I Wear the Apron in this Kitchen

I found that Apron photo and now I want to order it. It’s funny.

I am on a cooking frenzy this morning. I was up early thanks to Kate. I took a short nap and it’s been full steam ahead the rest of my morning. We have cleaned the entire downstairs, including mopping. I’ve done 3 podcasts of cooking segments for later this week. And now I’m working on food for today. I’m making my #Vegan Meatloaf recipe with Beyond Meat. It’s actually Beyond Meat’s recipe I found on their website. It looks pretty tasty. I hope it turns out for me. It sure smells good. You have to cook it for 45 to 50 minutes so I stuck it in the oven already. We are going to have 3 small side dishes with it. I like to balance my meals out so the kids get the things they need.

I am working on writing you guys back now. I’m sorry that takes so long but I get busy and honestly I do get lazy with it. I need to set a goal to do this once or twice a week. If you have sent me a message the last month, check your inboxes please. A reply is there. So many great questions. I love connecting with new friends. I love talking to my Batfans that have been with me along this ride in life. We have all really leaned on each other through the pandemic. My group chats are hilarious. You all are appreciated.

The rest of today is getting outside and enjoying the weather. It’s going to be 60 today. We have snow, YES, snow moving in maybe later this week so I’m trying to get the yard picked up. We did all of the twigs, branches, and things that have blown around in the yard, yesterday. Today we are working around the pool area. I had this huge pool cage thing put around my swimming pool that attaches to the back of the house and porch area. I’m tired of the bugs. They get really bad in the later summer, early fall time. This year we are going to try to mitigate that and really enjoy our pool. It’s the one things all of my kids enjoy together. I bought so really fun floaties, and an entirely new patio set. Aqua blue. It’s all coming this week. I ordered it from Lowe’s. It was on sale and they had it in stock. I hope I like all of it. The pool company is coming by tomorrow to check all of my pool equipment. It’s not time to put the water in yet but I want to make sure we don’t have any plaster issues. I’m hoping in the next few weeks we can pop my pool open. It’s practically an indoor pool now. And I ordered a bunch of fake palm trees. Yes, they make those. They are all made out of recycled material. I love the beach look and I found a company that will come and install all of it. They warned me the winds may rip some of it up. But they guarantee the trees won’t fall down. They anchor them into the group. I hope it turns out to look how I envision it. Sarah said my pool will be Instagram ready.

Speaking of the nannies, it is a lot better now that they all have their own homes. I did not think they would find places so fast. I’m very happy these women are out of my guest house. I love them, but we need space. The small bickering has stopped. The large snarky comments have stopped too. Everyone is getting a long much better now that they all get the full weekends off. It’s funny they still wander over here some times to see what we are up to. It’s me vs 5 kids, it’s mostly me wrangling them all day.

I love this part of my life. I’m raising my kids. Not by myself, but soon. I think as soon as Sky is in school, I may not need the nannies anymore. We have a 5 year exit plan for that. I want to really make sure I can handle all of them. And by next year, maybe I will have a mom for them. There’s always hope. I know my kids are begging for a mom. As I always say, I’m working on it.

Hope you guys have a blessed it Sunday. Mass was pretty good today. It’s the time of year for new awakenings and new explorations of faith and service. I hope all of us continue to stay healthy through these Covid times. It’s not easy. I know it’s been hard for us. I pray you all are okay. Love you guys!