Celebrating Memorial Day at our House

If Covid was all gone, I’m sure I would have taken my kids to a local Memorial Day parade. Instead we are watching some Youtube Videos on what Memorial Day means. I’m showing my kids my family photo albums so they know who served in the Military and who have passed away. We are hanging out waiting for Sarah to come by. My kids are all playing with their toys and getting along (For now). Once Sarah has loaded things up we will all travel over to her place and help her load boxes inside. Then I’m going to order pizza and salads so we get to have a nice meal with her and Rain.

Later today we are going to get the house picked up. I have maid service coming tomorrow. I love having that back. Cleaning this house has been a pain in the butt.

We put our flags out. I wanted my kids to see the flags go up. Tonight we will take them down. I don’t leave our American Flag up all year. Right now it’s a good day for it, but this neighborhood is diverse and I don’t want issues with my neighbors. Things are calming down. I do see a bunch of Trump stuff finally going away. Either way I don’t want to deal with any negative issues. The next time I put it out, it’s not coming in until winter hits.

I’m so happy to be an American. Things have changed forever. A lot of unbelieveable events have taken place the past year and it doesn’t make me happy to see the changes. I’m sad, mostly. I would love to live in a country where we all work together and everyone looks out for each other. That’s not what America is anymore. We have some areas that are like that. Not in my neighborhood. Here, we keep to ourselves and don’t really socialize together. I do know my surrounding neighbors. I do walk around safely, for the most part. The police did stop Trey once when he was riding his bike down the sidewalk by our house. I RAN, okay I mean I SPRINTED up to the cop car and told them to leave him the he** alone, that’s my son. I had to show them our house then they took off. I’m sure one of our neighbors called that in. My racists neighbors are still in the hospitals fighting Covid. Their family took the son with them and stop by from time to time to get more clothes and stuff the kid needs. It’s a nice neighborhood but it’s not a community. That part makes me very sad. I want to build community around here. I just don’t know where to start.

It’s a different Memorial Day. I want to THANK all of the veterans for their service. And their families too. It’s a great sacrifice on the family of a service member. The constant worry, the not hearing back for days or weeks at a time. It’s hard on them too. Thank you to all my family and friends that served. Without you, we would not have our Freedoms. Our military is the best in the world and that is a fact.

Please be sure to spend some time today educating and celebrating the life of our loved ones. Let your kids know about their family. That’s the only way the legacies will continue.

I miss all of my family that have left this Earth. I pray to God to watch over them. I know their lives will live on through me. I try my best to remember. God bless you guys. God bless your Families.

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