It’s already April?

I wish I had a good reason for not blogging much lately but the truth is I’m just busy with my daily life. This is what things look like now for my life.

We are still living our pandemic life. I do not take my kids out of my house for any reason other than medical/dentist appointments. We play, learn, and hang out on my property. I am blessed to own 2 lots so we have an expansive area to stretch out in. I am thankful for that. All of my kids except the 3 girls are fully vaccinated. My kids are part of the trial for Moderna shot through our Children’s hospital. Alex is the reason why plus our family doctor all of this happened. I can safely say no major side effects for everyone but our neighbor Gabby. She has contact with my kids and my house so they vaccinated her too. We have to report all of our side effects, any fevers, basically anything that happens to our bodies 1 time a week in a 15 minute phone call. If there’s a rash we have to take photos, if one of the kids are more lethargic we have to report that and then the researcher wants to talk to that child to ask what’s going on. I thought this would be fun but it is becoming a little bit annoying. The end result is more younger kids will get a chance to be vaccinated so I make everyone do it. I don’t care. Whatever we can do to help others. Covid is not a joke, it’s real. And so far we are all healthy.

So what have I been up to? It’s easy. Hit snooze, wake up, rinse repeat, for months at a time. I wish I had more fun exciting things to share but I’m living a routine life right now. I don’t mind it. I’m getting pretty good at it. Sarah helps the twins with virtual school. We are not sending them back to In Person this year. Maybe in the fall. Trey doesn’t really need help so Brenda hangs around the living room in case he hollers for help. Brenda, Lynn, and I are with my 2 girls and Sarah’s baby who is not so much of a baby anymore. I have the girls all day until school is out. Then it’s time for snack, play with my kids until I cook. In between I am cleaning all of the time. I had a maid service, I let them go when we left for Hawaii the first time last year. Since then I have been cleaning house daily. It sucks to be honest. It makes me regret building such a large house. I appreciate people that clean for a living. I am starting to realize it’s really not a fun job, it’s a job. And boy do I work at it 7 days a week. On weekends I make the kids help me. They are still young so they are doing the best they can. They don’t like it but they also know I can’t do it all by myself. I also think kids should have chores at some point. Small things they do to pitch in. I’m trying to get through this pandemic.

That’s basically my life. I go grocery shopping once a month. I order food to be delivered from the grocery stores, mostly fresh things that I ran out of. We don’t go anywhere. We have been living this new normal. The kids are getting anxious to get out and do things. I don’t know when or if we will start doing more.

I had a business trip this past week. It was odd. The entire thing was odd. Here’s what happened.

Lindsay has friends that own these 2 restaurants in Washington D.C. They need financial help. I went out there once already and didn’t offer them the kind of money that would last longer than a few months. She got mad, she scheduled this trip. I had to go because they money wanted came with a few caveats. If we give XXX dollars, and it fails we get their building. The nice one. The one with the amazing location. That’s why I went. It wasn’t my trip, I was tagging along and frankly, I was bored. I didn’t expect to sit in front of a computer to talk and talk and talk until we agreed to go look at the places. It was the safest way, I know that, but I was bored. I also had squished in a chance to go see one of my favorite cousins while she was working. She works at the Capitol but she had to work at the White House for a few days doing her job functions. I was told I could have lunch with her and a few of her staff on a certain day if I had the time. I MADE THE TIME. With Trump gone, I wanted to feel the vibe. We did that, it was a lot of fun, she stretched it for 2 hours and we were able to look around a little bit. I DID NOT meet or see anyone of note. It was in this room, silence your phone, put your phone up, okay, eat, now walk here and look at these 3 rooms. Then get out Lol That’s how fast it went. It was so nice to see her. I gave her an extra hug from her mom as told. She’s okay. She’s been through a lot. I was so happy to see her. She’s all grown up now my gosh. I’m used to the little brat that would throw her gum wrappers at me.

Our meetings stretched into a few other meetings, by Thursday evening I was shot. We didn’t even do much sightseeing like I wanted. We decided to leave Friday morning so my assistant and Lindsay packed up and I dropped them back in Chicago.

My assistant is so funny. She’s getting married soon so she will be quitting next week. I really don’t need a new assistant yet, but I have a few people in mind for the job. She talked about her wedding plans. I’m very excited for her and her future husband. If Covid is okay, I will attend her wedding. It will be the first sense of normalcy in over a year. I may be able to bring the kids. I’m not sure yet. I miss Chicago so any chance I can get, I want to go.

That’s about it guys. I am reading all of your comments and messages. I will start working on them. WIth Covid in all of our lives, there just hasn’t been much to talk about. I have my 2 podcasts. I have the kids. That’s about it. My dating life is still on hold. No plans to do much about it until Covid is under control. That’s fine I’m not really looking for anything serious right now. I would love it, but Covid is screwing that up too. I haven’t lost my sh** yet. Most people have had a breakdown or 2 by now. I’m trying to remain calm for the kids. I’m trying to reassure the nannies we will be okay. I guess my next plan is to make my house more fun. The warmer weather is coming. The pool will be open soon. My kids love that. It’s heated so I can keep it warmed up for everyone. Let me think. I am thinking about a bigger swing set in the backyard. We have Trey now and little kid stuff won’t work. He’s doing great. I love that kid. He’s so gentle and sweet. Everyone is good. I’m just dealing with life. I hadn’t felt like writing the exact same post every week. It’s just the same day over and over again. I think some of you may be able to relate. I don’t have to work much so that helps. My work life now consists of emails or phone calls. We have downsized so much, even that has lessened. I wish I could say I picked up a new fun hobby but the only thing I have been doing since last year is the Wolverine diet and exercise program. It’s the same one Hugh Jackman has done to get in shape for all of his Wolverine movies. It took me an entire year but I am shredded right now. I did this because I know at this age my body will never look this good again. I’m going to get wrinkly and old and saggy no matter what I do. I wanted one more piece of glory for my ego. It worked but I was shocked it took me an entire year. I was lean and in shape before, I wanted to be ripped. Now I’m lazy Lol

I am going to start a walking routine again with Kate. We did one last year. She enjoyed it. Yes, Kate is still around. We are best friends. She is awesome. So sweet and smart. We laugh a lot. Her and I off and on again business is gone. That was getting annoying. We finally had a long talk and I put the relationship part where it needs to be. I think we are both happier. We’ve been happy growing close as friends the past 2 years. Our podcast ended just as Covid was taking off and Jessica stepped in to fill the space. Things worked out. We aren’t fighting, snipping, or being inconsistent anymore. It’s a great space to be in for both of us. Maybe in the future when Covid stops things will take a giant leap forward. You never know. I’m happy right now. I’m happy being single and living my life very quiet and boring. No Drama. That’s this year’s theme.

How are you guys doing? I have missed you all. I’m so happy you are here. It looks like I finally hit 5 million visitors on my blog. Can you believe that? Congrats to me. I know some of you want me to talk about Meri and that god awful show but I don’t want to. It’s a lie, she is a liar. I wish her well. She will never be happy until she leaves him and tells the FULL truth. I still hope that day comes. Anything else going on with her, I don’t know. I don’t care either. So if that’s why you are here, move along. There is no purpose in my life to gossip about her and whatever she has going on. That show is not real. It’s staged and scripted and it’s a huge disappointment once you come here looking for my snarky comments. I don’t have any. I don’t watch it. I don’t watch tv much. The local news, the weather. I like Vikings but that ended. I really don’t watch tv much. CNN for all my political news. Sorry guys. I have better things in my life.

That’s it. I haven’t been doing much. Just living I guess. I like it. My kids keep me very busy. I’m doing my best to make sure they finish school strong. Maybe a little traveling for this summer. It is all wrapped around COVID. I would love to start exploring Denver more. I haven’t even had time to make many friends here yet. That’s my Spring time goal. Make new friends, travel a little. Try to find our new normal.

God bless you all. Wear your mask! Get Vaccinated. Take care of your mind, body, and heart. Self-care. It’s important. Love you guys. Thank you so much for stopping by.