Ponyboy is still Unnamed

I traded 2 things for a pony yesterday. I’ve known about the pony for a long time. He was a former carnival pony. The kind that gives rides to kids for hours with no breaks. He was badly abused. He was surrendered by the owner in lieu of no jail time for the abuse. He went to a guy that just put him in a field with not enough grass to eat. He got reported to my vet who went out to see what was going on. She told the guy she wanted to help the pony heal up with the full intention of taking the pony out of his care. The pony has been in her care for over 3 months to get him fixed up. He’s still a mess but all of his main injuries and surgeries have healed. She said the guy wouldn’t take cash but he would do a trade. A little weird, but okay. So I gave him 2 things I didn’t use or want anymore. He signed the paperwork and she and I went to pick up the pony yesterday.

My daughter Peace is obsessed with ponies. She has ridden on other ponies that I have rented. This pony no one will ever ride on him again. No way. He’s been through enough. The plan is to put him in my huge backyard and let him mow my grass. He will also be loved and petted. I spoil all of the animals that come my way. He’s going to be a cherished member of the family.

We have no named him yet. He’s a young 10 year old ponies. This pony breed lasts about 30 + years. We brought him to my backyard to check things out. I needed to see if my fence would hold him in, if he would run around, if he would feel comfortable and to show him off to my kids. Then my vet and I trailered him back up and she took him to her place for a week. My fake trees are still being installed and the workers will finish up by next weekend. She said she will give him a bath, put on the fly spray, and tend to his grooming before he officially comes home.

My daughter Peace squealed as soon as she saw him in the yard. I didn’t let them near him. All the kids hand to stand on the patio to look at him. I’m not ready for them to get out there and pet him. He does buck and kick. That’s something I’m going to have to work on. The kids love him. We have been throwing out name suggestions for hours. We like a few but have not settled on one. His former name was Steve but I don’t like that Lol I don’t want a pony named Steve.

Bubba just barks at him for now. It’s going to take time for all of us to get used to him. And then I have to go to the city this week and explain the situation. I think I need a permit sponsored by my vet to have him in my yard. She knows how to fill the paperwork out and what to say to get it approved. If they don’t approve it, we can’t keep it so I’m going to call on Monday to see what I need to do about this. She said I would know very quickly if this was something we could keep.

Today is the last day of family fun with Sarah and the kids. It’s craft day. I just finished setting up the garage with the tables and chairs. I moved out the Ferrari and the Tesla because I don’t trust my boys Lol I don’t want handprint paint all over them. Yesterday was a lot of fun. Last night was a pain in my butt. A new day, new time for fun.

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. Be sure to send up prayers to all still working or dealing with Covid. I’m working on a feature article about our Pandemic journey. It’s been hard remembering all that we went through. The gut wrenching decisions I had to make in order to keep my family healthy and safe. I want to share our perspective. That will be coming out soon. Love you guys! Eat your fruits and veggies!