I’m not a chef, I wish I was

This week I’m working on a bunch of new grilling recipes that I found in my Vegan Cooking Community. I love Twitter. They have an entire group thing now you can trade stories, recipes, and fun. Today I will be grilling out Beyond Meat Burgers that have been marinated in grape jelly and Lemon Pepper seasoning. I know. WTF, right? I’m going to try it. I don’t know that my kids will like it so I’m only making a few. The kids will be getting grilled Beyond Meat Sausages that I will cut in half and serve on our gluten free hot dog buns. I’m also roasting a foil pack of veggies. I love how they taste off of the grill. And then I made a Whacko Cake for dessert. I’m not sure how that wil taste but it’s going to be fun to see my kids expression when I bring it out. My left hand is trash so trying to frost the darn thing and make it look good isn’t easy. The colorful sprinkles help the appearance.

Just another fun day around here. I get to prep and cook while my boys are in school. My daughters help (sorta) and then we all eat together and talk about our day so far. I like being at home. I like working too but not at the pace I used to work. This downshift in gears is fine. I’m comfortable. I don’t miss all of the travel. I don’t miss listening to people upset or questioning things I have no control over. I like the simple chaos of my home life. I’m happy. I really am happy. Things could not be better.

Hope you guys are having a good day. Stay safe, the police are still out there killing innocent people. It’s senseless and heartbreaking. Having to talk to my kids about how to not come off as a threat to police officers is necessary but disturbing. I hate it. I hate this is part of their life. It’s the only way to keep them safe and alive. They have to be prepared for what life brings. Love to Daunte Wright’s family. It’s senseless. Stop killing our kids!