Miami Beach, Florida Vaca

We are flying down to Miami Beach, Florida for the weekend right after school. It’s a little over 4 hours flight time so I hope to be there by midnight local time. The time change will be fine, I mean, it’s beach time! I need this trip so bad. I have rented spots at a private beach area. We get max 2 hours at a time. I’m meeting up with a small group of family friends. It’s going to be fun. The kids and I will take our turns. We are going to split the 2 hour time amongst the group because I really don’t want my kids out at the beach for 2 hours straight. That’s too much all at once. I’m excited they are offering such a nice option for families.

We will be staying at my family condos. We are taking the entire 16th floor. 5 condos, I get the biggest because I get all 5 kids. My pets are staying home. My friends from Colorado Springs are coming up to pet sit all weekend. I appreciate them willing to jump in.

Guys, I need out of Denver. All of this )(*&^^%*)( snow!!!! I’ve had it. I want to feel the sun all over my skin, a nice ocean breeze, I want to sit in the sand and do nothing but play with my kids. The best part is they have some of my all time favorite vegan restaurants there, so I’m going to be ordering food all weekend. I’m not cooking.

I have set up 5 Rules for this trip. No going out, at all. No shopping unless it’s Online shopping to local stores. We can accept deliveries of any kind. We are going as a group, probably 2 groups. And we will ALL be put a schedule. I want all the adults to take their turn watching my kids. I do want some alone time and some guy time. I need it. This started out as a family trip and then it blew up into a big trip. Everyone else had to pay for their own flights in and they have to show me their COVID cards before they are allowed to go. I’ve received all cards, everyone is fully vaccinated. I’m happy to report, this trip will be DOPE AF! I’m excited. We are packed and ready to go. I’m just waiting for my boys to get out of school. My nannies are excited. It’s going to be fun. Even with us not going out anywhere, except to the private beach back and forth, I think we can do this.

I’m thinking about triangulating my summer. Denver – Chicago – Miami Beach. IF THINGS ARE SAFE! This 1st trip will be a recon trip. I want to see what the safety protocols are in Miami Beach. Are people in the building masking up, are they social distancing? Can I keep my children away from everyone as we go around? What can we do, what things are restricted, if any? It’s a lot of information I need to collect while we are there.

So I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I will be sitting my tall, tan, ass on the beach as much as possible. I need it. And with the plan in place and rules to follow, everyone should have a good time. Our group is pretty fun. Even if we are playing cards at night after the kids go to bed. It’s all about starting to spend family time together. I really have missed it.

Here we come Miami Beach!