Rowboat Book Club Book #90

Furious Hours by Casey Cep

The stunning story of an Alabama serial killer and the true-crime book that Harper Lee worked on obsessively in the years after To Kill a Mockingbird.

Reverend Willie Maxwell was a rural preacher accused of murdering five of his family members for insurance money in the 1970s. With the help of a savvy lawyer, he escaped justice for years until a relative shot him dead at the funeral of his last victim. Despite hundreds of witnesses, Maxwell’s murderer was acquitted–thanks to the same attorney who had previously defended the Reverend.

Sitting in the audience during the vigilante’s trial was Harper Lee, who had traveled from New York City to her native Alabama with the idea of writing her own In Cold Blood, the true-crime classic she had helped her friend Truman Capote research seventeen years earlier. Lee spent a year in town reporting, and many more working on her own version of the case.

Now Casey Cep brings this story to life, from the shocking murders to the courtroom drama to the racial politics of the Deep South. 

Quick Medical Update on Me

Since last year I had figured out my leukemia made a swing forward I had been on pills the past 6 months to help fight that. I’m finall off of those and feeling fine. I only get a stomach ache for the entire 6 months and I lose my appetite some days. Now I will be in remission for the next 7 to 8 years hopefully and life goes back to normal.

What I didn’t expect was to have horrible spring allergies as soon as we got back to Denver. Mix in I was coughing my brains out and I end up in the ER when I had a houseful of visitors. It turned itself into walking pneumonia which I have had 1 other time in my life. It was a mix of walking pneumonia/bronchitis when I was little. My Aunt can’t really remember but she was sure I had it once when I was a kid. I got treated for that and they did a COVID test on me. Negative. I knew it would be. I’ve been vigilant in keeping the germs away from our house and I haven’t gone hardly anywhere. To the grocery stores about once or twice a month since we’ve been home. I can happily say I’ve been tested, I will continue to stay safe and keep my eyes on whatever next immune issue that flairs up.

2020 is a shitbox Lol I’m telling you guys it’s the worst year I’ve ever lived through.

So now we go from global pandemic to economic crisis right into the George Floyd murder and Black Lives Matter protests. I support the protests. George Floyd was murdered with purpose. It has opened up my eyes to everything the Non-White community has been saying for decades. I really hope they write better laws, I hope they enact real change, I will vote for better policing policies. It’s time. Enough killing our Americans by police. ENOUGH!

The kids are doing the best they can. I am all alone now. No nannies at all. Sarah has moved back into the guest house with her baby. She named her Rain Marianne. She is so sweet and cute. I love all of her black hair. She’s very quiet and has a soft cry. I love her to death and I can’t wait for her kid to grow up with my kids. That being said Sarah has found a condo downtown near the hospitals. She is going to put down a deposit this week, she will get the keys on July 1st. She is planning on finally moving into her own spot. She wants to spend the next month or so getting her new condo ready for life and baby. Then she is going to start applying for nursing jobs or teaching nursing job. She prefers to teach it, not do it. I don’t blame her. Her plan is to have our neighbor Gabby babysit Rain since Gabby loves babies so much. Gabby is retired and divorced with no grandkids. My house is her pitstop every day. She is now known as Grandma Gabby or as Alex calls her, Grabby Lol Sarah does not want to be a nanny anymore and I’m happy. We are helping each other out for now. Like today.

I have to go my doctor’s office to get a follow up appointment for my hospital visit. I was in there all day getting breathing treatments. I am finally feeling better. All last week I was till coughing up a lung. I’m doing better. It’s been a slow recovery and at night I’m so exhausted I can barely talk to my girlfriend on the phone once I lay down. I’m usually out within 20 minutes.

This isn’t the summer I planned on but I’m glad to see that social change is taking place. I hope they continue to protest until something substantial happens. Looting and rioting is not okay. If you are a part of that, stop. You are screwing up all of the hard work of peaceful protesters. I wish I could be down there but with my healing process being slow, I can’t risk it if I get tear gas in my face. Which my big mouth probably would. Instead I’m reading and watching all of what is going on. I’m posting on Twitter. I’m doing my small part to help out and keep the message alive. Black Lives Matter. Period. There is no disputing that.

I did delete my Facebook page. Sorry about that but Facebook no longer is run by a company that cares about protecting the masses from bs messages from the President. Twitter finally stepped up their content blocking. I’m happy to see they did something. Facebook, sorry. Not that my absence takes a huge dent but it did inspire 2 of my friends to also delete their pages.

Thanks for being so patient with my updates. I wasn’t feeling well at all and really didn’t want to take the time to sit here, cough, type, cough, type.

I need to get ready to go to the doctor. I also have a dentist appointment this morning right after. Just a cleaning and checkup. Next week I have an eye exam for my pilot’s license. I’m still good there but you never know what old age will bring.

Hope you guys are doing well. I love you all. Be careful out there. Shit is getting real!