I’m getting a headache

I pulled my kids from the Catholic school some time ago. I had fundamental issues with them telling me how important my donations were and how my income level they expected me to give more.


I’m sorry it still makes me laugh every time I think about that phone call. When I yanked my kids from that school, they were shocked. I had the Father of our Church call me immediately and he was trying not to pick sides but he was also telling me I was wrong and my kids need to go back. Fat chance my brother. I put them in Denver Public school and we have not had any issues with their teachers, students, or staff since. Not once. It’s such a relief. My kids like Public school. My grandmother and my mother I’m sure turned over in their graves. I’m not even kidding. When I get to Heaven I know who will be meeting me Lol And they will be hot under their angel wings.

So today I got my mail and found a packet for the same Catholic school giving me the paperwork for next year’s school year, included the tuition fees and administration fees.


No thanks. I threw it away. I believed my kids will be raised within the Catholic school system. But I can’t do it. I’m not going to be told how much of my money needs to go to them. I have always been generous. I have given what I am comfortable with. But it’s not an expectation and I believe that’s what a lot of it has become. I won’t play in that system. I don’t have to. So we will be public school people. And we will continue our Catholic faith, and our virtual attendance. But no more of the bullsh**!

Yep, I have a headache now.

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