Thank You for 5 Million, Here’s $5000!

Today is the day I’m going to give away $5000 to 1 WINNER via Cashapp. That’s the only rule, You have to have Cashapp because I’m not sending it via anything else. I will randomly pick a winner. I will send them a DM to verify their Cashtag and then I’m sending them their money. If they want to remain Anonymous, cool. I hope I get a thank you video to post. Good luck to everyone! And thank you for my 5 million visitors in 11 years of blogging!

Buy, buy, Don’t Buy Anything!

Business is hot right now. This Biden Bounce we are in has exploded the buyer’s market. Everyone is buying up things that have been sitting and rotting for years. I’m talking about the old beat up, warehouses and commercial spaces I go after. On one hand I am very conservative on how I spend my work money. I like a great deal. I will sit and wait until it’s dirt cheap than swoop in and grab up the one I’ve been watching. And on the other hand I have a business partner that thinks like IF we don’t buy it now, it’s gone tomorrow. I live within the idea that there’s another great building, maybe even better just around the corner. So we struggle. Thank goodness we can communicate. We actually work very well together. I knew we could run my companies, I just didn’t know I’d have to compromise this much. It is getting better. She is softening up her stance on She knows she’s right and she has to assert her rightness. Our employees are starting to like her because the past few years she has made us a lot of money with her thought out decisions. My work life is at a crossroad.

Do I give up the commercial real estate investment side, completely. It’s practically all gone anyway. Do we continue to invest in the Mexican oil market, we now own 5 rigs and are part owner of a distrubution company down there. That is making us money. I mean MOOOONNNAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! It’s new. It’s scary and I keep waiting for the bubble to burst. 2020 taught me a lot of business about my businesses. I had a lot of eggs in my commercial investment basket. Okay most of it. I had to rely on my construction money, highway contracts with my construction money and condo leases to even things out. Anddddd I still lost money. Mexico is new money. Mexico is simple. God bless all the men and women that work in that industry. It’s not easy, it’s very dangerous. Mother Nature will be respected. I’m just worried. What does the future hold for the oil investments? I don’t know. It’s a complete toss up. Lindsay wants me and our company to invest in pot. No. I have no interest in it. She keeps telling me if we get in it now, we will be well rewarded in the next 10 years. That may be, but I also know how difficult it is with all of the state and federal regulations. It’s a lot of red tape, a ton of rules and laws. It seems difficult. She has a lot of her personal money wrapped into that stuff and I also worry she may lose it.

So this week is more decisions. It makes me worry. It also is exciting I don’t want to miss that part of my business life. I would love to be out there traveling again, buying buildings, checking up on our investments. That may be a fun thing for when my kids are a little older. Right now, I’m working on a new foundation of business. My family owned construction businesses will always be with me. I’m never selling that off. My dad started things, I want to keep it going. We have the highway jobs, the crane jobs, the commercial building jobs, and residential repair jobs, and the infrastruction management jobs. That’s solid. And then there’s Mexico. Beautiful, seducing, luring Mexico. So many new and exciting opportunities.

Today we talk, we decide, we spend money. I hate that part Lol The checks keep getting bigger. It’s scary still in the grasp of this Covid pandemic. But I am thankful. We could have lost everything. I mean, we lost a lot, but we are still here. My employees that we were able to keep, I don’t know they got through all of this. I didn’t have much work for them to do. I didn’t want them to leave. Some of them had to go. It’s the cost of doing business.

My hope is to get it all back. Get back to where we were but I believe Lindsay said we are looking at a 4 to 6 year wait for salvation recoup. I hope it doesn’t take that long but I can wait. I’m not going to rush things. We will be okay. I know we will. It’s just made me way more cautious.

Hope you guys have a great day. I’m working and hanging out with my daughters. They are playing Baby dress up with their dolls. It’s very cute. Love you guys! Thanks for stopping by to read this.