There’s no way it’s almost over already

What are you going to do next Friday when all 3 boys are out of school for the summer?

WTF! No way!

stomps off to look at the calendar on the fridge


Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. It’s that time of year again. I have no summer plans that are solid. I have no idea what we are going to do this summer. I don’t even know what we can do this summer. All I know is I have 1 week to figure something out.

I do have a heck of a surprise for next weekend. I’ve managed to keep my big mouth shut and not tell anyone. It will be announced Friday, right after school. Hehehe Oh this is going to be so good!

So my boys, Trey, Heston, and Alex will be officially done with school next Friday. It will also be Sarah’s last weekend being our nanny. I’m already anxious about that. She has interviewed twice for a teaching job at a local community college. She wants to teach nursing. She doesn’t think she got it. She is already searching for nursing jobs at the local hospitals. She does not have to rush off and get a job because I’ve probably over paid her for 6 and a half years. She probably has more assets in clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry than I do in my Batman stuff. I’m not even kidding. I may have spoiled her while she worked for me. I can’t help it. It’s guilt money Lol We will be saying goodbye to her. She will still be around. She won’t be working when she comes over anymore. She finally gets to be our guest. I told her we can start doing Family dinner on Sunday nights. We used to do that in Chicago and I have no friends here (Yet) so we can’t start up that tradition just yet.

What are my plans for the summer? I need to make some friends. That I will work on. I probably need to start dating. That probably won’t happen this summer. Maybe next year. I’m not sure what I want to do. The kids are older so it will be much easier to travel with them. Oh guys. I forgot to share this.

I had to go talk a short walk outside before I type this because it’s upsetting. My dog, Bubba, aka Sam jr. is having problems with his left leg. My vet had been warning me about this and he is slowly showing signs of it being real. We put him on a slight diet (Okay we stopped feeding him snacks and table scraps) to get some weight off to help his knees and let joints. He’s ummmm, okay. He’s 11 pounds overweight Lol Aren’t we all! So I am really working on that, he has lost 1 pound in the past 2 weeks. It’s hard because I’m so used to scrapping the vegan food off of the kids plates and giving it to him so he can enjoy a healthy snack. The vet said, no. Dog food only. But it’s vegan. No, DOG FOOD ONLY! Okay! Geez! So now he is limping. It’s all my fault. I was in his room cleaning. I moved his couch near his bed so I could vacuum under it. He jumped up on his couch to sit down and watch me clean his room. I mean he could have jumped in to help me clean it but he’s lazy. For whatever insane reason, he decided to jump from the couch onto the bed. They were about 4 feet apart, facing each other. He missed. He hurt his leg. I dropped the vaccuum and went to see if he was okay. He had his left paw up in the air and wouldn’t put it down. So I picked him up and took him downstairs. OMG! I killed my dog! I called the vet in a panic. He was fine btw, but I panicked. She came over because at this point, she owes me a million favors. She said he sprained his leg and he needs to rest and stay off of it. She iced his knee a few minutes to see if the swelling would go down. It did, thank God! He’s still limping around. I feel awful. My nannies, kids, teachers, anyone that has spoken to my kids, are chastising me. I already feel bad. They are making sure I feel worse. I tried to defend myself and say, well he’s the one that missed his jump. No no. It’s all my fault. He’s doing okay. He hobbles around. I brought most of his stuff downstairs. He’s in the Junior Master now across the hall from my main Master bedroom. I’ve turned that into his bedroom temporarily and I keep the baby gate on the stairs all day/night now. He’s not allowed up or downstairs at all. This is what our future is with him. We will get the weight off of him this year. I know how to maintain his weight and get him out exercising with me on walks. I had already been taking him out once a week for a long 1 mile walk. Now I have to wait for him to recover. It upsets me. I feel so sorry for the little dog. He sleeps mostly now. I can tell he’s not doing so hot. I told the kids to leave him alone. They like to lay on his bed with him and tell him all about their day. My daughters check on him all day long and report in what sleeping position he’s in. We are all rehabbing him as a family. I’m sure it drives him nuts. Either way, we have a sore Bubba in the house. The vet will be by this weekend to check on him. She has been texting every day to check in. He just needs more time. I’m an idiot.

That’s about it. It’s been a very busy week. I’m happy things are wrapping up for the school year. Virtual school sucks. I don’t know how the kids have made it through. I pray all of the kids will realize it was the safest option, not the best option. Everyone tries hard to make it a fun school year. I can’t even imagine the final comments on the boys’ report cards. Heston has been a lil shi* lately and real mouthy. He’s also been doing a lot of work since he thinks his mouth can say whatever it wants to me or his teacher. I do enjoy sitting drinking an ice cold lemonade and snacking on veggies while he sweeps my 6 car garage bay LOL LOL Tell me to shut up when I told him to come here. Was it worth it, my dude? Nope! Will you be washing all 6 vehicles the next time you run your mouth off at me? YEP!


Have a great weekend guys! Love you all!

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