That List is Too Long

Brenda found a list of 50 Fun things to do in Colorado this Summer in a magazine article. I looked at the list and check marked about 10 things I think the kids and I would like. I like she’s taking a more active roll in planning, it does help me out a lot. We will be doing our best to hit all 10 things. First up a trip to Estes Park. It’s gorgeous up there. I’ve been reading a lot of facts and information on the area. I know there is a scenic road trip we can take up and back down the mountains. I bet that would be beautiful in the fall. I’m trying to fit in this short road trip in between a few medical appointments for the kids in the next week or so. I think we can get this done this week. It’s an hour and a half away. I can get us there in an hour Lol I want us to be able to get out and walk around. I’m going to have to strap my daughters in a stroller and have each adult hold a boy’s hand. The last thing I need is for the boys to be let loose up there. They are like wild savages running in 3 different directions. I was thinking about bringing my dog but he’s still recovering from his leg issues, so not this trip. I’m going to call the Estes Park Visitor Center today to get information on any Covid related restrictions. I don’t even know if the park is open or not. We will have plenty of space to social distance and I’m not someone that needs to stand on the edge with a selfie stick to try and capture an insane photo. I’m good standing behind the railings and snapping a family photo.

We are in talks with my family about going to visit next weekend. I have to mentally prepare myself for whatever BS I’m going to find there. Basically if they don’t have their Covid card with at least 1 shot on it, stay away from us. I’m not fooling around. I know not everyone believes in the vaccine, but I do. It saved our lives. I’m not going to be loosey goosey about it. And I just want a Cheese Runza Lol They are delicious!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Eat your veggies and fruits, get outside, exercise. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy your life. It’s important. Love you guys!

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