a growing fascination with but her and I have barely talked. I’m saying we’ve exchanged 9 sentences total. I’m interested in her but not to the point I know enough to ask her out. She is probably married or happily coupled up with a great guy. I have no idea. I am sure I have zero chance with her so I’m not really putting in any effort at find out what could be.

So onward and upward? I have no idea what dating in 2020 will bring to my life. I just know it’s not the bank lady.

I am pretty content sitting at home with my dog Lol Maybe I don’t want to date, yet? I don’t know, guys. We will see.

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