Let the Packages In

For Lent I gave up online shopping. It really was a sacrifice since the pandemic is still ongoing, I had to figure out how to get all of our food, extras here. Plus I’m well known by all of our local delivery companies. Our boxes could build their own shipping hub. We do recycle every one of them so don’t worry. I’m very conscious about my carbon footprint in Denver.

Let me see. I tried out a weighed blanket last night for the first time. That was one of the packages we got yesterday. I slept so soundly. My insomnia has been visiting for a few weeks and I’m tired all of the time. That blanket held me down from the tossing and turning. I had it across my chest to start out. A few friends on Twitter told me not to pin my arms down under it. I followed their advice. I slept great. I can say I feel better. I need a few more nights just like that but I am pleased with my purchase.

I got my morning started and got the boys all in school. They are doing well. It can’t be easy sitting there all day in school but they are trying to finish up strong. The school year is a mere 7 weeks from being done. I know they can’t wait. I’m working on some fun summer travel plans. I want out of here for a while. We all need a real vacation. Not a Covid getaway.

I did a very cold but brisk walk with Kate. She’s on her spring break from work so we have time to get in some walking this week. We did a full 2 miles. I was proud. We are slowing working back to our 4 miles every other day pace. We did do a quick 1 mile yesterday. That was pretty fun. The rest of this week because I will be getting some snowy cold weather, she will walk and I will be at home doing Yoga/Stretching. I am working on that too. My lower back is trash. It will not release. I’ve tried everything. I finally realized I need to stretch in a routine on a weekly basis. That’s just how my life is going to be. It sucks.

Things are going well. We all finished our lunch and I’m getting ready to go play with my daughters. It’s so fun now that they are both grown up a little bit more. They are very talkative and I love watching them interact with each other. Peace Taylor is the boss, no doubt there, and she tells Sky what to do and what toy she can play with. I’m hoping they continue to be this close as they get older. I mean I have 5 kids, some of them will hopefully be LifeLong friends. I can only hope that’s how it works out.

I’m good. Kate is good. Kate is very sweet. She’s the best. Hope everyone is doing good too. Love you guys! Have a fun day. I got my new gaming mouse in a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to set it up and test it out tonight. Logitech makes some of the best gaming gear for Gamers. I know this mouse will improve my gaming.