Chicago, how I missed you, sorta

Over the weekend I took everyone to Chicago for a few events.

I attended my assistant’s wedding. It’s official, she is a married lady and she is officially done working for me. I am so happy for her. She met a great guy who will love and protect her. Her family loves him, it’s all good. I’m going to miss her. She could read my mind and finish my sentences. Soon, I will be on the lookout for a new assistant. The problem is I don’t have much work or personal stuff going on that I need help. Yet. Let’s see how COVID pans out this year.

The kids love Chicago. I wish we could have done more this trip but it was a busy weekend. I was able to take everyone down to Navy Pier twice. We also got into a Toy Store that wasn’t very busy. I loaded my kids up with 2 toys each because it has been so long since they could go to any store. They were very excited. I love seeing them happy.

We did Lindsay’s birthday party. It was low key, she was mad but she gets it. We need to wait before we start planning big blow out parties again for each other. The cake was good, her dogs each got a piece, she did enjoy the meal. I tried to make it special. There simply is no way to please her.

We finally found out that my downtown condo is not big enough for my crew. I’m going to have to find a new one. It sucks because I’ve only owned this one for 2 years. I thought it would work. I was wrong. We are too cramped in there. I need to sell it, find a bigger space for when we go back and forth. I really love the location. I can walk to my office from there. I called my realtor and told her the good news. She’s “on it” and I’m not supposed to “worry about a thing”. Fine by me. We need more bedrooms, more bathrooms. I tried to pile the boys in 1 room, all the girls in another, me in mine, and 1 extra bedroom for the nannies to figure it out Lol I’m an idiot. We need more rooms.

I had a great time. I miss being in Chicago. I do not miss living in Chicago. It’s changed. When I first moved there years ago it was so exciting. A new event every weekend, always a mixture of fun things to do and nice people to meet. Now it’s crazy. People aren’t so nice, the events are strenuous and I’m not having the time of my life anymore. I’m happy in Denver. I mean I’m not happy about the weather. That is like a whiplash head turn every other day. Snow. Snow in May. Snow in May in Denver! Yes that’s real.

I’m good. I’m happy. Life is going along. We are trying to finish this virtual school year strong. Homeschooling the kids is hard. Sitting there while their teachers try to wrangle all of the kids is frustrating. We are almost to the summer when we can sleep in and travel. I have plans but just like last year, who knows what’s going to happen. We are going to take it one weekend at a time. The health and safely of my family is #1 right now.

Hope you guys are doing fine. I have over 100 DM’s to answer. I will get to that this week. I just finished up writing back to all the emails and comments from here. Have a great week guys. Love you!